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The Demon-Angel

June 3, 2019
By Kelsey101, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Kelsey101, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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This teenage girl, half-demon, half-angel is stuck between two worlds.

She is meant to pick the angel or demon side when she turns 16, but the only problem is that she meets someone and he gets thrown into the mix between demons and angels.

This “simple” teenage girl is supposed to calm the sides of heaven and hell, but this boy throws her decisions into chaos. Now she is rethinking everything she has believed and thought.

If she picks heaven, she becomes a angel with a  demon mark, if she picks hell, she becomes a demon with an angel mark, but if she picks Earth- what happens then? What will she pick, heaven, hell, or humans?

Katie D.

The Demon-Angel

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