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February 16, 2021
By 60011086, Cedar City, Utah
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60011086, Cedar City, Utah
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The vanity was a mess covered in makeup and wigs. She was struggling to pack.

“Mama, have you finished packing?”  A soft-spoken drag queen said.

“I’m not done yet. I’ve only packed my outfits.” 

“Charlotte come on you’re as slow as a snail.” 

“Avery stop bickering we have a show in an hour.”

Charlotte and Avery drove to the club arriving at the back. Avery and Charlotte walked into the dressing room and started to get ready; the other queen arrived and got ready as well. An hour passes of drag queens going on stage. The club manager walked into the dressing room.

“Avery Lux you’re on in five minutes.”

Avery nodded and put on her heels

“Avery you’re going to do amazing!” Charlotte said.

Avery walks out on the stage and the music starts to play. Avery starts to perform and the crowd goes wild. A drag queen walks up to Charlotte.

“Your drag daughter is insane, the girl and lip sync.”

“She loves to keep the audience on their toes.”

Avery finishes her performance and gets off stage out of breath. Charlotte gets on stage and the lights turn dim, Charlotte grabs the mic and starts to sing a touching heartfelt song. Charlotte’s glittering sequin dress and the spotlight are creating a rainbow on the wall behind her. Charlotte finishes her song and gets off stage. 

“Avery we have to hurry!”

Charlotte got out of drag and packed her bags. Avery hurried and walked back to the car.

“You know you’re still slow when you’re hurrying,” Avery said.

Charlotte got in the car and started it. Avery buckled up knowing how bad of a driver Charlotte is. Charlotte starts driving. Avery decides to take a nap resting her head on the window. Daylight is starting to fade and Charlotte slams on the breaks causing Avery to hit her head on the window.

“Ow!” Avery yelled.

“We’re here.” Charlotte laughed.

 Charlotte pointed to the hotel they’re staying at. Avery grabbed their things and walked to the front desk to check-in. Avery starts walking to their room to put their suitcases. 

“Charlotte, let’s hit the hay.” 

Charlotte nodded and jumped on the bed. Charlotte got into the bedsheets and closed her eyes. Avery got into her bed and fell asleep. Charlotte woke up from her alarm clock and sat up. Avery woke up from the loud noise. 

“Time to get ready,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte and Avery showered and got dressed in their normal clothes and left the hotel to go drive to the pageant. They finally arrive and walk into the building to check-in. 

“Geez this place is huge,” Avery said.

“Yes, now let’s go I need to check-in.”

Charlotte walks to the check-in table and gets ready.

“Charlotte it’s been a while!” The judge said while shaking her hand.

“It’s so nice to see you again!” Charlotte said .

Charlotte finished checking in and walked over to Avery.

“Who was that?” Avery said.

“She is one of the judges for this pageant and one of my old friends,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte was looking around to see who else was at the pageant. Charlotte gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Avery asked.

“Well, Well, Well, if it isn’t Charlotte Lux.”

“Scarlet Fox,” Charlotte mumbled.

“Are you ready to lose to me again?” Scarlet said while smiling.

Avery looked confused and concerned seeing Charlotte and Scarlet fighting like a whole bunch of dogs. BAM. The loud thud from the doors could be heard around the world. A tall large man walked into the building.

“Penny Ink is here!” The large man yelled

The whole building applauded and cheered. Penny saw Charlotte and for the first time in her life, she ran. Penny was so excited to see Charlotte. Avery looked confused again.

“So who is this?” Avery said

“Avery meet Penny Ink, Penny Ink meet Avery, my drag daughter. Penny was my best friend back in the day!”

“Oh this is your drag daughter?” Penny said.

Charlotte nodded proudly. 

“So are you competing?” Penny asked.

“I’m not competing, I don't know what I would do for the talent portion.” Avery said.

“Come on Avery you know you could dance your way to the top.” Charlotte said.

“I see you take after you drag mother” Penny said.

Charlotte looked down penny realising what she said.

“Oh my goodness I'm so sorry I forgot about the incident!” Penny said.

“What incident? And you danced?” Avery asked

The intercom came on asking all the contestants to line up and get ready for an interview.
“I’ll tell you later Avery,” Charlotte sighed.

Charlotte got in line waiting for her turn. Eventually Charlotte’s turn came up and she walked into a room. A half an hour passes and Charlotte walks out. Avery sitting on a bench nervous.

“How was it?” Avery asked.

“Pretty good.” Charlotte said.

Charlotte signaled Avery that it’s time to leave. Avery got up and started walking to the parking lot.

“So what happened to you?” Avery asked.

