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The Evil Man

October 10, 2012
By ChelseaNelsea, Yakima, Washington
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ChelseaNelsea, Yakima, Washington
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"Don't take the pressure to be perfect"

Author's note: What inspired me about this piece? I don't really think anything inspired me, honestly I think I'm just trying to figure out what kind of writer I am, and so far I like to write Romance/Thriller and that's what this book is based on.

The author's comments:
This chapter is rated PG13 for language and it might not be appropraite for an audiance under the age of 12

The Evil Man...

A girl from New York named Madeline moves to Seattle with her drugged up father. She meets a man who begins to fall in love with her. She finds out he's insane, but somehow she doesn't want to leave his side...Or is her mind playing tricks on her?

In a small apartment in New York City lives a girl and her father. Her father never took care of her well. Madeline misses her mother dearly. Her mother was killed a car crash when Madeline was only ten years old.

Walking downstairs for breakfast, I already know my dad is cooped up on the couch getting high off of marijuana, or meth. Something that will kill him in the near future. Looking in the fridge, left over outback’s, Mac and cheese, and some canned soup. Just what a seventeen year old girl wants. I think I’ll just skip breakfast. I need to finish packing anyways, who needs food when you can look skinny as well? I never thought I would move after my mother's death, I mean I never thought we would have the money to move. I think daddy robbed a bank just to keep me in his life. Have to get daddy up so we can get going soon. "Daddy, get up. We have to leave soon." I say shaking him at the same time. "Fine...only for my little Madeline." my dad says while getting up from his dark slumber. Yeah, sure daddy for little me. "Yeah, Whatever. You have a half an hour to get ready." I say.

I throw our entire luggage in the back of the truck. I can't believe I have to drive again...Well I don’t mind driving, it's just I think daddy should drive for once in how long? Days, weeks, months? Daddy hops in the back seat to lay down to try and make his brain work again. I strap in the bags and I hop in behind the wheel. The flight attendant takes our luggage and my dad falls right asleep in the chair. I can't say I hate my dad, I mean I remember when I would never leave his side, which was when mother was still around. No friends since the age of thirteen. Brain you have been my only friend for the past four years, I have counted on you for four years, why haven't you talked back yet? Or is that only for crazy people, do you not like sane people brain? I will gladly go insane for you if you would like. No?

Reading a book while I wait for the plane ride to end. "We are now landing in Seattle Washington, prepare to step off the plain." says the intercom. "Dad, wake up, it's time to get off the plain and head for the house." My dad's head jerks and his eyes open. "Alright I’ll get the luggage this time Madeline." my father says slowly. We get off the plain and my dad throws the luggage in the back of the truck again. I get in the truck and I start the engine. The house daddy picked was actually a little out of Seattle in a forest, a little odd for his taste. Well his brain is screwed up after all.

Dead trees surrounded the house, the grass was dead as well, and the house looked like it was about one hundred years old. The paint was coming off, everything inside was dusty, spider webs are in every corner of this house. I get the cleanest room, because I deserve it. Daddy doesn't really care what room he gets. Looking out my window, I see two more houses. I wonder if those houses are claimed. I drop my bags and I take a walk down the dirt path to the two shelters. Huh, these houses actually look nice. One painted white, with no paint coming off, but unclaimed. There's a for sale sign in the front lawn. The other house must be claimed because there is no for sale sign in the lawn. Well, I wouldn't live here...the house is painted brown. I knock on the door, again and again, and one more time. The door opens, and there stands a man. Light blonde hair, decent tan, muscles like a lion, and pretty blue eyes. Damn... "Uh...hi! I'm Madeline, I just moved here and I wasn't sure if we had neighbors." I laugh and begin to shake. The tall man smiles and walks out on to the porch. "I'm Jeremy, you don't have to be scared." he raises an eyebrow. "What...I'm not scared!" My voice shakes. "Really, you’re shaking like its twenty degrees out." Jeremy says. He stutters, "Oh, come in, please." I nod and smile. His house looks amazing and very modern from the outside of the house. "Do you live alone?" I ask. "No, I have a dog named Rex, he's a German shepherd." Jeremy brings two cups of black coffee over to the dining table in the kitchen.

