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Just Another Girl

October 17, 2011
By boobutton345, Toms River, New Jersey
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boobutton345, Toms River, New Jersey
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Author's note: This story relates to me

“Give them back, it’s not funny!” I shouted at Nikola.
“Make me squirt.” He said back in a harsh tone, as he held my glasses above my head. So after 2 minutes of torture I heard a crack and then once again a pair of broken glasses landed in my hands.
“Here s*** face.” He said as he walked away laughing. So as I walked home I wished one day could go right in my life. When I arrived home I walked up the stairs, I saw my mother and stared at her with a depressed look on my face she already knew what had happened. Without a word I walked into my room locked the door and opened the window. As I walked out onto the roof I put my iPod on and looked at the sky, I dozed off a few seconds later. I woke up and walked back into my room as I struggled to stand and walk I felt dizzy and faint, I made my way to my door opened it and then blackness . . . a few hours later I woke up to voices.
“Is she going to be okay?” asked my mother.
“I think so but I would like to keep her for another night to run some more tests to see if she is allergic to anything else.” The doctor replied back. I passed back out. When I woke up my mother explained to me that while I was out on the roof I was stung by a bee and how I was allergic to its sting. I never knew I was and as if I needed to add anymore weird annoying problems to my life. So that afternoon I was released from the hospital and my mom took me home.
“Are you okay sweetheart?” my mother asked.
“I guess. . .” I answered back.
“Well do you wanna talk about it?” my mother asked in a concerned voice.
“What’s the point, it’s the same problem with every town we move to. I don’t care anymore!” I screamed back. And the rest of the car ride was silence. When we got home I ran from the car and went into my room and locked the door. And I did something I thought I would never do I picked up a knife and started cutting myself. . . my mother never found out, I was very good at hiding things. After that I started smoking weed and cigarettes and I was hanging out with the wrong people. Everything was going down hill and there was no way to stop it, I was turning into my father. . . My father, a crazy drug addict who beat my mother and scared me.

A year passed by and I got better I still smoked cigarettes but I stopped cutting myself after a scary trip to the hospital when I cut too deep. Then my mom watched me for so long. Things have just been so bad and now things have gotten worse because my mom got a raise and she decided to buy a house without telling me! I was so pissed off I didn’t want to start a whole new life over I had friends here and a life and I let her know that.
“What the f***! Are you crazy I have a life and friends here what makes you think I want to move.” I screamed at her.
“Sweetie please don’t scream, I did this so you can start fresh and be happy.” My mother said back calmly.
“No I don’t care I like it here, this is my life and I don’t want to leave!” I screamed back even louder. The fighting went on for a couple of hours then I just went up to my room. I realized as I was up there I had to go with my mother because I would be listed as a runaway and I would get in even more trouble with the cops. I was so pissed so I just went to sleep and tried not to cry but for the first time in 4 years I actually cried.

The next morning was the last day of school I told all my friends I was moving and they didn’t seem that upset but I knew inside they were hurting. I didn’t have much to pack up since I was an only child I basically got whatever I wanted. On June 22nd 2009 we moved to California. I didn’t speak to my mother for the whole plane ride and car ride to the new house, but little did I realize that moving to this new town my whole life was going to change and I didn’t know if it was for better or worse. As we pulled up in front of our new house I was in awe. It was huge; it almost looked like a mansion. I walked towards it and just stared.
“Do you like it?” My mother asked in a sarcastic tone.
“It’s nice I answered back.” Giving her an evil glare.
We walked up to our new home and in awe just stared at it. For the next week we unpacked and got to know our neighborhood. My room was in perfect view of the lake in the front of the house and I could even go on my roof just like my old one so it kind of felt like home. That night I went to sleep and for once I didn’t have a nightmare, maybe just maybe this town is a good thing.
The next morning my mom left early for work, so I grabbed my stuff for school and left. Considering it was the first day of school you would think I care what I look like but I really didn’t care what I looked like unlike most girls. I road into school on my dirt bike and parked in the front of the school and tied it up.
“Nice bike.” A random voice said. With out looking I responded, “Thanks I’ve had this bad boy for 5 years and it still runs like a charm.” I look up and for the first time I actually think I blushed.
“Hi my name is John, what’s yours?” he asked. John was a tall lean, muscular boy with short brown hair and deep intense brown eyes.
“Um my name is, um Megan.” I said back nervously. As he is going to answer me back the bell rang and he ran for the school build shouting he would see me later. As the day went on all I could think about was John and trying to figure out the feeling I had inside that made my stomach do flips. Running through the hallways of the school I accidentally bumped into another girl.
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry, I didn’t know where I was going are you okay?” I frantically asked the other girl.
“Don’t worry I’m fine it was an accident. My name is Sarah, are you new here?” she replied in a polite calm voice. Sarah wow was she beautiful. Tall with very long black and blonde hair and she had these deep sea blue eyes.
“Hi my name is Megan, and yes I am new her I just moved in at 110 Wood street.” I answered back.
“What class are you heading to?” She asked me.
“D-12.” I replied
“I have the same class! Come on I’ll show you.” She replied back very happily. And we walked to our class together. The whole class period we talked about our interests and our lives.

