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Love story

May 2, 2021
By KylieRose24, New York, New York
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KylieRose24, New York, New York
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“Tonight was so much fun.” Jasmine voiced

“I know I’m glad you had fun.” I responded


Jasmine and I have been together for about a year and a half. We go on random dates and we never know when it's always a surprise. Tonight we went out to the pier and hungout and played games. 

“Where to now?” She questioned me

“We are going to the summertop to get milkshakes and then……..” 

“Nate, where are we going.” 

“Not telling.”

We got in the car and we were jamming out to music since it was a 15 minute drive to the summertop. We both were smiling and just living the best lives. We arrived at the summer top and ordered milkshakes. I got the double chocolate chip shake and Jasmine got the cookies and creme. We sat down for a few minutes since we ran into a few friends.

“Hey what are you guys up to?” Mike asked 

“Just got back from the pier and now we are going somewhere but Nate won’t tell me. What about you? ” Jasmine voiced as she tugged my arm

“Going to the movies with Nikki” 

“Have fun well you later.”

“See ya.”

We were off to the park to star gaze it was only five minutes down the road.Little did we know the night was gonna take an unexpected turn of events.


It all goes black and now it looks like he's back at the night that changed his life. They were waiting at the intersection right before the park. They were getting ready to turn since it was clear and it was their turn.A huge tractor trailer rammed straight into their car and then next thing he knew he was in a hospital bed screaming as  nurses rushed over to him.

“Calm down sir it’s okay.”

“Whhere is she.” Nate asked in a shaky voice


“Who?” The nurse asked


The room fell silent and Jake seemd to get more and more worried 

“Honey she's….” 

“Been moved to a different hospital where they can take better care of her.” The other nurse seem to have cut the first nurse off  


Four weeks later I got to leave the hospital and go home.Mike picked me from the hospital and once we got to my place and I relaxed I asked him if he could take me to see Jasmine. I felt the air in the room drop and Mike looked like he just saw a ghost.

“What is it”

“Buddy let’s sit down.”

We sat down and it took Mike a few minutes to begin speaking.


“Your car accident was bad and they rushed Jasmine to the hospital first but… It looks like she was pronounced dead once they got there.”

“Nooo Nooo.” I fell to the floor crying 

A few hours of sitting on the floor went by Mike stayed there the whole time he made sure I had some water and just let me cry.

Mike picked me up and put me on the couch and turned on a movie.He also made me pizza because I guess he knows I haven’t eaten and I probably won’t eat.


Two weeks have passed and Today is the day of the funeral. Her parents had planned it and set everything up Mike and Nikki came over and we were all gonna go together. Two hours I guess and the funeral was over. She’s gone and I can’t believe what am going to do. I decided to go to the liquor store.


I went home and just sat on the couch to drink and then It all started to come back to me that awful night. Little did I know the next thing I would be doing is getting in my car and going back to the scene of the sight. I stomped my foot hard on the gas and knew that there was no  looking back from here. As I was spinning around the coroner I heard cop sirens and the night started to become more visual and I stomped back on my break.

“Hello Sir?” There was a cop trying to wake me up 

“Ehhhhh.” Is the only thing I could get out

“I need you to get out of your vehicle your under arrest.”

Without any hesitation I proceed to stumble out of my car and into the back of the cop car. I spent five nights in prison until they called me over to an office. Mike sat there along with an officer.

“Nate welcome we were just discussing your court date.” Officer Wentez went on to say once i entered

“Umm okay.”

“It's in a few days so you can go home until then your friend Mike knows the rest of the details.”

“Thank you.”  

We drove back to my place and It was okay, kinda awkward since I didn’t feel like hearing anything from Mike. I don't know if he was gonna say anything or it was me who just didn't wanna talk.Time went by and we talked here and there like just to see what we wanted to eat or how we were? 

“Hey Nate can we talk?”

“Yeah what’s up?”

“How are you honestly? And why did you leave the house when you were drunk?”



“Buddy no one has been waiting for you to admit it…..” Mike said trying  to reassure me

I think he had something else to say but he didn’t. Later on that night I sprung an Idea.

“Hey Mike!” 

“Yeah what's up.”

“Let’s play all the old video games we use to play and eat and play bored games and forget about this for a few hours.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

We went to the store and got everything and then started to play and eat. Mike beat me at Sorry and Mario Kart but then I won all rounds off sonic racer and sorry.  I honestly don’t remember falling asleep that night and I was woken up by the sound of Nikki’s voice along with Mike’s since today was the morning of court.

“He needs help.” Nikki whispered

“I know but I wanna be there for him.” Mike replied back 

I got up since I couldn’t deal with them whispering.I sat up and it was all going to hell from here. Mike came out when he heard me.

“What’s wrong?” 

“I heard you saying I need help. NO I DON”T.” I walked into the bathroom slamming the door.

We arrived at court and it all looked scary. I had to talk with a lawyer and he said just to plead guilty and we entered the courtroom. 

“How do you plead?” The judge asks 

“Guilty your honor.” 

“Alright you must go to AA and go see a therapist.”


‘Excuse me sir.”

“You all think I’m crazy but I just lost my girlfriend in a tragic accident.”

“We understand but you were found drunk driving.”

“And I’m fine no one was injured.”

“You stop talking or I will make your life a living nightmare.”

We all walked out and headed to the parking lot. I decided to walk home because I just need to clear my head cause I couldn’t believe that these people think that I need to go to therapy and AA I’m fine.

   “Good morning Nate.” Mike voiced

“Hey, what time are we leaving?”

“ nine-thirty so in like twenty minutes.”

“Okay thanks for driving me.”

“Yeah do you still want me to go with you tonight?”

“If you want to.” 

In the therapist's office 

“Hi Nate I’m Sarah.” She said as she shook my hand 


“I’m just gonna talk for a little bit then ask you a few questions.”

I shook my head and she did exactly as she said she would do. She started off with a few basic questions like my favorite color and stuff like that.

“What do you miss most about your girlfriend?”

It felt like all the air had been taken from me. I wanted to cry, I just wanted to fall apart again. I did start to cry and she handed my some tissues 

“I miss how she always made me laugh and feel safe.”

“That’s good most people just walk out or something.”

“Well I’m trying to change that.” 

The session ended and Mike and I decided to go to the beach with some old friends and hangout until I had to go to AA tonight.

                                      Later on that night at AA

Everyone went around introducing themselves and saying their names and how they were alcoholics. Now it's my turn so I stood up 

“Hi I’m Nate and I’m not an alcoholic but everyone thinks I am.”

The instructor who was running the meeting decided to chime in. “The first step is always to admit it.” 

I just rolled my eyes and sat through the rest of the meeting because I knew I shouldn’t be there. Life went on. I went to therapy twice a week and I was actually doing better with life in general. We go back and meet with the judge later to determine if I still have to go to AA and therapy. 


                          The five year anniversary of the crash 


It’s been five years and I’m happier than ever. I meet the love of my life and now we're engaged. We moved to San Francisco and now we came back to Beverly Hills to visit the family. We made a stop at the cemetery to visit Jasmine. I caught her up on everything and introduced her to Rose. Right before I got in the car I heard Jasmine's voice.

“I’m glad that you're happy she seems like a good one.” 

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