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True Siblings

November 1, 2011
By Sentori_Torraz BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Sentori_Torraz BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Always getting beaten and abused but God says that I can still be used.... Often forgetting what life is like but God doesn't say "Take a hike"
Knowing what real love and care is, God will protect you because you are his....

True Siblings

“I hope you aren’t starting anything with me especially in church!” Kori shouted. Kori was steamed at his twin sister Courtney.

“I’m not starting anything Kori you are the one wanting to shout to draw attention to yourself, as am I trying to get away from it.” Courtney said in a quiet tone.

“Well-” Kori was cut short by his older sister Jaden.

“Well Kori you want to start another argument so momma can get on you. I think not because last time momma whip you so hard that the next state could hear you.”

“Fine I’ll cut it out…” Kori said in defeat.

Jaden is the second oldest out of four kids she is fourteen while her oldest brother Jordan age sixteen and the twins at age thirteen.
Jaden saw her crush of two months walk passed her and waved at her. She saw his smile his beautiful, wonderful, heavenly smile. It was something that made her melt every time she saw him.

“Jaden is having a mental break down!” The twins shouted giggling and laughing in the process.

“Quit it or you will see what it’s like to be a kid eating though an IV line!” Jaden said pouring the promise on them like Niagara Falls.

“Well don’t drop your nickel in the gutter, calm down Jaden; they are twins they are made to annoy.” Jordan said coming around from behind her.

“Well you got a beautiful girlfriend that I don’t like and you are telling me to calm down, the twins should have been talking when you got your first crush they would have a field day with you.” Jaden answered.

“True but they weren’t”

“Are ya’ll ready to go home my guys and girls?” Their mother said walking towards them. All of them nodded. Ready to go and pull off the dress clothes they had on.

“I call shot gun!” All siblings said together.

“Well since I’m the oldest I should sit up front.” Jordan said.

“That is the same excuse you use all the time!” The twins said.

“I say that Courtney should sit up front she always sit in the back besides I want to go home and take these clothes off.” Jaden said. The two boys agreed they felt the same way about their clothes. So Courtney sat in the front while the other three sat in the back.

“Kori Hayden Scott!” Jaden shouted from out her room that was shared with Courtney.

“Yes sister dear that I love very much and value my life and the very air I breathe.” Kori said. The boy just a hair taller than Jaden but everyone knows that his sister is so much more powerful than him.

“Tell me why I have Fruit loops in my bed?” Jaden said in a calmer tone.

“Did you think to be Courtney? I mean am I the only suspect in that mystery?” Kori said.

“I don’t eat Fruit loops smart one. Besides you know how much you love to go in our room because it’s all clean and what makes it even better is that you can eat Fruit loops in Jay’s bed!” Courtney said coming in at the most random moments. Jaden nodded.

“Sorry Jaden for eating in your room it will never happen again…” Kori said acting like it was his hundredth time saying it which it was.

“Oh you will be sorry not one Fruit loop comes to this house for three months!”

“She-devil…” Kori mumbled.

“What was that Kori? Because I could tell Jordan what you did to his telescope. And you know he is going to get on you like a fat man with a buffet.”

“I said sheets of metal, foil I got a project to do.” Kori said rushing his words. Then ran off to his room scared to be in a ring with Jaden.

“What about my telescope?” Jordan said coming upstairs. Kori poked his head out the room shaking his head furiously begging Jaden not to rat him out.

“Nothing Jordan, I was going to let you use my telescope because there is a full moon out to night… Since your telescope was stolen, found outside under the snow and was beaten like it was used as a baseball bat. ” Jaden said in a clam tone almost as if she was bored with the world.

“Hmm… Okay then… Thanks Jay!” Jordan headed down stairs when Jaden looked at her brother Kori.

“Boy, are you in for it Kori! You had Jaden give up her telescope to Jordan! You should have let Jordan get you!” Courtney laughed in pure amusement.

“Jaden please don’t hurt me…” Kori begged

“Why Kori, if there’s pain there is hurt… Just take the pain from the equation there won’t be hurt and in your case death.”

“So you won’t hurt me?”

