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February 23, 2011

“Why not, Wilma?” I whined, walking in the door, knowing very well I wouldn’t get what I wanted. Not this time anyways.

“We can’t afford it right now, you know that as well as the rest of us.” She replied evenly, setting the groceries, staring me down. She’s the only one I knew that could say no to me. I can get anyone to say yes. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s probably why they gave me to her. To Wilma. They knew I wouldn’t get everything.

People will be more than willing to give me anything. It makes them happy to go completely broke to give me what I want. That’s how it is. Wilma knew it as well as I did.

“And don’t you dare trick some other poor soul into getting or giving you one! I’ll ground you, you know I will!” Wilma continued. We both knew she wouldn’t. She couldn’t, even though she could say no to me for some things, grounding was not something she was capable of doing.

Even if she could though, I could just leave, she knows that. I probably wouldn’t, it would just waste my time. I’d get in trouble from my people, and then get myself let off. I can get anyone to do what I want them to. I don’t say that like a stuck up prissy brat. I say it as a fact. I normally don’t, I don’t usually have to use my power to get what I want.

That’s because I usually want something small, like a boy, or an outfit, or candy, and people are more than willing to give me these things without my asking. This time however I want something big.

I groaned at Wilma. She knew I had to listen to her for the most part. Which means for something like this, at least, I have to obey her. I can’t go and get it elsewhere. It’s part of the deal. If I disobey my father will get involved, and he can, and will, over rule me. So I have to mind Wilma.

“Can’t we at least talk about this?” I begged. I knew she wouldn’t listen though.

“When Hell freezes over.” She grumbled at me, while putting away the groceries. I knew she meant well. Then she looked up at me, about to snap my fingers, and quickly added, “On it’s own accord!”

“Come on!” I complained. “You know that won’t ever happen! Nothing ever happens on it’s own accord. Everything happens because of something else that set it off, a chain event, the domino theory! You know that as well as the rest of my people-”

“If you want a car,” Wilma started cutting my tirade off, “Then you can get a job like the rest of us weakling humans, work your but off everyday, start getting good grades in school, and stop causing trouble!”

“You know I don’t need school.” I said to her rolling my eyes. “Soon everything will be okay and I’ll be able to go home, take my spot as the princess, and get whatever I want again!”

“But until then, you might want to get good grades to go to a decent college, have a good job, and be able to live comfortably!” She replied in a robotic voice. We had this argument every day.

“But I don’t need that, if worse comes to worse I can just get someone at the airport to give me a free flight to New York or LA and become a famous model or actress or something.” I knew Wilma hated me saying this. She knew I’d be well of, I could easily get people to offer me a job at anything. But she hated thinking I would take something without paying for it. “In a couple years I’ll be eighteen, and then I’ll be able to do whatever I want, which means I can get anything because you can’t tell me not to anymore-” I kept going. I wouldn’t really do that. Take everything from someone, sure maybe a good amount from the rich people they would waste it on something stupid anyway, and I’ll be able to put it to use. But I knew it would irk her, me saying these things.

“What is that!?!” she asked cutting me off.

“What?” I asked looking around confused.

“Don’t play dumb with me! This!” She screamed, holding up my wrist pointing to a shiny, silver Rolex I was wearing.

“A watch,” I replied nonchalantly, “Spencer gave it to me, she insisted I have it, and no I did not ask, ask her for it. She offered.” Spencer was one my best girl friend, my beta and yes I was the Alpha, and yes, I hung out with the rich, snobby, spoiled, prats. That doesn’t mean I was one. It meant I liked the perks of having a bunch of rich friends, and cute guys drooling over us.

“You did not!?!” She screeched. “You made her give it to you! Tell me the truth.”

She knew I had to tell her the truth, I wasn’t supposed to lie to her. “Spencer made us each one and engraved our initials on it!” I replied showing her were my initials were engraved. “I really should have been the one to do it, but you wouldn’t give me the money, or let me get the jeweler to give them to me free, so she did it. It was Valentines day last week, hence the heart before my name.”

“I suppose you got some other gifts from… suitors?”

“Ya.” I replied looking bored.

“Anything costing more than twenty-five dollars?”

“Yes, but most things I re-gifted to other people so that everyone who got me something, got something from me.”

She stared at me. “What if they find out you did that?”

“Then I tell you to get a couple thousand dollars from my day so I can buy plenty of gift cards for the next holiday and can keep my gifts for once!”

“A couple thousand!?!” she exclaimed looking incredulous. “How many gifts did you get?”

“What can I say? I’m popular.” And with that I stalked off to my room.

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