"So what brings you to Washington? Where did you move from?" asks Jeremy. he studies me while waiting for a response. "I moved from New York." I breathe "Honestly I don't know why, my dad just thought he could decide for himself and not tell me I guess." I say. Jeremy nods and takes a sip of his coffee. "No offence, but your dad sounds like an ass Madeline." Jeremy connects his hands, "I mean you should have been in the decision of moving to this place, When you could of made it so far in New York with all the resources there." explains Jeremy. "You're right, can I trust you with something?" I can't believe I just asked him that, when I barely know him! "Of course, I really have no one to tell..." Jeremy smirks. "My dad is a drug addict, and it all started with my mom dying in a car crash when I was ten. I think this is happening because he's lost..." I chug my coffee down, I feel as if I’m going to break down and cry from talking about this. "Whoa there girl, don't want to burn your stomach, my mother did drugs, which she died from. My dad committed suicide, when I was only fourteen." Jeremy squeezes his eyes shut and opens them once again. "You're not the only one; I have lived alone since I was fifteen when I ran away from the foster home down in Kansas." My eyes widen. We both hear a knock at the door and I turn as he goes and answers it. "Is Madeline in here?" My father walks in with a bottle in his hand, of course. "Daddy I’m, I’m just talking with the neighbor." I bat my eyes at him.

My dad looks at me, no expression. "Fine, be home by midnight! No earlier..." He walks out without even saying hi to Jeremy and walks down the path back home. "Of course I’m right, you’re dad is a complete ass." Jeremy points at my father without fail. I laugh and I smile. "I better get going though, I have school tomorrow, and I don't want to start my reputation with being late to school talking to a great guy named Jeremy." I say and I walk out onto his porch. "Well stop by anytime if you need to talk, or if you want to get to know each other. I would love it if you stopped by." Jeremy smirks. "Gets kind of lonely when my dog goes out hunting for animals." Jeremy shuts the door before I could even make a thought to answer. Smile's and trembling legs is all I can think about right now. Mind what do you think of love? Do you like it? How does it make you feel? Should I let it in my system? So many questions that you will never answer. I throw my shoes in the broken closet, every time I open this Damn closet door I see a giant whole leading to nowhere except old worn our wires. Unpacking my luggage, I hear a dog barking. I turn and look the window; it must be Jeremy's dog because it's a German shepherd. I take a closer look at the dog by opening my window and holding my head out. Holy crap, it’s carrying an arm! A human arm, I have to go tell Jeremy. I run outside and I sprint to Jeremy's house. I rapidly bang on his door demanding an answer from him.

Jeremy finally opens the door and pushes his body on to mine. "What is wrong Madeline? Don't knock my door down!" he says raising his voice to calm me down. "I just saw you’re dog carrying a human arm, yes Jeremy human flesh!" My voice getting heavy with breath. "Let's go check Madeline." Jeremy grabs a hold of my hand and we both walk to his back yard in search of Rex. "Rex, come here boy!" Jeremy calls, Rex Sprints towards Jeremy almost tackling him to the ground. "Now what did you bring to the backyard this time? Squirrel, rat, and chew toy you once lost?" Rex runs back where he came from and brought the item. "I see how you have mistaken it as an arm; this white rope had my blood on it from the last time I played with him." Jeremy sighs, "Rex gets a little rough at times." Rex Barks and Jeremy throws the rope so Rex will go get it. I sigh with relief. "Well, it's good that you’re dog didn't kill anyone. Now I have to worry if I’m sane or not." I explain. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about your brain, as far as I know, your crystal clear." Jeremy smiles and puts his hand on my lower back. "Now why don't you get back home and get some rest, before it gets too late for you to wake up in the morning." I nod and we wave goodbye.

