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A Lone Wolf's Home

October 30, 2013
By Elspeth, Pekin, Illinois
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Elspeth, Pekin, Illinois
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Every hello is the prologue to an unfortunate ending so as people we must create as many stories as we can!

Author's note: I really enjoy supernatural stories and wanted to give it a try:)

The author's comments:
this story is written in two separate schools in Japan - Seihou and Oki Shimamae. Yuudai Nakamura and Yuuka Warikash go to Seihou. Miyuki Tsuyo, Shin Natsume, and Seiji Arakaki go to Oki Shimamae.

The start of another school year begins, and with it many new memories. The pink blossoming trees in the spring are said to bring love to once life. So when they finally blossomed I was standing in the middle of 39 guys and holding a very important item in my left hand- a pencil. And this was the greatest place I have ever been, looking back at the moments I had in those two years they made me who I am today. So it may not mean a lot to you but I believe the most important things in life are not where we go, who we become, or how we get somewhere. I believe it is the people we meet and those who teach us to be who we become in the end that counts.

This is not a simple story nor is it a happy one, but while lying here I found myself thinking of those years and all the things those fools had done and made me do. So this one is for all of you, as a parting gift from me. With only a few days left I wanted to create something that you all have to enjoy together. So this is for all of you- Arakaki-sempai and Natsume-sempai, please don't argue when reading this, my decision is mine alone and I really love our class. So here goes everything.

----Oki Shimamae High School: 2 years ago--------

"Sempai! Do you have a minute?" A girl asked, not very uncommon and she would also be turned down by Natsume-sempai.

"What!?" a half sneer and half grumble came from his throat.

"Well I was hoping you would go out with me." Her checks got redder as she asked. Though she already knew the answer she still asked him.

"Why?" His question must have startled her because her jaw feel open.

"Why? Because." she thought for a moment.

"If you don't know why then don't waste my time with trivial matters." He turned around and left her in the halfway to cry. Thought I believe men shouldn't make girls or women cry, Sempai had I very good reason to deny her. He doesn't come off as the 'nice guy' type but if you know what I know it seems more kind then saying yes. The thing we have in common- both of use can tell what people really want from observing them.

I don't know if you know but when you observe people you learn more than when you socialize with them. I have an bad habit of not talking to people so no one notices my existence. Well that is with everyone except class 2-A. The class I transferred into at midterm. A class that had 39 guys and a male teacher. I was put in the class by mistake but the teacher had no complaints so they left it. Their is one problem with this class- half of the guys are athletes and the other half are delinquents. Natsume-sempai is the leader of the school's gang and Arakaki-sempai is the school's pride and joy in both athletes and testing. When I first started attending school here I was caught in the middle of world war 3, or so it felt like. Natsume and Arakaki were always competing with each other, grades, sports, food, even the number of confessions within a week. It humored me for a few days but soon became boring.

My school life was nothing special, class then walk home alone, that was until I did something really stupid. It was in the middle of the second semester. I had gone to the roof- students aren't allowed up there so it was the best place- I was hoping to work on some manga prints. It was there that my high school life changed completely.

Meanwhile in...

I don’t get this? Why the hell do I even come to this damn school? You would think I would just drop out but that isn’t possible.

I either go to school or get kicked out- school it is then.

I don’t even like the walk, if anything I’d prefer riding the train but I suppose she wouldn’t be on it would she?

If case you were wondering who the person you are listening to ramble his thoughts on and on. My name is Yuudai; Yuudai Nakamura.

In middle school I beat up a high scholar and sent him into intensive care so everyone in my grade created a nickname for me. So know everyone calls me Makai Oni

The Demon from Hell: freshmen of Seihou High School.

I honestly hate this part of school the most!

"Hey isn't that...?" "I can't believe our principle let someone like HIM in this school." "I really hope he isn't in my class." "I'm to scared to even look at him."

"Move." This is all I had to say for these retarded morons to get out of my way. It's nice to have a clean shot to the entrance gate. Though I wouldn't have minded at least one person saying 'good morning' to me or even looking at me.

I scanned for my name on the bulletin board. Room 2-B; I didn't do to bad on my entrance exams than. I'd explain the way the classes are set up in this school but its to much of a pain.

In front of me was the most interesting, and amusing sight. I girl was jumping up and down trying to find her name- logically speaking she would of had a better chance going around.

"What your name?" I asked tapping her shoulder.

She turned and looked up- natural auburn red hair and green eyes-not that hazel color but actually green, rare for a Japanese person.

She's stuttering? "Yuu?"

"Yuuka." "Last name?" I asked looking for the name Yuuka on the board

"Warikashi" "Yuuka Warikashi, room 2-" I really didn't plan on being known for helpfulness, but someone in my class is even worse.

"Which letter?" "B"

She bowed at 90% thanked me and walked toward the main hall.

Just what I needed a short girl with a cut... No her smile was not cute no no no! Either way I just have to ignore her and things will stay the way they are.

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