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The Missing Peace

June 15, 2011
By ForeverKing, Clarksville, Tennessee
ForeverKing, Clarksville, Tennessee
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The Missing Peace is a novel set in the near future that follows the life of Landon Bones, his brother Cale, and their group of friends known only to each other as the Antiheroes as they attempt to fight against the man who took over the world.

Will B.

The Missing Peace

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on Jun. 16 2011 at 10:57 pm
SarcasticPersonInTraining BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
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i find the idea of ur novel very interesting! just a suggestion: try writing it in first person. it will make it a little more interesting to the reader so u can know Landon's thoughts a bit better. it will be easier to get to know the main character. otherwise it seems a little too factual and stiff. but i really like some of the phrases and metaphors you have! they are very unique! also edit a little there were a few things to be edited. but overall good job keep it up! please check out my book Last Note and comment and rate please id loe to hear your feedback! :)