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The Pernicious Cure

December 20, 2011
By DarkCoeur, Northampton, Other
DarkCoeur, Northampton, Other
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"I'm the best at what I do but what I do isn't very nice"


Professor Adam Macario after twenty years of research has created the invention of the century to cure a pandemic disease known as ‘cardiovascular parasitic disease’ or ‘CPD’. Professors and scientists all around the world are in celebration that they have finally found the cure and will be able to save millions of lives. ‘Lord Mortythe’ has heard of this new invention and wants it for his own evil ways. Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. John H. Watson are hired to protect this from happening. They will be lead on a lethal and dangerous mission, risking life and limb to protect the cure, but will they be successful?

Naomi T.

The Pernicious Cure

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