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When I'm Lonely

April 16, 2020
By audreytreptow SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
audreytreptow SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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“...we should be remembered for the things we do. The things we do are the most important things of all. They are more important than what we say or what we look like. The things we do outlast our mortality. The things we do are like monuments that people build to honour heroes after they've died. They're like the pyramids that the Egyptians built to honour the Pharaohs. Only instead of being made out of stone, they're made out of the memories people have of you. That's why your deeds are like your monuments. Built with memories instead of with stone.” - RJ Palacio


Nicole doesn't think much of herself. She certainly doesn't think of herself as special. If anything she's just a measly fly on the wall compared to her stellar classmates. She struggles daily with simple things due to severe anxiety and depression. The only way she's able to express herself is through poetry and there's no way she's about to share her inner thoughts with anyone else.

Dealing with emotionally abusive parents and self-absorbed teens for friends Nicole feels isolated and afraid to share the scary feelings that overwhelm.  Only by admitting her feelings and finding people who really care about her can she start to heal from the pain she hadn't even realized she'd been holding in. 


When I'm Lonely

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