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Horse Story

January 22, 2023
By LynnZheng, Dublin, Ohio
LynnZheng, Dublin, Ohio
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Born with the same face, cursed with a different fate.

At birth, horses look identical to humans; only with age are their true appearances revealed. However, once their true bodies overcome their human ones, the horses are Taken. Dragged to the stables, the horses are forced to toil everyday until their deaths, just like the generations before them.

In order to avoid their destiny, some horses have tried to suppress their true forms. Tearing themselves apart, they undergo surgery to hide themselves. Even so, the horses remain unable to hide forever, eventually slaving away on the same dirt as those before them.

Three siblings––Kane, Von, and Sophie––attempt to escape their fate as well. But, even if they give everything, will they just end up like the others?

Lynn Z.

Horse Story

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