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March 15, 2022
By Kdoku, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Kdoku, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Author's note:

I wanted to write something that I haven't seen in writing before. I wanted something I would read if I weren't writing it myself. Now I'm here two chapters down and many more to come.

Mom: Miles why haven’t you done your math work yet?

I was completely spaced out when my mother had been yelling at me for half an hour. I didn’t understand the importance of the work, it was pointless especially since no school will accept me. 

First off let me introduce myself, hello my name is Miles I’m 16, I'm from Lowell Massachusetts and I can predict people’s deaths. Ever since I was little I’ve been able to differentiate the time, place, year, and how they die. At first, it was difficult to get my mom to believe me but after a few random deaths of old people and a few accidents here and there. My mom started to get a little creeped out when I walked into her bedroom and out of nowhere said our neighbor Judice would die from lung cancer Tuesday, May 23, 2006, at 6:03 pm. It was a startling experience for my mother so as a result, she pulled me out of school for it. She started homeschooling me and also studying me at the same time which was kinda weird to have my mother studying me like I was some type of mythical creature. Sooner or later my supernatural power started to expand to other states, I was able to tell when these random people would drop dead. 

My mother started watching the news like a crazy person to see if I was wrong at least once. But unfortunately, I seemed to be 100% right every time. As you can see having this power can be quite a handful, so trying to be focused on schoolwork can make a kid digress. But soon enough my predictions had become more frequent to the point where I had to start writing them down so my mother could look them up and see who they were and where they were located. When she came home and saw how many pages I had filled out in my book she thought maybe it was a deadly sickness in some other country. When my mother started looking up all the names she noticed something weird it wasn’t in a different country it was here in Massachusetts. It was no one we knew but it was weird to have that big of a casualty in just one area, and on top of that, I was still writing down names nonstop. It went on all night long, I mean there were pauses here and there but they weren’t very big ones. These predictions were starting to scare me, it wasn't stopping and my mother was becoming worried cause they started to get closer to us. These people who are doing this must have a reason for killing this many people. There had to be some sort of reasoning.  It got so bad to the point where families in my neighborhood started to pack up and leave because they became so scared that they’d be next. Which also panicked my mother, so she too started to pack up. 

While I was packing some clothes in my backpack my mom open the air duct and pulled something out of it. But the way she did it seemed like she didn’t want me to notice. And even when we got in the car she was acting suspiciously. I tried my best not to ask any questions, but having a curious mind I had to ask at least one. 

Miles: Hey mom, what did you pull out of the air duct?

She snapped back with a…

Mom: Why does it matter?

Of course, my smart mouth had to open and say…

Miles: Because there’s no point in hiding things from me anymore, only because I know when and how you’ll die.

Which I know thinking of it now kinda sounds mean but in all honesty, she had been studying me like a book. Plus she’s the one who taught me to defend myself, well in this situation maybe not but I did have the right to say something back.

Mom: It was a cash stash I started when I first started working after you were born. 

What was she talking about? Did she know about this?

Mom: It was starting to scare me so I started to save up money putting a few hundred dollars in the box every few weeks.

It felt like she stabbed me right in the back. She knew something like this would happen to me, she knew I had this dumb power before I even tried convincing her. It’s like I didn’t even know her, my mother lied to me.

Miles: So you knew about this but didn’t say anything to me.

Mom: Of course, I knew my child had some supernatural power. Miles, I made you think I didn’t know because I wanted you to discover it and decide if you wanted to use it.

 Hearing that was like having a knife stabbed and dragged down my back.

 Mom: This power you have isn’t at its full potential. You have the ability to kill someone on the spot,  just one single thought of wanting that person dead can set this off. It's dangerous, and I don’t want you using it for fun or just because you can.

Miles: So you’re saying my power can be bigger than it already is?

Mom: Yes, but be careful. I don’t need you causing trouble while we’re in the most vulnerable stage of your abilities.

Miles: I understand. I’m just hurt about you lying to be 

Mom: I’m sorry, but I must tell you one more thing before you decide to try this out. Your power includes lots of focus. There are more add ons to this power, but one of the major ones is you can have an army of the undead. It’s a work in progress but I’m unsure on how this one works, but you’ll figure it out. 

I couldn’t believe that I would be learning about these things I can do. My mother knows more about it than I do.

Miles: Wait, how do you know all about this? Was I some sort of experiment? Huh! Am I even your child?

Mom: Miles you are my kid, but one day while I was in the lab doing a few tweaks on my experiment. I was on the verge of making a huge discovery. An intern gave me a drink and being me, busy, and focused on the work I just drank it. I could feel the rush of power go through me as soon as I swallowed it. I couldn’t find the intern anywhere. I wanted to ask them what they gave me. And I couldn't take a swab of the substance because right as I was about to do it, it seemed as if it all just evaporated; there was nothing left in the cup. I don’t even know if they were an intern. 

Miles: Wait, so some rando gave you some potion and you just drank it. You didn’t even smell it. Not to be rude mom but that was a dumb move on your part. 

