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Tackling the Test

October 28, 2021
By TaylorSchaumberg, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
TaylorSchaumberg, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
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In "Tackling the Test," the main character Jalen is a five-star recruit coming out of a high school in Miami, Florida. The only thing holding him back is academics, specifically math class where he is failing. Throughout the story, Jalen works with friends as well as tutors to help him learn the class. He needs to get a good grade on the upcoming test in order to play football and graduate. This test is live or die for him as all of his D1 football hopes could be diminished. This story is told in first person to express the emotions and feelings that Jalen is feeling. This short story ends at a cliffhanger where Jalen is being nationally televised, committing to a D1 college.

Taylor S.

Tackling the Test

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