“No… I’m your older sister I was meant to protect you, not hurt you… In some cases that rule won’t apply but saving your butt from Jordan does…” Jaden said. Jaden wasn’t happy giving up her telescope but her brother Jordan was very funny about his things especially his science lab and math work. So if he did get a hold of the information about his telescope Kori would be either shot down by guilt or by words. And Kori wasn’t the kind of boy that wouldn’t care about what was said to him. First he would act like he didn’t care then the words will replay in his mind eating him inside out. That’s why Jaden would take special notes so that won’t happen to her little brother. It already happened once and Jaden will take on anyone before that happened again.

“Jaden I need some help with some homework, algebra it’s so confusing…” Courtney said.

“Yeah Courtney what’s up?”

“Um it says that the house is 20 feet high and the ladder is about 6 feet away from the house… How long is the ladder?” Courtney stated.

“Did you try A2 +B2=C2? A and B being the legs of the triangle…”

“Oh… Thanks Jay!”

The next day the twins, Jaden and Jordan went to school. They went to the same school Courtney and Kori skipped a grade putting them ahead and Jordan too but Jaden didn’t. She had the chance to skip two grades but the thought being in the same classes as Jordan freaks her out.

“Miss Courtney I’m surprised at you. You always do your homework…”

“But Mrs. Starkney I did my homework and my sister, Jaden Scott could say I did because she helped me with one of the problems!”

“Jaden Scott is your sister? She was my most trust worthy student I had… You have another brother other than Kori?” Mrs. Starkney asked.

“Yes ma’am Jordan Scott…”

“He always loved math are you sure you did your homework Courtney? Because your brother-“

“Hello Mrs. Starkney” Jaden said she usually stops by her class after school since that was Courtney’s last period. “Is there a problem with Courtney?”

“She was about to compare me to Kori…” Courtney said.

“Mrs. Starkney I thought you were a math teacher… One of the first rules you taught were to not compare two things or in this case two people if they are completely different and you wouldn’t find any features that are alike.”

“Well then can you explain why Courtney didn’t have her homework?”

“She must have left it in Jordan’s car… She does that sometimes for other classes but you can believe me that Courtney did her homework.”

“Fine then, Courtney you can bring your homework tomorrow it better be here!”

“Yes Mrs. Starkney…” Courtney and Jaden walked out of the class room. “Thanks Jay I owe you one…”

“Don’t sweat it… I never did like Mrs. Starkney”

“But she said you were her most trustworthy student she had… I’m confused” Jaden and Courtney continued to walk to the senior wing of the school where they will meet their brothers to go home.

“Yeah that’s true… But that doesn’t mean I like her. The reason why I just act nice and stuff is because it will come back to me in the near future. So times like these she could trust me.”

“Smart and awesome! Two traits that all four of us has!” Courtney said excitedly. Jaden looked her sister. Someone either took her real sister or Courtney took some cheer pills. As soon the thought came it passed when she saw her two brothers along with Jordan’s girlfriend.

“Hey guys!” she said excitedly. Courtney and Jaden never approved of his entire collection of girlfriends especially this one. Jaden brushed passed her like she hasn’t seen her with Courtney following suit.

“I said hi…” the girl said once more.

“Yeah we heard you and we choose to pretend that you weren’t there. It’s hard to do that when you are still talking so shut up… Clare.” Courtney coolly said. The girl walked up to her pointed her finger like a mother would to her child.

“Look here missy I’m your brother’s girlfriend and you need to respect me I’m sick and tired of you and your attitude!” Clare shouted. Jaden was about to knock some sense into her brain when Kori held her back.

“Watch…” he whispered. As soon as he said that Jordan was at her sister’s side, fuming.

“Clare would you be so kind not to talk to my sister that way because I’ll be put on the death penalty because of what I would have did to you… and Jaden would put in prison because of hiding the body… Don’t take it as a threat it’s a warning that if you shout or put your hands on my blood there will be blood but not my own.” Jordan said in a calm tone.

“But honey they were being so mean to me and when I try to be sweet and nice they are demons…” Clare said starting to cry.

“Listen Clare, you are the demon. We know about your multiple boyfriends and we don’t want our brother being a target. So go away and maybe we won’t spill your secrets or if you want to stay and shout at Courtney I know some real good hiding spots.” Jaden said crossing her arms. Clare turned bright red because they know her deepest darkest secret.

All she could do is turn away hoping and praying they won’t say anything and the fact that Jaden hates her with a living breathing passion.

