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Her story

July 1, 2016
By creativewriter101, clinton, Utah
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creativewriter101, Clinton, Utah
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Be who you are not who you should be

“Death is only the beginning” said the man on the television. She is watching Sherlock Holmes with her favorite actor robert downey jr. She loved murder mysteries especially this one.  She was at the part where lord blackwood gets hanged, for witchcraft, when out of nowhere she hears a bang against the door she jumped at the sound and she ran to the bedroom and grabbed her phone to call her boyfriend, when she heard the door open, she crawled on the floor to the corner and started to cry when a noise come from the dark figure “ honey, are you home?” I got up and ran to him she wrapped her arms around his neck. “ yes, I am. Why are you here not at home?” He looked at me in confusion “remember we moved in together today.” “ I am sorry I got so wrapped in sherlock holmes” with a dreamy look in her eye. He removed her arms from around his neck and he grabbed a box that lay next to him. He pulled out the contents of the box and laid them down next to him, This consisted of a picture of them, that was there first date with the date february 7th 2018 that was three years ago when they were sophomores. Now they are in the same place wanting to move on but they don't, they age and that's all that has changed in these three years. she can plan his every move when they're together, he will look into her eyes for a long moment and say “ I am suprised you havent kissed me.” Then he would lean in to kiss her before she has a chance to say something. Then he will force it to stop and he will walk away. I know this because I am her, and her name is Amy. I looked at him as he placed the contents of the box around the house. It was like he knew where it would go before he even put it there.

  Later that night as I was sitting on the couch watching the Ironman series  when I realized I had made a huge mistake. Our relationship was like ironman and pepper potts, nothing. I was just a friend, and we would never be anything more. So i wrote him a note that said “ I can't do this anymore. I know this was supposed to be our change but I don't know anymore.” So I packed a few things I would need until I could bear to come back and get the rest. I grabbed a few necessities like clothing, and a toothbrush. I packed the biggest box we had and got in the car,

I held back the tears and started on my long journey to montana. I had chosen to go here because my parents have a beautiful cabin on the lake, I could not stop thinking of him, so i stopped trying to fight it. After awhile I started seeing signs that we were just friends. The way he always flirted with any girl, except me. The way he always smelled like cigarettes and beer. He never drank because it made him nearly die, and he never smoked because his best friend died of lung cancer. Then one day I found a picture in his wallet of another girl, his arm around her waist that dazed look in her eye as she looked at him while he was looking at the camera. Now that I realize it, he had cheated on me, I finally decided I need to pull over and sleep I had driven for 5 hours straight. I thought to myself “2 hours to go,”  I looked at my phone and there was a text from my boyfriend. It had said “she is gone she left me, I have the house to myself want to come over,  I know you want to, come on before she gets back, I don't want her to know ever.” I saw this text and replied i“thanks, you ass! I now know what you really thought of me just a person to make you look cool! I am glad this is over I am never coming back. Goodbye Luke!” I slammed the phone and started to cry I lay down and try to sleep but I couldn't. So I get up and start to drive tears streaming down my face,  a few hours later I finally arrived at my cabin and slowly walked in and fell on the couch. I thought to myself “ why me, why did he have to do this!”  and I slowly fell asleep,

when I had woke up i heard the door open,  I looked at the door and a man came in, at first I did not recognize him, but after a long moment I realized It was Luke. He looked at me his eyes filled with sorrow,  he slowly walked towards me, but I got up and started to walk away.  He followed me until I was in a corner. He pushed me back into the corner to the point of where I couldn't move. I saw him raise his hand, his hand was scared, pale white marks all around his hand. He placed the hand on my cheek and said “ please come home,” I looked at him and the tears started to flow again I turned my head and said “ why,”  trying to escape, he looked at me and he moved my head so I could see him, he whispered “ I know I did wrong, please look at me I am a mess!”  I looked at his muscular arms and there was red marks everywhere, I grabbed his arm and said “why! you know this is bad,” sobbing. He made me look at him instead of the red marks that stretched across his arms. He looked at me and said “ please come home I miss you,” “ how do I know it won't happen again.” “ trust me, I will never do that again.” “ I don't know anymore, I came here to think, but now i'm here crying my eyes out instead because you decided to follow me.” “ I did because I love you and I want you to be mine forever.” then he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. “ marry me, please, please forgive me”  I looked down at him and finally collapsed to the ground. I looked up at him and said “ i'm sorry, I need time to be with myself. .” then he got up and left and that was the last time I saw him. Before my accident.

Three long months after he was home, I got in a car accident, I had gotten a concussion  and I had not regained consciousness in three weeks, I was able to hear everything but I did not want to hear anyone else's voice but the man I loved. Luke, I realized that during those three months I never wanted anything, I never cared about what I did, or who i was with. I fell into a depression. I realized what i wanted was far away and gone.  then one day in the hospital i heard his voice, and i tried to sit up but the wires held me down I murmured the words “michal is that you?” he looked down on me and he had ran to me not wanting caring about the wires, I looked up at him and I asked “ Luke will you marry me?” His eyes widened and his lips curved into a smile and he said “no, I can't.”  I looked at him in shock, and started to cry “what?” “ you don't know what you want anymore, I am not having my heart crushed by you another time.” “then why are you here?” “ Because that's my child.” Pointing to my stomach. “What, wait when?” He laughed “ never, I said I would when we marry,” “ So what are you saying?” “ I want to have to be the father to your kids, so will you marry me?” “ yes a thousand times yes,”

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