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the curse of the silver rose

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous


I knew almost all the secretes in the universe… but felt surprisingly empty. At my desire I could kill millions with a single lift of my hand. I could heal a person seconds from death without having to even give it a second thought. I could see the future-the past-and most importantly the present.

I could change the events that; will be going on; that have been going on and; that are going to be going on just by wanting them to be so, the universe was in my power I could make it snow, I could make it rain, I could make it shine… I could make the sun turn to ice or let the universe burn. However… this wasn't how it was supposed to be; for I shouldn't have even a one hundredth of the power that I have. Though truthfully even though this might sound exciting to you and all-I wish that I didn't have it. I wish that I was human, I wish that I had emotions I wish that I could love I wish that I could hate I wish that I could sin I wish that I could live and feel and hurt-and I wish that I could die… yes, you heard that right(or rather read it right). Though wishing will get me nowhere because that’s not how it is, even if its how it should be.

The reason I am the way I am is because sometime or perhaps something would be a better word; long ago someone, or something did something, something so wrong and so horrible that it sent the whole universe so off balance that no one could stop it. Evil, or whatever it was, (for I wouldn’t go blaming evil for a deed this horrid unless they were actually the ones who did it.) got away with it. They were never discovered, they were never found, they were never punished, they vanished.

The reason that I have only guessed at to explain why this happened is that usually good always triumphs over evil (its just the way everything was made) but see; when good is faced with something, well not exactly worse but different, very different. Do they triumph? Well obviously not, or else I wouldn’t be here.

Then, once the (well whoever they are who did this) saw what they had done, they vanished (like I said earlier) probably horrified by what they had done some would guess, and they never returned, (yet). After that the survivors soon rebuilt the universe and made me; to make sure nothing like that could ever happen again-this is how it is...even if its not how it should be.

Why haven’t I changed this fact in history if I can control the past the present and the future you might be asking yourself; well I already did; but once I saw what I had done I realized something, something that I had done wrong. I knew that I could not fiddle with time and space and there not be a consequence for doing such. I knew the consequence would be dire, but you see knowing most all of the secrets of the universe has its advantages and to tell the truth I had already known before I changed this terrible fact in history what would happen if I had erased it. But how could I not still try?

Well once this 'consequence' happened, I realized that the universe had to have this terrible event happen to them, so that they could learn from their mistakes, so that they could learn to pick themselves up once they fall-so they could start anew. Then I also realized something else. That the reason this horrible story in history happened because someone gained to much power. And too much power is never good for anyone or anything...... Even me. So learning from history I made a decision.

I would divide my power into eight pieces so that the universe would stay in balance and nothing like this would ever happen again, so see no one could have too much power but just the right amount, how will I accomplish this? You let me worry about that. They would be named the Evod, I decided, a mix between good and evil. To do my job, to make sure the universe always remains in balance. To ensure that nothing, will upset the universe again.

Number Eight: this one is the weakest of all eight pieces but once it is at its full power, it can kill thousands at a time. It will always be male; its greatest power is strength and bravery. Its weakness is anger.

Number seven: this is the second weakest of all eight pieces but has great intelligence; once to its full power it can solve almost anything. It can be either male or female. Its greatest powers are intelligence and the ability to catch on quick. Its weakness is pride.

Number six: this one is the third weakest of all eight pieces but once at its full power it can almost talk itself out of any situation. It will always be male; its greatest powers are street smarts, popularity, and manipulation. Its weakness is greed and sin.

Number five: this one is neither weak nor strong of all eight pieces. At its full power, it can bend almost anyone to its will. It will always be female, its greatest powers are, it’s beauty, its enchantments, its cunning and can see the past. Its weakness is that it is easily drawn to the dark side and can be easily lured into doing evil.

Number four: this one is the fourth strongest out of all eight pieces. At its full power, it can accomplish almost any task set before it. It can be either male or female. Its strengths are that of… it speaks every langue known to the universe; it can blend into almost any circumstance as though it belongs there. It is resourceful, kind and can see glimpses of the future. Its weakness is kindness.

Number three: this one is the third strongest in the eight pieces. This one now has one third of all the other eight pieces power and some strengths of its own. It will always be female; its strengths are wisdom, speed and magic*. Its weakness is that its emotions are limited, and gives up easily.

Number two: this is the second strongest in the eight pieces. This one now has one half of all the other eight pieces strengths and a few of its own. It is always male; it is extraordinary in the art of swords and has the most good in it out of all eight pieces (though not the kind of good you can see). It is very humble. The strengths that are most effective of it out of all the eight pieces of eight are… wisdom, resourcefulness, *magic* and street smarts. It can also see the past and glimpses of the future. Its weakness is its inability love.

Number one: this person is the strongest out of all eight pieces. This person has all of the strengths of every one of the eight pieces; it can see the past, present and parts of the future and has a secret that even she don’t know half of the time. This person is I. I am this person; and it will always be me, for no one should have to endure this secret except I. My weakness is I am drawn to power and don’t care enough…. My name? Alice Wright. And this is my story.


the curse of the silver rose

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