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The keepers

June 8, 2019
By MollyHeath06, Cornwall, Other
MollyHeath06, Cornwall, Other
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I have been stranded now on this island for who knows how long. It could have been days, week or months, isolated from the rest of civilisation. Each evening I hunt for small animals like fish or just pick fruit out of the trees. But this evening I'm perched by the roaring fire. The cold just bearable and the winds nipping at my skin where it can. It's so quiet, everything unusually... still. I have this feeling someone, something is watching me; it makes nervous and extra cautious. I decide to stand up and wonder away from the warmth that cocoons me. I wonder into the towering woods and hear a twig snap! I look around frantic and I meet someone wild, predatory eyes. I take off in the opposite direction of the stream which I've claimed. I'm struggling to breath like the thing that was watching was steeling my air. I look around for the thing which possessed the glowing eyes but before I can pivot a full circle, I'm hit hard and the lonely, unforgiving darkness consumes me.

Molly H.

The keepers

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