Charlotte turned to Avery feeling sick thinking back to the worst day of her life. Charlotte started telling her story. It was the day of the talent portion of the pageant and Scarlet Fox was performing a show girl dance number with gaint angel wings and strands of pearls. At the time Charlotte and Scarlet were best friends but Scarlet was jealous. Scarlet was willing to do anything to win the pageant. Scarlet finished her number and while she was walking off stage she broke one of her strands of pearls on her costume. Scarlet’s strands scattered all over the stage. Charlotte was up next and was performing a lyrical dance number. Everything was going well until Charlotte slipped on one of the pearls causing her to fall and land on her knee which shattered it. Charlotte was rushed to the hospital making it so she won't be able to compete for the title anymore. Scarlet ended up winning the title Miss Royal Diamond and the crown. The knee injury was so bad that Charlotte couldn’t dance anymore. Making her focus more on her other talents such as sewing, and singing. Charlotte finished telling her story. WIthout realising  Charlotte and Avery had arrived at their hotel. Avery and Charlotte walked to their rooms and got ready for bed. Charlotte got into bed and tried to sleep but she was having anxiety for tomorrow. Eventually she fell asleep. Charlotte woke by Avery yelling

“Wake up!” 

Charlotte sat up and sighed. 

“Time to get into drag” Charlotte said.

Charlotte walked to the shower and turned on the water. After a twenty minute shower Charlotte got and and dried herself off and got dressed. Charlotte started putting on her makeup. Taking around an hour. Charlotte put on her black dress,her wig with a matching black veil, and red bottoms. Avery drove Charlotte to the pageant. 

“How are you?” Avery asked.

“A bit nervous.”

“You look gorgeous and are so talented you have nothing to worry about.”

Charlotte nodded and got out of the car. Avery took Charlotte's dresses to the dressing rooms while Charlotte checked in. Charlotte walked to her dressing room. Hanging up her dresses and setting up her wigs. Avery left the room. Charlotte reached in her bag to grab something. Charlotte set something in the corner of the room. The intercom came on telling the queen to go backstage for the talent portain. Charlotte met up with Penny Ink. 

“Alright ladies the talent portion is about to start” The owner of the pageant said.

Charlotte’s heart started pounding remembering what happened to her last time. After a half the girls finished performing their talents a petite drag queen named Alice Spades went on stage performing magic tricks. Charlotte's heart started to pound because she was up next. Alice Spades finished up her preformance and told Charlotte goodluck. Charlotte nodded and got on stage. Her heart raced with fear and excitement. Charlotte looked at the crowd and saw Avery. Avery nodded and Charlotte's music started. Charlotte started to sing The Edge Of Glory. Pouring out all her emotions on stage. Tears fell down Charlotte’s face. The song ended and the crowd went wild. While Charlotte was singing Scarlet went into Charlotte’s dressing room and cut up her finale dress. Charlotte got off stage and told Penny Ink goodluck. Penny got on stage and everyone cheered. Penny started her comedy routine. Charlotte went back to her dressing room to put on her finale dress. Charlotte grabbed her dress and saw it had been cut. Charlotte, angry , ran to the audience and asked Avery for help. Avery ran to the dressing room seeing her dress had been cut. 

“What are we gonna do?” Avery asked.

Charlotte remembered that Avery brought her drag suitcase for her club booking.

“Do you have that giant dress still?” Charlotte asked.

“Which one?” Avery smiled.

“The red one with the whole bunch of tule.” Charlotte said.

“Do you want me to go get it?” Avery asked.

Charlotte nodded and Avery ran to the car and started driving to the hotel. Charlotte ran to the corner of the room. She remembered she had set up a camera just in case. Charlotte looked through the footage and saw Scarlet Fox cut up her finale dress. 

“When will she ever learn?” Charlotte thought.

While Charlotte was waiting for Avery she started on her makeup. Penny came into the dressing room.

“You’re not dressed?!” Penny said.

“My dress is ruined!” Charlotte yelled.

“I’m guessing it was Scarlet?”

Charlotte nodded and finished her makeup. Avery came running into the dressing room with the giant red dress. 

“Hurry and get dressed!” Avery yelled

Charlotte got dressed and glued her wig down. Avery handed Charlotte her heels. Charlotte put them on and ran out of the dressing room. The rest of the pageant girls were all lined up for the question and answer. The girls were called up on stage and lined up. Half the girls answered the question. 

“Scarlet Fox what would you do with this title?” The judges said twice.

“I would use this title to show that anyone can do it if they believe in themselves and play fair!” Scarlet said.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and finally the judges asked Charlotte the same question.

“What would I use this title for? I would use this title to show that even through hard times you can still do anything.” The judges told the girls to leave the stage. Avery ran over the judges and showed them the video of Scarlet cutting Charlotte’s dress. The judges deliberated and called the girls back on the stage.

“Due to some unfortunate circumstances we are going to have to disqualify Scarlet Fox,” The main judge said.

The crowd gasped and Scarlet started to cry and ran off stage.

“Now it's time to announce the winner of this year's    pageant but first the current reigning queen Elizabeth DIamonds!”

The crowd went wild seeing the reigning queen. 

“And this year Miss. Royal DIamonds is Charlotte Lux!” 

The crowd cheered and Charlotte started to cry. The judges put the crown on Charlotte.

“Is there anything you would like to say?”

“If Scarlet Fox could come up here please.”

The crowd was confused. Scarlet came up on stage still crying.

“If you would be my friend again I would love that.” Charlotte said.

Scarlet nodded and hugged Charlotte. The crowd stood up and clapped. With Charlotte getting her crown and title and her old friend back she finally felt this missing piece of herself be filled.

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