The author's comments:
This chapter is rated PG13 for sexual activity, language and some content may not be suitable for some people under the age of 12

Wake up Madeline; you can't be late for school on your first day!
Echoes are all I’m hearing today, but then I think of Reality...The Alarm clock blasts it's sound in my ears, I sit up, "Ah!" I plug my eyes looking the out let to unplug my alarm clock. snap! Well there goes my three year old alarm. I moan and I walk to the bathroom, washing my face with warm water on a soft wash cloth. My eye's blood shot, and my skin whiter then it usually is. What happened last night? I can't worry about that right now; I have to get to school. I get dresses in a plain white T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, with my new leather combat boots, untied because if I tie them I will lose circulation in my feet. Hop in the truck, trying to keep my eyes open, come across to a star bucks. Thank the lord. "Grab my wallet and I wait in line looking around to get the world back in my mind. “Next." Says the girl taking orders. "Hi, I’ll have the Cacaramelpacino please." I give her the money and I go to the next line to get my drink. Ten minutes of standing in star bucks got my eye site in check. I arrive at my school. Seems decent, not gross looking. Looks pretty modern actually.
I Hop out of my white truck and I grab my bag from the back, walking up the steps slowly trying to figure out if I’m late or not. If I wasn't late there would be people out here chit chatting. I must be late; no teenage body has been seen until I arrive at the school office. I walk inside the office and to the attendance lady or whatever they call the person who gives you tardy slips. The woman looks at me, and she gives a warm smile. "Hello, how may I help you today?" I look around the office. "Hi, I'm new here so I had some trouble finding the place. May I have a slip so I’m not tardy?" The women nods and writes my name down sending me to room 308. I open the door; first period class is Physics. "Welcome! Take a seat where you can find one. I look around and I see an empty seat by a boy. Dark Brown hair, freckles, dark green eyes, very tall. Just my taste. He looks at me, like he knows I’m going to sit by him. Well, I have been standing in front of the door for about a minute after the professor told me to take a seat. I sit next to him and I drop my back pack on the floor next to me.” Took you awhile to find a seat, when there was only one seat open…" he says. "I look at him, or maybe I’m just nervous coming to a new school?" He shrugs and starts to right in his journal. "You like to write in a journal?" I ask. "If you want to pass Physics...then yes." he laughs and continues to write. "Oh, were suppose to be taking notes?" I say. I throw my notebook on the desk and I start writing. "My names Jackson by the way, Jackson Ronald's." Jackson slightly smiles and looks at me. "Nice to meet you, my names Madeline, Madeline Roberts."
The classes pass by, and lunch arrives so kindly. Glad I brought my own lunch, because the lunch menu wasn't so appetizing. Greasy Pizza, cold hamburgers, and uncooked sausage. Sitting out in the front of the school, on the half way dead, half way living grass. Eating a bowl of un-cooked carrots with some ranch dressing. Someone pokes my back and I turn around, I guess Jackson couldn't get enough of me in Physics. "Mind if I eat with you." Jackson looks at me. "Oh no thanks, I'm a very independent person." Jackson throws my back pack behind me and sits in its spot. "Well, too bad, you need some friends." Jackson smiles. "Did you know that having no friends, could lead to someone going insane?" Insane...I wouldn't mind Jackson, not at all... It would take me out of reality or as I call it Prison. "Fine, only because I love your eyes, honestly I could look at your eyes all day." We both laugh and talk for awhile. Then lunch ended. We swapped numbers, shook hands and said goodbye.