Mom: hey I'm a busy scientist I have no time to ask simple questions. But I do think that that's what causes you to gain these abilities. 

Miles: How did you discover these powers anyways?

Mom: Okay, well when you were a kid you revived hammy multiple times.

Miles: Wait what? Hammy?

Mom: well you remember how Hammy got stepped on by duke that one time

Miles: Well yeah but what does that have to do with…. Wait, I really did revive him?

Mom: Yes, but you also revived every single animal buried in the backyard which was a lot if I’m being honest. You were so upset about hammy you kept reviving every time something happened to him. 

Miles: okay so what I thought was a forever living hamster is just my dead hamster being received multiple times. 

Mom: there you go now you're getting it. 

Miles: Awesome, looks like hammy is sticking around for a while. Okay, next question. Was this potion drinking before or after you got pregnant? Cause I’m kinda confused.

Mom: It was before, like a week before I took a pregnancy test.

Miles: Okay now I’m grossed out. I’m gonna try and block the notifications of people dying out by blasting music

I tried to wash my thoughts out with my favorite bands like Mother Mother and Nirvana but I had so many questions. Me? Why me? Why my mom? What's so special about us? Why did that rando have to ruin my life? Why did she have to make growing up so difficult? I can’t learn in a normal school because of her. I have so many questions but I have no clue who can answer all these questions. But all I have now is that I have some special abilities because of some drinks my mother drank and my ability has more potential if I just focus. But there's also the thought that there are probably more kids out there like me. Maybe we have the same powers or different ones. Like someone can read people's minds and tap into them, that would be creepy but cool. Who knows, maybe there’s someone who can control plants or some crazy stuff like that. Some crazy thoughts aren’t they?

Mom: Miles! Hey, Miles wake up. 

Miles: huh? What? What's up?

Mom: I’m gonna go into the store to get some stuff. Will you be okay here? 

Miles: sure yeah

Mom: Are there any specific snacks you want?

Miles: Um, yeah how about goldfish and an Arizona tea.

Mom: Alright, be back in a minute.

I have no idea how long I was out. But jeez that was a great nap no disturbances at all it was great. I got out of the car to stretch my legs a bit, but right as I got out I felt so lightheaded. I thought it was just low iron but I started to wobble and I could see these bright flashes of images in my head. I thought another mishap happened, but my mom was in the vision. I knew it wasn’t just something random it was my dumb ability telling me something was gonna happen to her. It couldn’t be possible not now.

Miles: NO NO NO NO it’s not her time! Stop it!

I could hear her screams in my head; it felt like my heart was being squeezed.

Miles: (Screams) Stop it

Random voice: It’s too late Miles once the vision is seen there's no going back. She’s gonna die no matter what you do 

Miles: No she’s not! She is not gonna die. Stop meddling with my head!

Random voice: Me? Stop? (Malevolent laugh) 

Miles: Who are you?

Random voice: (Malevolent laughing) I’m your worst nightmare.

A loud screeching sound started hitting my head like a truck. It felt like I was on the verge of mere death. I could see my mother running towards me but I just couldn’t stop screaming. It hurt so much. My vision became blurry and I couldn’t hear anything

Mom: Miles! Miles what’s wrong? Miles answer me! Miles, please. 

Miles: NOOOO stop it stop stop stop 

Mom: Miles, it’s me I'm right here it's okay 

I all of a sudden heard her voice clearly and then it just stopped. The screeching stopped and my vision was normal and my ears stopped ringing.

Mom: Miles your ears, they're bleeding!

That was the last thing I heard from my mother before I passed out. It seemed like I just blinked my eyes but when I woke up we were at a gas station. I got out of the car and ran to hug my mom as tight as possible

Miles: (hugs) Mom I saw you.

Mom: What are you talking about? I was right in front of you, holding you.

Miles: No. I SAW you mom.

Mom: What?

Miles: you were in the vision I had. And I heard this voice I’ve never heard before and she was telling me I can’t stop you from dying. She said that once I see the vision of your death that I can’t fix it or change it.

My mother didn’t look startled at all, if anything she was calm for just learning that her son saw how she was gonna die. 

Miles: I don’t remember much detail but...

Mom: It’s okay Miles you don’t have to tell me anything 

Why didn’t she want to know? It’s HER death I’m talking about. Doesn’t she understand how terrifying this is for me

Miles: But mom I saw you die. You can’t just be okay with it. Doesn’t it scare you?

Mom: I already knew something like this would happen sooner or later and I’ve already accepted it. 

Miles: bu... But how. You can’t leave me, not yet I still need you. 

Mom: No miles you don’t. I did everything I can to give you the life you deserve.

Miles: No-No. Just because you’ve accepted it doesn’t mean I have.

Mom: yes I know but we have no choice but to accept what's already been decided.

It hurt me knowing my mother already knew this would happen. But what hurts, even more, was the fact that someone else knows about my abilities. Who was this mysterious voice and where can I find her?

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