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Sunset and Sunrise Lovers

January 30, 2022
By Anonymous

Author's note:

This is my first story overall.

Sunset and Sunrise Lovers

One morning as the sun rose the sky filled with beautiful colors such as oranges, reds, and even light blues since the beautiful colors of the morning would fade into a baby blue sky making it known that morning was here. Until at one point the sun would start to set causing the sky to change as it faded from blue to purples, pinks, and even some orange, as those faded out the sky faded into a dark blue night sky with the moon ever so clear in the sky with stars twinkling around it. That cycle continued until the sunrise spoke “It’s so boring to do the same thing over and over again.” they said, just then another person started to talk “I know what you mean it gets even more boring during the actual day since there’s no one to really talk to besides when I go down.”. As the colors looked around for a few they finally saw who was talking, and when they did they screamed in surprise, “THE SUN?! Wait wait let me introduce myself. Hello! I'm Rose.”, they said as soon as they calmed down enough to talk to the sun. In which the sun wasn’t surprised at the reaction they actually just chuckled and spoke again, “Yes, yes hello Rose.”.  As that morning went on Rose and the sun talked until Rose faded away and the sun rose up into the sky, soon the sun started to set as the sky turned into beautiful purples, pinks, oranges and some blues. As the sun set the colors started to talk, “Hello sun.”, said the colors as the sun replied “Hello Michael.”, “Hey sun, is there another one like me?”. Micheal asked, the sun said “Why yes there is, you have to have a sunrise right?”, “Yea.” said Micheal. As they went silent Micheal finally spoke “Could you tell me about them?”, “Why of course!” said the sun. “Well their name is Rose, they are the sunrise colors. They’re kinda new to the whole talking thing since they never have really talked out loud, so when they did today I kinda scared them.” the sun said, “Can you tell me more about them like their backstory kinda?” asked Micheal, “Yup” said the sun. “Well Rose is like you but instead of having calming colors they are very hyper and energetic so they got the bright reds, oranges, and yellows. So they became the sunrise for people to wake up and see those bright colors saying “Hey it’s morning wake up!”, but they are so nice, no matter what they are very kind!”, the sun explained. Micheal didn’t say anything; they just sat there and listened to the sun talk and imagined what Rose looked like, but that came to an end when the sun went away and they faded into the night sky. The next morning the sun came up and so did Rose. As they sat there and talked, Rose asked “Can you tell me about the other one?”. The sun was surprised at first but soon said “Sure!”. “Micheal is their name and they are the sunset so their colors are more calm and cool toned unlike yours, Micheal has been talking to me since day one of when we first met, so I do know a lot about them, like how they got their colors to be the sunset. He’s very calm, and usually talkative but can be quiet but it all depends on how they feel since they can go from talkative to extremely quiet the next. Overall they are very kind and generous.”, The sun said, Rose then just faded into the baby blue sky imagining what Micheal looks like. As the cycle continued Rose asked “Do they ask about me a lot?” and the sun replied “Not really, they ask things here and there.”, Rose looked upset but shook it off as she is determined to make it a good day without any rain or clouds in the sky. That night the sun was talking to Micheal and said “Rose asked me if you ask about them a lot in which I told them you don’t since you don’t really ask anything about them.”, Micheal sighed and said “I’m trying to figure out what to ask about Rose. They seem so interesting that it’s hard to pick what questions I should ask.”. The sun nodded with understanding then said “I’ll answer anything you want me to.”, and with that Micheal asked “How are they so energetic to keep those bright colors throughout the morning?”, sun replied “Well it comes naturally for them as they are supposed to be bright, but there are some days that they are more dull and that's usually when there's clouds or rain.”. The sun faded away and Micheal faded into the dark blue sky with the moon and stars. The next morning Rose was brighter than usual and the sun said “Well you’re very happy, what happened?”. Rose replied with “I’m going to figure out a way to see Micheal, I just don’t know exactly how yet.”, the sun went quiet until they spoke up and said “Well they don’t wanna see you, in fact they don’t really like the thought of how bright you are.”. Now the sun knew this was a total lie but they couldn’t let Rose see Micheal. Rose stopped smiling and slowly started to dim down, almost turning gray, but not fully, as soon as the sun realized what they said they immediately regretted it, seeing how upset Rose became. As the day faded in clouds started to roll in as it started to rain, Rose faded into the gray sky not to be seen or heard before they faded away. At night the sky was clear, no clouds to be seen as Micheal sat there talking to the sun, Micheal spoke up and asked “How’s Rose?”, the sun replied nervously “They’re okay, why do you ask?” Micheal said “Well there was a lot of rain today as I can see from all the water on the ground.”. The sun blurted out “I TOLD THEM THAT YOU DIDN’T WANNA SEE THEM AND THAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE THE THOUGHT OF HOW BRIGHT THEY WERE!”, after that Micheal went quiet… Until they said “You. Did. WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU!”Micheal looked at the sun with fire in their eyes and the sun said “I’M SORRY THEY WERE TRYING TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET TO YOU AND SEE YOU!” Micheal screamed back “AND?! WHY DOES THAT MATTER?!”. The sun went quiet as Micheal was fading away into the sky and the sun disappeared into the night as well. The next sunrise Rose stayed quiet and soon the sun spoke up, “Rose..I’m sorry for what I said yesterday and to be truthful Micheal does want to see you, they love the thought of seeing how bright you are.”, Rose was quiet before saying “Really?..”, the sun just hummed a yes, “So is there any way I could see them?” Rose asked, the sun sighed “Yes there is but I don’t know how well it will play out.” Rose blurted out “I don’t care!Just tell me!”The sun just sighed and said “You need to stay in the sky as I rise up into the sky, the same will need to be done for Micheal but their colors will have to show up in the sky instead of just staying in the sky.” Rose smiled and said “YES!”. That night the sun told Micheal the same thing that they had told Rose and it was set they would do the plan the next day. The next day rolled around and the sun told Rose the plan and Rose agreed, so Rose stayed in the sky as the sun rose up and then Micheal started to appear in the sky. As soon as Rose saw Micheal and then Micheal saw Rose they immediately embraced each other and the colors of the both of them mixed together in the sky making a beautiful gradient of oranges, reds, and purples. Soon Rose and Micheal kept meeting any chance they had to and soon enough they were able to be together, the sun was happy that they were finally able to see each other and all the people down below wondered what was happening in the sky but they didn’t care since it was a beautiful sight to see in the sky as the colors fused together in the sky as Rose and Micheal were just happy to finally find each other.

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