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The Unfortunate Runaway

May 14, 2018
By EthanG_07, Canby, Oregon
EthanG_07, Canby, Oregon
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Caira is a 17 year old girl that grew up in the small town of Prineville, Oregon. Most teens grow through lots of changes and think that they are different from everyone else, but Caira really was different. She's a person who's very easy to like the only problem is she'll never let you like her. She's a cold teenage girl with lots of hatred and lonliness flowing through her body. One day she decides to run away from home in search of a new life assuming it'd be a good idea, but she did not even think over the possible things that could happen and her consequences of the things she does to be able to run away from home and this small town. What will Caira's fate be and when will she realize running away maybe wasn't the best decision?


The Unfortunate Runaway

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