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July 23, 2011
By AutomaticLoveletter, Jonesboro, Georgia
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AutomaticLoveletter, Jonesboro, Georgia
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Author's note: I hope thisstory has you on the Edg of your seat Looking for more!

i walked into my room Dog tired,I had been working all day,with no sleep everyday for the past month.It's summer vacation. I set down my purse, and Laid down on my bed. "ahh" i said.

Knock Knock when my door. "Who is it?" I said. "Chris.." i freaked out. i slowly got up and locked the door. "What do you want?" i asked Slowly. "To have some fun" he said Flirty. I breathed Silently hard. "Well,You Can't come in..." i said.

He Sounded like he got mad. "Young Lady you better open this door right now!" i unlocked it. Chris was mom's boyfriend...He has problems. i sat down on my bed. He Came and Sat next to me."Chris...Please don't do it..." He Pulled at my shorts,and i scooted over to a corner next to my bed. "Come on..." he said.

"Please leave..." i said. He slapped me. I started crying. "DO WHAT I SAY" he said. "I can't.." i said back. He Slapped me again. "Okay....I'm sorry!" i said.

"Now go get ready" he said. i went to my bathroom. i took my clothes off,and Put up my hair. I put on my lip gloss,blush,mascara and eyeliner. I put my underwear and bra back on.i walked out to my room."That's better..." he said. He Put his hand to my face.

"You look amazing...and i can't wait..." He said. "Your sick" i said back. He Put his lips on mine and pushed me down. He striped down my Underwear,and had some fun. i cried and screamed. "STOP IT!!" over and over. He didn't stop. "Baby,I see how you look at me..." he said. I cried.I pushed him off of me,he fell down."GET OFF OF ME YOU PERV!" i yelled. "I'll stop" he said. I put my clothes back on. He Grabbed my face and kissed me again.

"Goodbye" he said. I cried. He walked out. i ran to the door and locked it. I fell to the ground and cried my eyes out. I looked around. i opened my door and waited until Chris left. i snuck into my mom's room,Who was sleeping.

"Mom..." i said. She woke up. "Yeah?" she said. "Chris did it again..." i said. "Oh honey, Stop Lying. Ive told you over and over to stop that" she said."I can't live here anymore...I'm gonna leave and never comeback."

i said. she had fallen back asleep. i ran back into my room,closed the door and locked it. I opened my drawers and Took out my clothes and packed them into a Gym bag.

I picked up my teddy bear and opened my window. I stepped onto the stairs and ran down them.Once i hit the ground, i ran. I lived in New Jersey,and it's not safe to walk the streets alone. Not by your self at least.

I was pretty too,That's bad. I walked quickly through the streets.I was trying to get to the train station.I heard a bike behind me. "Hey Baby..." one Guy said. "I'm Sixteen Perv" i said to him.

He laughed. "Why don't you come home with me?" he said.I laughed. "You know it's gonna be real hard to ride that bike with my foot shoved up your A**" i said. i walked faster. He rode his bike up next to me."At least tell me why your out so late" he said."I'm running away." i said quietly. He stopped.

"what's your name?" he said. "I cant tell you" i said. Why Not?" he said."Because i don't give my information out to complete Strangers" i said."Well,Can i give you a lift to where ever your going?" He asked "I don't Trust you" i said. "Can i ride next to you?" he asked. "Whatever." i said."Okay" he smiled. "Where almost there anyway" i said.

"Where are we going?" he asked. i stopped."I'M going to the subway.Your Staying here" i said."Come on,You know it ain't safe to walk these streets alone." I walked down the stairs. "bye" i said. "Come on... You really want to get killed?" he said back.

"HEY YOU!!!!!" a familiar voice said. "Oh No..." i said. "What..What's wrong?" he asked. "Okay,You can come with me...but you have to RUN" i said. "What?" he said. "He rapes me...It's not safe back where i live. My mom never notices cause she's always high.." i said. We Ran down the stairs.Chris followed.

We caught a dead end. "Crap Crap Crap Crap!!!" i screamed.I Hid behind him. "I'm Scared." I whispered "Don't be." he said. Chris came up to him. "Hand her over!" he said. "She isn't Like Money or paper" he said back. Chris pushed him away from me. "Your coming with me!" he screamed. I started crying.

"Help me" i mouthed.He got up and punched Chris in the face. "Run!" He said. He didn't have to,I already was.As Chris Fell back holding his throbbing eye,He ran too. I waited for him. He came up to me. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah..Thanks..." i said.

"What's your name?" i asked. "Jett Jonson" he said. "I trust you a little more now..." i said. As we jumped on the subway. "I'm Skyler" i smiled. We sat down."Wow,Jett and Skye...Nice.." Jett Said. i giggled. "So you want to be a runaway with me? I'm Not staying in New york" i said. "I don't have to be a runaway,I don't have anyone anyways" he said,then said "where are you going to go? I'll go anywhere"

"California." i said. "Wow...How you plan on getting there?" He asked Buses,Subways,Trains.I have money." i said. "What?" he said. "Ive had a job since i was 13.They hired me under the table.I worked at Kings Table" i said."I have about 1000,Ive been saving every penny.I also have another five hundred. I used to have a lemonade stand when i was 5 through ten" i said.

"Dang Girl.." Jett said.I smiled. "For What it's worth,I'm Glad you came with me" i said.He smiled. "So Your an Orphan?" i asked. "Yeah..My Mom Died in a drive by,when i was little.My Dad Died when i was. i was about 10 when i knew i had no one.The Foster homes i was going to..." he said.

"Oh..I'm So sorry...If it helps I've never met my dad..or anyone else in my family." i said. "this is all i have of him..." he looked at me. i was pointing to my eyes. "I look alot more like my mom..But,She used to say my eyes were his" i said.