As the day went on Sarah and I went out separate ways it came time for lunch. I went to my locker and got my skates so I could go down town, which was the cool thing about this school you could go out for lunch. When I got out into the school parking lot I saw John, my stomach got butterflies and I fell flat on my face. I woke up in the nurse’s office about two hours later I think.
“Are you okay?” A familiar voice asked.
“Yea I think so.” I answered back. As my vision improved I saw that John was by my side. I tired to get up I winced when I put pressure on my hand.
“Careful! The nurse said you may have broken your hand.” John said back to me rushing to grab me and lay me back down.
“NO!! This can’t be, why did this have to happen to me?” I frantically screamed and started crying. I didn’t realize it but I was practically in John’s arms crying and sobbing.
“Don’t worry it will be okay, I’m here for you.” He said has he ran his fingers through my hair. After I was in a cast and ready to go home my mom was called to come get me. When my mom arrived she thought I got beat up but I explained to her that I just fell on my skates. As we left the school I saw John I was going to say good bye but that was before I was him kissing another girl . . . my heart fell into a million pieces. Questions ran through my head, I was asking myself why he would lead me on like that and why felt the way I did because I knew it wasn’t true. So as usual I went home from another new school feeling miserable.
“What’s the matter honey?” My mom asked when she noticed I was upset.
“Nothing, just upset about my arm that’s all.” I said back hoping she wouldn’t realize I was lying.
“Come on I know when you’re upset. Was it because of that boy u were staring at?” she asked in a funny sarcastic tone, which I did not find too funny.
“NO! Now just leave me alone!” I hollered as we pulled into the driveway.
I ran out of the car with tears rolling down my face, because she was right. That night I cried for the second time I cried . . . the first time I cried, I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom and dad were fighting a lot and at the time I was 5. I was so scared the fighting got so bad it got physical, which was the last time I was my father. I cried as he walked away never turning around. As I cried all night I fell into a deep sleep.

It was Saturday and I was going to take advantage of this gorgeous day! As I was getting changed into my bikini I saw it, the giant scare my father gave me, not to mention all the other scares from cutting myself. The scare I have from my father is long thick and bumpy. This scare, this hideous scare I felt so ugly. Even though my forearm was in a cast I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day. I wanted to surf so I was going to, the doctor gave me a plastic tube for my arm to keep in dry when I was in the shower so I grabbed that and made sure no water could get in it. After that I left for the beach. When I arrived there in was 7:30 am the beach was empty and the waves were perfect. I looked around the make sure no one was around so I could surf alone. As I paddled out I felt so free, like no one could hurt me and all my troubles went out with the pull of the ocean.
“Hey wait up!” A voice shouted at me. I knew that voice . . . it was John! I didn’t know what to do or say, I was frozen in shock and fear.
“Hey are you okay?” He asked as he put his hand on my shoulder. I rudely shrugged him off, I answered I was fine.
“So are we going to surf or what?” he asked with a smile. I couldn’t speak because I was so shy I just nodded my head once again. We surfed for only god knows how long. When we got back to the shore we lay out in the sun and talked.
“So Megan, tell me about you?” He asked as his brown eyes stared into mine.
“What do you want to know?” I asked back.
“Anything you want to tell me.” He said back with a smile. So I told him, I told him a lot. I told him about my art work and photography, also my BMXing and surfing. But I also told him about my family problems . . . like how my father beat me and my mother and how I felt so weak and helpless. As I got up to stretch the worst thing ever happened, my scare showed.
“Oh my god, are you okay?!” He said as he stood up to try and exam my scare.
“STOP!” I shouted back making him jump away.
“I’m sorry . . . I was just worried.” He said walking back from me.
”Its okay I over reacted. But this scare is a bad memory of my father, because you see he is the one who gave it to me.” I said back as I looked down at the ground trying to hide the tears. Instead of running away or saying he had to go he embraced me with a hug.
“I’m so sorry, no one as pretty as you deserves anything like that.” He said in a whisper in my ear. No words could explain how happy I was to hear someone say those words to me. It was getting late and cold; as I shivered John respectfully gave me his coat and walked me home. When we arrived at my front door John gave me another long hug then left for home. That night I danced around my room happier then ever. But as I calmed down I realized I was letting a boy make me happy! I can’t let someone else make me happy; I told myself I had to stay strong. But still the way he made me feel, it was amazing. So after that I drifted off into a blissful sleep.

The author's comments:
i wanted to leave you guys hanging there will be more later.

The very next day I rode into school with my bright red tank top belly shirt and my favorite pair of dark blue skinny jeans. But when I rolled up to the school I saw him with her again . . . but when I looked closer I realized that, that girl was SARAH! All at once my heart my heart fell into a million pieces, I felt betrayed and cheated. I skipped school that day and got some weed and smoked . . .a lot. And I started cutting, when I started cutting the ones that were already there made deeper and thicker. I felt my body get cold and then a shroud of blackness came over me as I felt my body hit the cold hard ground.
“Someone call 911!” I heard a deep voice shout. I soon felt my body being lifted off the ground and carried away. Once again I had gotten myself into a whole lot of trouble, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was the numbing cure of the medication being pumped into my veins. I woke up several hours later to a young boy about my age maybe a little older then me sitting across from me. He was amazingly handsome and looked very strong, but his touching beautiful green eyes let me know he was a gentle giant.
“You’re up! Are you okay?” He asked as he scooted his chair closer to me.
“Yea . . . I’m fine.”

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