I drive into my parking space at home, and there are about six other cars by my house. My dad was hanging out with some hunters, giving them some free beer and chit-chatting on the front porch. Should I go do my homework? Nah, I think I’ll go talk to Jeremy, I'm feeling fairly lonely right now, and Jeremy really knows how to turn a girl on. Even though he doesn't actually do anything to turn one on. My car door slams, and everyone on the front porch looks, of course I have to attract attention when I don't want it. "Madeline how was school sweet heart?" yells my dad. "If the definition of good to you is getting hit with a locker, looking stupid, and sweating like a goat then yes I had a wonderful day at school!" He smiles and talks with the hunters again. I roll my eyes and I walk over to Jeremy's house. Knock...Knock...Knock. I wonder why he's not answering, maybe he's working. I turn the knob, his door isn't locked. I open the door and i walk inside taking a look around, it smells like a campfire in here. Footsteps approach me and I turn around seeing Jeremy in the door way. "Oh, Jeremy your door wasn't locked so I figured you were here." I examine him and his left hand catches my eye. Blood covered his hand everywhere. My eyes widen. "Oh my god Jeremy, What happened?" I walk up to him and I grab his arm. Does he want me to look at it, because he's not pulling away. Jeremy lifts up his jacket to his elbow. His wrist was cut. "Jeremy you have to get stitches right away!" I demand. "I have a med kit in the bathroom." He looks behind him at his truck. "I'll go get it, and I’ll stitch you up. Just go sit on the couch."
Jeremy groans as I stitch his wrist. "What the hell did you do Jeremy?" Jeremy shakes his head. "I was out hunting and this guy ran up to me and cut me, well he tried to kill me." I look into Jeremy's eyes. "What did you do?" Jeremy looks deeply into my eyes and swallows a huge glob of spit. "You can't tell anyone Madeline..." I nod my head. "I won't, who do I have to tell?" Jeremy grabs both of my tiny wrists. "I...I killed him, his body is in the back of the truck, I’m going to dig the guy a grave somewhere." I try to pull away, but Jeremy is holding onto my wrists to tight to let go. "You can't tell anyone Madeline." I feel like my mind is taking control now, my body begins to tremble when he pulls me closer. "Or do I have to make you keep it between us?" Jeremy brings our body's close together and I rest my hand on his muscled chest, and I slide it up to his neck. Jeremy presses his lips to mine, all the sudden it felt like the world froze in time, and it was just me and him. The kiss continues as we let our bodies fall onto his leather couch, him on top in control of my body. Letting him move my body wherever he wants it. His blood staining my white blouse, from his wrist touching my side. "Stay with me tonight Madeline." I nod, and I take control of the lip motions.
His strong hands pulling at my hair and my nails digging into his sweaty tanned back make up smeared and my face sweaty. Lips chapped and Jeremy kissing my neck. Soft kisses made my body tingle even more, him teasing me with him barely touching my neck with his soft pink lips. Jeremy throws my body down onto the couch so I'm on my back. He covers me with a blanket, and he walks outside and out of my sight.

