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From: Mom//To: Katherine

January 5, 2022
By Anonymous


Katherine, or May, as most people call her, is calm as the sea to any outsider. Only she knows about the massive, thundering waves that crash down her shores every passing second. Things have been rough for her for the last month and a half. The wounds her mother's death left on her are still fresh. She has responsibilities, and she believes has to fulfill those first. She is also going to a new school, with new people; people who won't know her at all, who won't throw glances of pity towards her in the hallways. To them, she would be no one but a faceless nobody. That doesn't bother her. If anything, she is relieved.

Things are changing for Katherine, but she doesn't know if she is ready for them just yet. Moreover, she doesn't know if the demons in her head would let her adapt to those changes.


From: Mom//To: Katherine

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