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We Are the 21st Century Gods

August 4, 2013
By KendraBrust BRONZE, Encinitas, California
KendraBrust BRONZE, Encinitas, California
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The world didn't end in fire and it didn't end in ice; it ended in both.
The bombs dropped. Women cried and men marched off to war. We destroyed each other with hate and weapons of mass destruction. We burned the world itself to ashes.
When it was all over the survivors climbed out of their bomb shelters and tried to pick up the pieces. But we had hurt Mother Nature and she was going to make sure we remembered it and the cold came. Nothing grew, there was no more rain. Man turned on man, held guns to each other's heads for a scrap of bread.
The world ended in fire and ice, but mostly, it ended in us.


We Are the 21st Century Gods

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