The author's comments:
This chapter is rated PG13 for language and some content in this story may not be suitable for some people under the age of 12

The Evil Man (Chap. 3) Death Unexplained

Blurry vision, arm hair sticking up, and my head is pounding. Every morning this is happening to me. My father told me when i was fifteen that i should talk to my doctor about it. I always told myself that it would get better on it's own.
"Well good morning Madeline, you slept well." Jeremy is sitting at the dining table eating pancakes with Rex, and drinking black coffee. Something was different about him. His neck, there was a bandge on it. A little blood stain made his neck stand out. Should i ask him about it? Or just ignore it and act like i didn't notice? "Hi, where did you go yesterday?" i question him. Jeremy bit his lip, I just went out for a little walk, I had to get my mind off of something." he said with a tremble in his voice. Jeremy takes a mouthful of Pancakes and drinks some of his coffee. "Then what happened to your neck?" The question pops out of my mouth like a firework. "I went out hunting, and i ran into a bear, it scratched my neck, Just Barry." Jeremy looks at me and plays around with his pancakes. "I don't think you should go to school today Madeline, honestly i think it's a big waste of time for you." I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean a waste of time for me?" I snap. "Whoa there girl, calm down. It was a suggestion." I get off the couch and i open the door. "I'll call you later." I say while walking off his porch to my house to get ready for school. I walk inside the house, my dad chatting with one of the hunters his was with yesterday. "Madeline! Where have you been? I have been worried sick!" My dad demanding an answer. "I was at Jeremy's house, we were watching movies and i accidentally fell asleep during the last movie." I actually lied to my father. I don't even remember the last time I lied to daddy.
In the bathroom, brushing my hair and tieng it into a bun, I walk downstairs to pack a lunch while brushing my teeth, still wearing the same outfit from yesterday. I stop right in the middle of the living room, and i look at the left side of my white blouse. The blood! I forgot that Jeremy got his blood on my blouse last night! I run back upstairs and i throw my toothbrush into the sink, i throw my shirt off and I hide it under my bed. In search of a new shirt, someone knocks on my opened door. "Ah, get out whoever you are, if you haven't noticed i don't have a shirt on!" i scream. "It's Jackson! I'll cover my eyes. he says with laughter in his voice. "Oh my god! I'm going to kill you!" i say struggling to put a blue long sleeved shirt on. "Literally or Mentally?" Jackson says joking around. I look at him and i roll my eyes. "How did you know I live here?" Jackson does some weird hand motions pointing downstairs. "I ran into your dad while walking to school, he asked me if I knew you and i said yes, so he told me to come here and say hi." Jackson looked left to right. "He didn't look so clean either if you know what i mean..." he whispers. "There's no one here besides me and you Jackson." I say with no expression on my face. "Well, that's my dad...him and his morning breakfast."
"Do you want i ride so you don't have to walk to school?" i ask politely. "I thought you would never ask." Jackson smiles and walks downstairs and out to the truck. I grab my bag and i sprint downstairs and outside to the truck. Little sprinkles of rain begin to drop from the smokey sky. I turn and look at Jeremy's house and i see him standing on his porch watching me. I wave and i raise in eyebrow. He waves back and walks to his backyard calling Rex, and they vanish down a trail. "Who was that Madeline?" Jackson asks. "Who, him? Oh that was Jeremy, he lives there." I sigh and i look at Jackson. "He's really nice, just don't get near him okay?" I tell Jackson. Jackson nods and hops into the passenger seat. I throw my bag in the back and i hop in the drivers seat turning on the engine and heading for school.
Taking a left from Trenton ave, two blocks from school. I look in the mirror in front of me, and i see the truck behind me. Jeremy was in it. I turn left and so does Jeremy. "What the...Is Jeremy following me?" I ask myself. "What, is that him in the truck behind us?" I nod and my eyebrows squint together. I drive to the curb and i hop out of the truck waving at Jeremy as he pulls to the curb behind my truck. I walk up to Jeremy's truck and he rolls down his window. "Are you following me Jeremy?" Jeremy sighs. "I had to see if you were okay, i don't want you to be angry with me over some ridiculous thing i said." Jeremy shakes his head. "I didn't know you cared about school so much, and i really wanted to get to know you more." I stare at Jeremy and i smile a little. "I'll come over after school tomorrow, I'm going to hang out with my friend Jackson after school to study at his house." Jeremy smiles and kisses my cheek. "Okay, I'll call you tonight to say goodnight." I nod and i walk back to my truck. "I'm coming over to your house today okay?" Jackson raises and eyebrow. "Says who?" he asks. "Me, because i already to Jeremy that i was, because he's starting to freak me out a little." I smile and I drive into the senior parking lot.
