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A Mermaids Charm

June 10, 2014
By Surfergirl1341, Lexington, South Carolina
Surfergirl1341, Lexington, South Carolina
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If your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough


Piper is a regular girl looking for something exciting over the summer. When a major storm comes she walks along the beach the next morning and finds shimmer, a sweet bubbly, royal mermaid. Shimmer explains why she can't go back home so piper lets her stay in the pool. Strange things happen with piper..very strange...she becomes someone, she goes on a wild adventure, runs into a angry selfish siren queen, and saves her best friend from being stuck in a dark deep trench collecting seaweed and singing a creepy song for the rest of her life. She even finds love. Maybe her summer will have some excitement after all.....

McKenna K.

A Mermaids Charm

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