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The Female Alpha Witch

December 9, 2013
By Alondra Gamboa, Fremont, California
Alondra Gamboa, Fremont, California
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It all started when the Silver pack had to move to a new place in Sacrament. When the pack gets there a lot has happen for started the pack finds out that Wolf pack think about them as the worst pack ever. Estevaliz the Alpha daughter finds out that her mate thinks that her pack is not wort it at all and she is not to happy at all even thou she maybe falling in love with him. Alessandro the next Alpha of the Wolf pack has never wanted to find his mate, but there is a big surprise for him when the new pack moves in. Estevaliz has a lot that will be happening in her life especially with that secret that she has being keeping from everybody in her life. Only a few people know about it, but not even her mate know about that secret in till a days that she has to tell him.

Alondra G.

The Female Alpha Witch

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