Walking to my locker with Jackson. "Well, maybe he likes you a lot?" Jackson says. "I take a long drink of my coffee. "I feel like Jeremy is going to make me super stressed." Jackson raises and eyebrow. "How so?" My shoulders drop in annoyance. "Well...First he told me I should skip school to stay with him and secondly he's following me around in his truck." I take another sip of my coffee. "It's creepy, and after awhile it gets annoying, just like in those movies!" I explain "You know when the guy stalks the girl and then the girl gets really annoyed and starts yelling at the guy, and then she loses the chance to have a really hot guy friend, and then have really cute big blue eyed blond babies." I pout with my bottom lip hanging out. "Madeline...Your being ridiculous, your like...acting like a teenage girl." I hit the back of my head with my locker. "Jackson...I am a teenage girl." Jackson rolls his eyes. "The younger version of a teenage girl, like around thirteen. When your just leaving middle school." He smirks, and i open my locker and fly it into his face, grabbing it before it hits him in the nose.
Leaving the building to drive over to Jackson's, with Jackson. Carrying pounds of homework. "Here, let me carry it." Jeremy grabs my homework and i get behind the wheel, while he puts everything in the back of my truck and gets in the truck. "Okay right when we get to my house, we have to work on our physics homework, or we will never hear the end of it from Mr.gape tomorrow. I nod, and my phone vibrates. It's Jeremy, I grab my phone and answer it. "Hello?" Hey, where are you? "I'm just about to leave school, and head of to Jackson's." Oh, alright...well *cough* I'll call you tonight. "Alright, i won't be home until like eleven." I say. I'll call you around eleven thirty okay? "Fine" I agree. Jeremy hangs up and I head for Jackson's place. "You live in one fancy neighborhood Jackson." I say. "That's what everyone says, sure the neighborhood is looking fine, but the people are just plain jerks." Jeremy sighs and he points what house he lives in. "The grayish one, with the Black Chevy, you can just park in front of the lawn." I do as I'm told and we walk up to his house and walk inside. The floor was marble and his whole house on the inside was white, almost everything was white. "Yeah, my moms favorite color is white, but some of those house is multi-colored." Jeremy laughs. "Your house looks amazing Jackson, I am oh so jealous of you." My eyes wide as i look at the ceiling, the chandeliers catching my eye. "Are those real diamonds on the chandeliers?" Jeremy nods, "Yes, my mom loves expensive things, and my dad loves my mom, So...there you have it."
Up in Jeremy's room, His walls are painted light brown, with a tan ceiling, plaid bed sheets, and a marble floor as well with the rest of the house. Flat screen TV on his wall, with a kings sized bed. I hop onto his bed and I lay out all of my homework. Physics, Tech 98, Calculus, and Honors Health. I didn't even know Honors health existed. "Physics can kindly kiss my anus." Jackson blurts out, braking the silence. I look up from my Physics book and I raise and eyebrow. "Through out the whole time we have been working, that's all I thought about. Where has your brain been?" I laugh and i write down my work for Physics. Say goodbye, bag in the back, cell phone in my hand and driving home. Should I just go to Jeremy's house again? Or should I try to Ignore him and see what happens. So many questions in my mind, it just wants to explode. I can feel the pressure, almost like a tumor growing in my brain, or venom numbing my brain. Jeremy's venom...Park in the same muddy spot, grab my bad and I run inside in hope Jeremy doesn't see me.
"Madeline, how was school today?" The voice wasn't my fathers...I turn around, It's Jeremy.