“Thank you Jordan” Courtney said.

“No problem never, I will let a girl speak to you that way, never.” Jordan answered.

“Let’s go home… Momma is going to freak when we get there!” Kori shouted and ran towards the car.

The next day was a teacher work day meaning the four siblings didn’t have to go to school. Jaden took the day to go to the park to write dialogs about random things. The sky was blue with the cotton candy clouds gently floating by and the sun beating down on her gently. It was a nice day until reality set back in.

She saw her boyfriend Justin with a girl. The first thought that came into her head was “it’s his sister or cousin” but after watching a few seconds of them sucking face told her that was no family affair. Some girls would run home and cry their poor eyes out. But Jaden had no intention of doing that. She walked down to the clearing as if she was just walking by but by then they had stopped kissing and just sat there.

“Hey Justin!” Jaden said happily though she wasn’t even close of being mad.

“Hey Jay, funny seeing you here… why are you here?” Justin said nervously.

“Oh just walking enjoying the sky and you are?”

“Just talking to my cousin, Becky…”

“Silly Justin I’m not your cousin I’m your girlfriend” Becky said. Jaden found out that this girl has 2/3 of her brain gone, a blonde but liked it because she told on Justin.

“Girlfriend huh? Well I thought that I’m your girlfriend Justin.”

“You are Jay! My friend here is kind of not all there.” Justin shot back.

“I thought she was your cousin.”

“Uh… yeah she is-“

“Stop Justin! Stop lying to me I saw you kissing her as if you were a fat man and she was doughnut! We are done!” Jaden walked away and hearing her name called over and over again but she didn’t dare to look back at him.

When she got to her house she burst out crying. Thinking why would he ditch her for some take out treat. It didn’t make sense to her then her siblings huddled around her telling her it’s okay. When the tears seemed to halt Jaden calmed down enough to tell her siblings what happened.

“When I see him-“

“Calm it Kori… besides I get to see him first so you don’t have to worry.”

“It’s fine guys you don’t have to do anything… It’s over it’s done it’s the past.”

“Okay Jay if you say so…” Courtney said.
“There is cookie dough ice cream if you want some”

“But-” Kori started but was cut off by Jordan elbowing in the chest.

“It’s okay Kori it’s yours besides I’m not going to stock myself with sweet stuff.” Two hours later after she composed herself the door bell rang. Jaden knew who it was and decided to just to face him. Jordan, Kori, and Courtney went to their rooms they knew Jaden had to take care of this alone. But what was behind the door surprised her.

“Danny?” What you are you doing here?” Danny her Crush from church was at her door along with Justin.

“Justin, my cousin, told me what happened and he is so sorry for what he did.” Jaden eyed Justin by the way he looked he looked a mess. His eyes were puffy and red signaled that he had been crying. And the gashes on his arms said that was taking it out on himself. Jaden felt the slightest tug on her heart to take pity on her ex-boyfriend but dismissed it.

“So why can’t he tell me that instead of you telling me…” Jaden asked. She knew the answer she wanted to see what he would say.

“Jaden I’m sorry I know that you might not want me back-” Justin said.

“You got that part right…”

“But I don’t want to end on a bad note and I want to be friends if that okay with you.” Jaden looked at the poor soul that was wrapped in skin that looked like her ex-boyfriend. Suddenly she didn’t have the heart to be mad at him anymore. That was her weakness forgiving people that did her wrong but she didn’t care. Justin said that he was sorry and many guys wouldn’t do that, they simply didn’t care.

Jaden got up from the leaning position on the door frame and walked towards Justin. Justin that stood about 6 inches taller than her looked down at her. Jaden did the unthinkable and hugged him. Justin felt as though five-hundred pounds slid off of him and hugged her back tighter than ever.

“I can’t be mad at you forever…” Jaden breathed. “It’s not in my nature; we can be friends, Justin.”

“Thank you God, that there are people as forgiving as you.” Justin whispered. Jaden breathed in the husky scent that he only carried the scent she fell in love with.

Her siblings sat by a window and watched as everything unfolded. They were happy that Jaden found peace within herself and Justin too. But Jaden had to learn in her family that there was no peace without forgiveness and forgiveness could not survive without love. True love…

Thee End

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