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Diary of Jane

November 15, 2011
By Light_of_Alice, Sayreville, New Jersey
Light_of_Alice, Sayreville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"I've been better - seen a brighter side of life - but any friend of the failure's a friend of mine."


"There's a fine line between Love and Hate."
Hiya, my name's Jane Doe - like what they call an unidentifiable dead body. I met Bailey Benjamin when I was a little girl, and we were best friends. But she moved, and I couldn't see her for 10 years. Now she's back, and we're constantly fighting all because she became famous. Well one day, I did become a dead body. Sure, now she feels bad for me. However, death did not do us part. You see, there's a bit of a catch: I can't pass on until she admits we can be friends again. Will she say it? Will she set me free? Or is she too proud and stubborn to ever admit being the princess in the fairy tale castle that was involved with the stray cat on the streets?

Alyce B.

Diary of Jane

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