"What are you doing in my house Jeremy? Where is my dad?" Full of demand in my voice. Jeremy puts his hands up like he's been caught by the police. "Calm down, your dad let me in, besides he wanted to chat about hunting with me." Jeremy smiles, "He seems to have a real interest in hunting with other men." he explains. I look up at the ceiling. I walk up to Jeremy and i slap him right across the face. "Ouch! What was that for?" Jeremy's voice boiling with anger. "For scaring me, and for following me before school!" Jeremy shakes his head in despair. "I thought we were past this morning Madeline.." I throw my bag at the couch. "Well maybe you were, but i wasn't and I'm still not!" My voice raising. I don't know why I'm acting this way, but it feels really good right now and I'm going to continue with it, until...until i want to stop. "We only just met and you are already following me in the morning, was it because of what happened a few days ago?" I ask. "Or is it something else, what happened to your neck really Jeremy? If it was a bear you wouldn't be here right now!" I scream right in his face, still feeling good. Me popping all these questions out on him, I'm actually starting to feel bad now that i think about it. Maybe he's trying to protect me from something. Maybe there is some evil monster out to kill innocent young teenage girls. No Madeline! That's insane...Insane. There's that magic word that I tend to think about often.
Maybe i should say crazy? Instead of, I like the word insane, it lets me know that there is actually a me, I'm actually real...
"Just please calm down Madeline!" Yells Jeremy
"Then tell me the truth Jeremy!" I scream, tears coming out of my eyes.
"Fine, I got cut by a man with a knife on my neck, because I tried to kill him!" He yells
"I followed you to school because I didn't want him to hurt you, because i care about you Madeline, he saw you drive away and he knew that I liked you, so he smiled and ran off. This is why I'm all over you Madeline, there's a man that could be looking for you in revenge of what I did, and I don't want anything to happen to you!" Screamed Jeremy, breathing heavy.
My eyes wide open, tears drying up, but not to dry. Some escape because of the truth. I run up to Jeremy and I hug his body letting my tears fall into his clothing. He squeezes the life out of me making my body weak.
"I'm sorry...I didn't think that what actually..." Jeremy interrupts me,
"I know, it's alright Madeline..." says Jeremy
Complete silence takes over the old dark room, not cold...Warm actually, very warm. Jeremy is the warmth of this room right now. I don't want to let go, but then again I do...He tried to kill a man...I have to ask why he wanted to kill the man. My body is trembling with fear, but it's also making me fall with weakness in the knees, I just want him to hold me in his arms forever and let me just dangle there.
The door slams shut, I rip out of Jeremy's hug and I look behind me to see who shut the door. No one was there. My heart is pounding, and my arm hair is sticking up. Jeremy looks around and he bites his lip. "Your staying with me at my house tonight, and I won't take no for an answer." Jeremy grabs my hands and my bag dragging me to his house. He throws me in to his house and he shuts the door locking it behind him, closing all his blinds, turning every single light off in his house, and lighting candles next to us.
"Jeremy what's going on?" I ask nervously
"There's something I need to tell you, This part of Seattle isn't the best place to live. Many people died here and there spirits are haunting this part of Seattle, everywhere. You probably think I'm crazy, but I don't care if you do. You are not leaving my side."
"Your right, I do think your crazy. Now tell me what's really going on..."
Jeremy slants his head down and shakes his head.
"You have to believe me..."
Somewhere in the house, the sound of glass breaking fills my ears, and needles are what my body is feeling at this very moment. Glass going through my back and piercing my skin. The window behind me somehow exploded on it's own, with nothing to set it off.
"What the hell was that!"
I run over to Jeremy and he throws me behind him, glass pierced in his left cheek, blood running down his face, he grabs a pocket knife from the dining table. Right when I turn to my right something attacks me. It's black, fingers as long as twigs on a dead tree, digging scratches into my left cheek. Before the thing could finish it's fun Jeremy sliced it hand off and the thing screams, making both of our ears bleed. The thing runs and jumps out of the broken window disappearing into the dark woods of Seattle.
Jeremy falls to my side and he grabs a bottle of alcohol and dunks it on my face. I scream form the burning sensation the alcohol is causing. Tears streaming out of my eyes and onto Jeremy's bloody arms.
"It's okay Madeline, your safe now."
I whimper as Jeremy comforts me, Myself paralyzed with fear of what only happened a few moments ago, I must sleep...I have to get this off my mind for at least a little while.
"That's right, Just rest Madeline...Shh...Calm down and rest." Jeremy whispers in my ear.

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