He smiled. "There Pretty" he said."So are yours" i said quietly. "How old are you?" he said. "16,Why?" i said. "I just wanted to make sure it was legal" he said. i giggled "To do what?" i said. He kissed me. I bit my lip.

"What's wrong" he said. "I-i C-cant F-fall. I don't know you..." i said looking at my hands. "I'm sorry...Can we be friends? I don't want to push you.." he said sadly. i felt bad. "But i do like you..." i said. He smiled. "I'm Just not ready to trust you.." i said.

He frowned. "I understand...with a guy like that,i see why you'd think all guys are jerks." i laid down. "I'm tired.." i said. He kept talking. I guess i fallen asleep to his voice. He looked at me. At least i felt him look at me.

I probably shivered because he put his coat over me. I felt his smile..i heard his voice.."She's beautiful..." I heard him pacing back and forth...As if to wonder what he was going to do. He looked at me again...I must have drifted off,because that was the last thing i remember happening.

I woke up and noticed,Jett next to me. I smiled,"Hey" i whispered. He woke up. "Good morning." he smiled. "Were in New york." i said.I Grabbed my bag,I'm So glad they started putting bathrooms in these things.

I pick out an outfit and went to the bathroom and washed up. I put on heavy eyeliner and light blush.I Decided to wear a Dress today. I have no idea way,but i put on my mothers dress. She used to wear it when she wasn't so messed up.

It was blue and white and fluffy. i wore my black and white converses with it.After brushing my hair i came out. Justin stared at me. i looked down "It's to much..isn't it?" i said feeling small. "No,You just" he said

"I don't...I'm not that pretty,Really" i said. "I only wore this because it reminds me of when i was little..when things weren't so complicated and mixed up." i said. I looked at him. "You wanna get off now? We could walk around 42nd street." i said.

"sure" He smiled. We got off at the next stop.I grabbed his hand. "Come on!" i said. "You really seem happy" he said. "It's the first time I've felt that safe..." i said."I made you feel safe?" He asked. "I didn't say that,Stop Stuffing words into my mouth" i said whiling walking. "Let's Walk through the garden!i Love flowers...." i smiled.

"Okay" he said as we walked in. "I can name all of them." i said. "No you can,That's A lotta Flowers" he said. "Wanna bet?" i Challenged. "Okay i will,If you love i get a kiss,If i lose I'll um mm" he said. "How bout you just be depressed because you lost" i smiled. "I'm not going to!" he said. "You see those little Blue flowers that look like bells? Those are Bluebells" i said "and those,Are forget me not's and those" i pointed at

"Are Daisy..and those are wildflowers" i said. "How do you remember all the names like that?" he asked. "When you've worked at a restaurant for like Ever,You have memorialized every single thing on the menu,the side,the alcohols,Everything...I Just Know the flowers,because there something from before,Way before" i said.

"Roses...And there are some Lilies" i said. "You only have one more" he said. "That ones easy! It's a um mm,Crap...What was it....I knew it a second ago" i said. "Maybe you got lost in my Amazing eyes" He joked. "Shut up" i said. "I know this one..." I said. "Sure" he said. I smiled. "Okay,I lost. I Totally forgot the name of that flower" i said.

"That's Great" he said. "Just shut up and kiss me" i said. He did. That was probably the best kiss i have ever had...No wait,shut up.he Pulled away. "Wow.." he said. I was looking at my fingers."Oh...Did it seem like i forced you?I'm sorry..I shouldn't have done hat..." he said. "No it's not that. It's something else." i said. "You liked it" he smiled. "No i didn't!" i said Defensive. "Okay,Whatever Floats your boat" he said "But you still liked it" he finished.

"Let's Get outta here" I said standing up. "Okay" He stood up to. We started walking,and just as we get to the entrance i say "Crap" Jett looks at me "What?" i hit m head "That was a Sunflower" I answered. He started laughing.

I put my finger to his mouth and said "shut Your Mouth before i Shut it For you!" i smiled as i said it. "Whatever,You forgot Because You Want me" he said. "No i did not! People Forget things and i forgot that! I'm Only Human" I say.

"Because you want me" he said back. "Shut Up!" i said Blushing. "Your acting like a little kid" i finished. "You are too!You dont want to admit when your Wrong!" he said."I'm Not Wrong,I dont like you. I barley Know you" i said. He gets quite. "That Kiss Was only because i lost,I dont need some guy to Keep me safe" i say. "You know what?Fine,You dont want help? That's fine with me" He dropped my suitcase,and walked away. And i dont know why,but the tears started coming.

"i dont need him..." i told myself. i Kept telling my self that too. Until,I got scared. Some Guys Started surrounding me."Aye,Baby Wanna come home wit me Tonight?" One said. "Nahh,Dont Go with him,Come with me" another said. "No get away from me" i said backing away into the street. "AYE GIRL WATCH OUT!" one of them yelled.

Then that was all i remembered. My head really hurt,and all of a sudden i was in a place.It was when me and Jett were in the garden. "Oh crap...He did like me" i thought. He put his arms around my waist and picked me up. Just like i remembered.

"Hahah Put me Down!" i screamed happily. He Smiled. He arm was still around my waist. Then i saw us fighting. His face...Was Sad. When i said that i didnt like him i was playing around,He didnt know that.Oh god...I do Like him. I just didnt want him to know,and now i lost him. He did love me...Then i cried again.

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on Aug. 21 2011 at 6:26 pm
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You need more, that was really good, a few mistakes you could have fixed, but rather then that. It was pretty well written.

aubreyfolsom said...
on Aug. 12 2011 at 8:34 pm
wow..u should write more