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detective man

January 22, 2021
By Anonymous


I arrived at the police station at exactly 8 am, I did my paperwork, had lunch, and was about to head home until my chief handed me a yellow folder.

“Saldono this is your next case, it better go smoothly, we have high expectations for you”

It was my next case, in the folder were pictures of an Italian crime boss named Genzo Romano and images of him in the middle of weapons and drug deals. He was a slightly chubby man who always wear black.  Everyone had heard of Genzo before. He was famous around the Gulf of Mexico for the main guy to get guns second hand. I reviewed the case and went home to rest. 

I arrived home, my wife and son greeted me and we started to eat dinner. We were eating spaghetti.

“Hey Macy, you should show me how to make this some time.”

“I will when I have the time Antonios.”


I ate with my family and headed to sleep. In the morning I got ready and I went to the station to review the case again. At the station, I picked up the yellow folder and looked at the images again. There was one picture where Genzo was in a restaurant and went to the bathroom in the suitcase and another man went into the bathroom with the same exact suitcase and came out together. It seems like it was a suitcase swap and the translation went smoothly.

I researched the restaurant that Genzo was in. It was his own Italian restaurant named Romano’s and that he eats daily in it every dinner.  I thought of my main plan to get a job at the restaurant and get close to Genzo. I did more research on Genzo and it turns out that he only orders spaghetti at the restaurant that he owns. I did more paperwork to prepare for going undercover and talked to Johnny, an experienced chef and detective.

“Hey Johnny, I know you are an experienced cook so can you teach me how to cook some pasta for this next case im starting?”

“Sure thing man, I don’t have any plans after work so if we get off early I can teach you at my place and don’t worry I already have the ingredients”
“Wow thanks Johnny, let me call the Mrs. too see if i can do that”

I walked back to my desk and began to open my phone so I can call my wife. 

“Hey honey is it ok for me to be a little late when coming home, I got things after work that I need to do.”

“Yes thats fine, the food will get cold but i'll be sure to heat it up for you. 

After leaving work early I arrived at his house and Johnny looked into his pantry and started taking out the ingredients. We made our own pasta noodles from scratch with a mixer and created our own sauce with the ingredients that Johnny bought me. After finishing making the spaghetti. I went back home and ate dinner with my family and went to sleep. I woke up again, got ready, ate lunch, and headed to the station. At the station, it was just more paperwork and research. After a day of doing that, I went home early with Johnny and started the carbonara. We used the noodles that we made for the spaghetti and made the sauce of the carbonara and mixed it with the noodles, it was delicious and took some home to give to my family. I drove home and surprised my family with the food that I made.
“Wow this is delicious, did you really make this?”

“Yeah, I had a friend that was teaching me when I got off early at work.”

“You should make this for dinner next time and I can finally take a break.” 

We rested after dinner and went to sleep. I woke up early. At the station I went up to my chief to inform  what I’m about to do.

“I’m going go to Romano’s and apply for a job So I will need a car and someone following me incase anything happens”

“Sure thing, I’ll tell Johnny to trail you and watch over you when you’re at Romano’s and you’ll be taking the white Ford Fiesta.I went into an unmarked car and headed to Romano’s. The anticipation was building up and as each light I passed I was getting more and more nervous. The ride felt like an eternity. And there it was, a bright beige restaurant with the words Romano’s in neon red.


detective man

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