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Unwanted love

January 7, 2022
By Jadethehuman, Attica, Michigan
Jadethehuman, Attica, Michigan
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Lewis is a teenage boy with a rough childhood. He lost his mother at a very young age, and his father became very abusive towards him. He has two siblings, his older sister Lonie, and his little sibling Nia. Lewis's father doesn't harm his sisters only him. The reason for that is he is gay, and his father is extremely homophobic. He came out to his dad in 7th grade and ever sense he has been abused. He's the quiet kid at school and no one ever talks to him. He has a huge crush on Jackson King. Jackson seems to have a perfect life on the outside. He has a lot of money unlike Lewis's family. He's on the basketball team and has a lot of "friends". His mother is the schools principal at his and Lewis's high school. She is also homophobic. Jackson is very secretive about his sexuallity and has had a crush on Lewis for a while. He's just never had the guts to tell him. He's afraid of rejection and has never spoken to Lewis before. These two eventually get paired up in a group project and become good friends. Find out what happens in "Unwanted love"


Unwanted love

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