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The keepers

June 8, 2019
By MollyHeath06, Cornwall, Other
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MollyHeath06, Cornwall, Other
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I have been stranded now on this island for who knows how long. It could have been days, week or months, isolated from the rest of civilisation. Each evening I hunt for small animals like fish or just pick fruit out of the trees. But this evening I'm perched by the roaring fire. The cold just bearable and the winds nipping at my skin where it can. It's so quiet, everything unusually... still. I have this feeling someone, something is watching me; it makes nervous and extra cautious. I decide to stand up and wonder away from the warmth that cocoons me. I wonder into the towering woods and hear a twig snap! I look around frantic and I meet someone wild, predatory eyes. I take off in the opposite direction of the stream which I've claimed. I'm struggling to breath like the thing that was watching was steeling my air. I look around for the thing which possessed the glowing eyes but before I can pivot a full circle, I'm hit hard and the lonely, unforgiving darkness consumes me.

I heard the groaning of the trees first then peeled back my eye lids slowly, painfully to see everything hanging off the edge of the earth. I was dripping wet and it took me a moment to register that it was sweat. I looked down to see angry, red flames trying to grab me. I started to panic noticing that my hair was burning; the fingertips of the flames brushing up against it. I didn't know what to do I was tied at me hands and feet and barely clothed the thing that had took me clearly didn’t want my leathers sticking to me as it ate me bone and all. I knew that I was either going to die from the blood rushing up into my head or the dancing flames lighting me up, turning me into a beacon for every monster lurking in the shadows. My breaths started to come faster than I anticipated I was stuck I was going to die and not in a pleasant was either.
Stop it! shouted a voice in my head. What can you see? What can u hear? Find a weapon or a sharp object to set you free. But don't give up it's not your time yet. And then I figured it out the voice in my head it wasn't random it was my mother's voice. Before she passed away, when I was 8 years old, she uses to tell me if I was ever stuck or didn't know what do just do the things I did know. And I most certainly didn't have any ideas of how to get out of this situation but I did know how to hunt. The way the trap had been set was like one of my snares just a little different but not so much that I couldn't disarm it.
I looked around for the object the rope was attached to and saw is was about 10 feet away from me. Whoever set this trap was clever and didn't put it in my arm length. I tried to swing but it was painful especially with my hands bound together.
I looked up to see a sharp end of a branch where it had been snapped then I looked back down only to see the fire still snapping at my hair, I hadn't cut it in 5 years so it was Long and curly. It was a risk what I was about to do but if I did it right, I would reach that broken branch and hopefully escape.
So, I started swinging back and forth, back and forth. My hair sizzling in protest where the fire burned it. I had quite good core muscles mostly because I spent my time perched in a tree or swing from branch to branch after prey with my bow and arrows attached to my back. I would give everything up to be back there right now in my fluffy, thick cloak. My braided hair beating my back like a drum as I ran through the forests with the sun shining in my face.
But I wasn't so I kept on commanding my torso muscles to curl in on themselves to get me into a swinging motion. I was so close, nearly there just one more swing and then- I got it. I managed to slip the snapped branch through the small space of where my hand and the rope met feeling my wrist scream in pain as the branch placed itself into my skin and snapping the rope in two. I sighed in relief but didn't let myself rest for one minute. now that my hands were free, I could reach the branch above my head.
I gripped onto it and twisted myself on it until I was in a sitting position. I looked at the knot that bound my feet together and frowned. It wasn't just one knot, is was a series of knots. some I knew others... not so much.
I got to work quickly on the knots for I didn't know when my captor would come back or if he would to be honest, I think he thought I would die and so did I. I was almost done just two knots left, two knots I don't know or ever come across. I pulled on what looked like a release rope but I was wrong the rope tightened and dug into my skin so much no it drew blood. This wasn't working, I was getting nowhere.
The branch I'm dangling on was very thin but then again so am I, especially seen as I have been living on fish and fruit since I have been on this island. I stood up (or as standing up I could get) and places the branch on the rope in between my bound feet. The pain was excruciating but I had to find a sharp stone or something.
Slowly I ease into a back bend, ignoring the stiffness in my back, and grip the branch with my hands. I flip my feet over my head trying to land softly so the branch doesn't snap. I land perfectly with my back up against the trunk of the tree. I shuffle around so I can wrap my hands around the tree but as I look down, I realise it's a massive drop down, down, down.
I start panicking and figured out my best solution I was to jump. But jumping about 8 feet was sure to end in a broken bone especially when this rope was just mere centimetres in the middle of my ankles. However, I could still run with a broken bone even if it was not very far, I would need to get some distance in between me and my predator.
My life or a broken bone? A broken bone or my life? I debated my options only long enough to register I still wanted to do things with my life. Have my first kiss, get married, have kids and I wanted to do all that before I died. So, I jumped.
The pain was blinding. I bit down on my bottom lip, drawing blood, to stop myself from screaming. Tears rushed to the surface running down my cheeks one after another. The throbbing in my foot was indescribable. The crunching and snapping of my bones were alarming. But I didn't have time to examine it I started to run, speed walking-slash-limping actually, as fast as I could the next step more painful than the last.
I was never going to get off this island no matter how fast I limped to try and find a way, anyway off. To go back to my malodorous, half sunken village. Back to the house and life I hated so much, having to hunt every single day and sometimes night if my father was in a foul mood. Back to the place I feared the most. And then I realised it wasn't worth it- I wasn't worth it. Going back would mean the glooming eyes of boys, the beating of my father and sisters when I did something wrong. There was nothing left for me, I was so stupid to think I could find love at best I would be sold to a nice man but that was never going to happen was it? So I just lay down and waited for death to catch me in its net of darkness.

"How much longer is she going to be out for?" I opened my eyes into slits and I think I am in heaven. The most dreamy man was standing next to me. "Not much longer hopefully, she is doing good. however she has a comminuted fracture near her knee cap and calf as well as a avulsion fracture in her lower part of her ankle."
"A what now?" Both their heads wipped towards me the docters eyes widened but I could only focus on the beautiful, emerald green eyes of a person I did not know. "Hi I'm Mateo Navarro and this," he said gesturing to the man on his right, "is Docter Dylan Howell." I put out my hand for the doctor to shake but I noticed a white bandage rapped around it. And then at my legs they were both casted up one on my right ankle and one on my left calf going up to my knee."So what is a avulsion fracture and a comminuted fracture then?" Mateo looked to the doctor, "Well a comminuted fracture include breaking of bone or bones into several smaller pieces. This can happen when a great deal of pressure has been forced on the leg or by jumping from great heights. And an avulsion fracture is the breaking of bones into several smaller pieces and then completely breaking it off from the main bone part. This can be caused by over streched ligoments or tendons and again a lot of presure." the doctor explained while managing to get half his salva over me.
"Ok. So what am I doing her ? Because this-" I looked around myself at the bed I was in, the heart moniter, the steel table next to me "is not a hosbitle. So where am I and what do you want?"

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