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A New Perspective

April 17, 2022
By leelarkins BRONZE, Kennewick, Washington
leelarkins BRONZE, Kennewick, Washington
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The cold made my arms ache, and I wrapped the soft sleeves of my jacket around myself to try and seep some warmth into them. The long walk from the other side of the park didn’t seem to bother them as much as it did me, and irritation simmered slowly in my stomach.   

I didn’t want to be here in this cold, run-down excuse for an amusement park and I didn’t want to go on this stupid ride. No matter how I changed my tone of voice when trying to talk to them, I was always met with brusque words laced with annoyance. They talked with an irritability that only came from being fed up with the elements against you, including your loser third-wheel friend.  

Of course, not looking where I was going, I bumped into someone in front of me.

It took me a second to realize what sort of line I had ended up in. Looking up and up and up again, craning my neck as far as it would go, I saw another giant metal monstrosity in front of me.

Lee L.

A New Perspective

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