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September 22, 2023
By niab, St.louis, Missouri
niab, St.louis, Missouri
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Aron Reid a college professor, married, and happy; until Amara came along. He never felt so deeply for a woman. Her sweet smile that made his stomach turn and how her gorgeous curls framed her face. He forgot about his wife and paid more attention on Amara. 

Amara, A college student majoring in psychology. Focused on nothing more than her major, no boys, no nothing. Living a calm life; until Aron came along. She swooned over him, and fell for him, hard. 

He had a wife; he was just reminded of that during a meeting with Amara.   Amara. Not to mention his wife, Veronica, who absolutely hates her. She would do anything to get Amara away from her husband, she would manipulate, she would gaslight, she would even lie.  

Shania B.


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