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I missed you

March 16, 2017
By KarMoon BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
KarMoon BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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 “Hey weirdo” A boy her age said as he yanked her earphone out and started to poke her on the shoulder. They were at the very back of the bus so no one noticed anything, not even the bus driver. He continued to bother her and even pulled her hair a bit until she noticed him, but it wasn't in any way what he expected. She grabbed his shirt collar and threw him back in the seat. This got a few people's attention. Caught off guard, the boy looked got up and looked around at the other kids observing the action. One of them coincidentally had a water bottle and he grabbed it, swiftly twisting the top off in one quick movement, and poured it all over Leila’s shirt. The kids around her laughed and gathered around, ignoring the bus driver’s commands to sit down. When the bus pulled to a stop and the old bus driver stomped his way down the aisle with smoke coming out of his ears practically, all of the kids moved out of the way and sat down in their seats like they were supposed to, even the boy who poured the water on her shirt. After a long interrogation, and a lot of whining coming from the boy, the bus driver gave everyone a warning and returned to his seat.

Karmen R.

I missed you

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