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Love Hurts

January 27, 2019
By rachelmazur, Amherst, New Hampshire
rachelmazur, Amherst, New Hampshire
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Eleanor made dinner quickly and was able to change her clothes before the front door opened.

Brendon saunters into the dining room after discarding his shoes and work items.

“Hey baby, smells good,” He said while wrapping his arms around Eleanor’s waist.

“Thanks, it’s tacos. Just how you like it,” She replied, “I thought it would be fun since it’s Tuesday and we haven’t had them in a while.” She loved moments like these. The times where the two of them would just hold one another and smile. She wished they could have more.

“Yeah, sounds good babe. Hey, I gotta go put my stuff in the room and I’ll be right out,” Brendon told her while walking in the direction of their bedroom. Eleanor sat down at the table and prepared a plate for the two of them. “Eleanor, what is this?” Brendon yelled from the other room.

Rachel M.

Love Hurts

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