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The Boy With Black Hair and Blue Eyes

January 20, 2012
By Laila Gernert-sanchez, Bloomville, Ohio
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Laila Gernert-sanchez, Bloomville, Ohio
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Author's note: My inspiration to write this story was actually about a boy i liked for a long time so i guess you could stick me in the roll of Leslie but i also wanted to reach out to other romance/adventure lovers.

BOO! My little brother pushed me over. Thomas! I screamed at him frustrated. He ran around the house to the backyard laughing. I was in the front yard drawing the image of the old pine tree in the left corner it was the most perfect snowy day and the shadow coming from the old pine was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I sat there picking up my colored pencils that Thomas had so graciously pulled over my head from the wooden box they were laying in. My mother was having one of her annual flower sales, people showed up from all over New York City because the big Christmas parade would arrive in two weeks and in New York City everyone would throw flowers at the beauty pageant winners, you know I never thought about it but it would be kind of fun to be in one of those floats with the beautiful crystal crown and silk dress I was just so intrigued by it. Lucky for my mom she sold the most beautiful roses in all of New York City. My name is Leslie, Leslie Johnson that is, I turned fourteen eight months and nine days ago, I have been counting as the days go by. Leslie! My mom called to me, I turned around. Go get Lilac I need help out here, Lilac’s my older sister she is sixteen and we all know how awful that is, I jumped up and ran inside. I heard music playing upstairs so I ran up to Lilac’s room. I opened the door and saw Lilac sitting on the bed with the neighborhood hot shot Jesse Myers. Lilac Johnson I am definitely telling mom. I laughed as I ran downstairs. Lilac ran to her bedroom door and yelled downstairs. You little freak! I ran outside and over to mom. She turned around. Leslie. I looked at her. Wheres your sister? She asked me with a tired sort of frustrated voice. Well . I started. Lilac is upstairs with Jesse Myers. What?! She threw her arms down. Leslie take over. I laughed as she disappeared into the house. That night I sat up in my bed reading Alice in Wonder Land. I was always so fascinated by adventurous books. The predicaments the characters get in and the exciting ways they get out of them. The way that Alice stops at nothing to get out of Wonderland and then never wanted to leave. Knock, knock my mom whispered as she opened my bedroom door. Honey its 1:00 in the morning you need to get some rest if you want to go to the mall with Chelsea tomorrow I smiled, Chelsea was my best friend we have been friends our whole lives our friendiversery tomorrow so we were going to spend the whole day together shopping for New Years Eve dresses and talking about our dates (which I didn’t have). I know, I know. I sighed. Its just so interesting. I looked down at my book. My mom walked in and sat down next to me on the bed. Leslie you are fourteen and plus you’ve read this book a million times. I know mom. I rolled my eyes. Come on get some sleep. My mom hugged me. Good night. I was quiet but mom didn’t seem to notice. She walked out of the room and shut the door when she left and everything was quiet I whispered. Hmm goodnight mom. Then I closed my eyes and dosed off to sleep. I dreamed about a boy drowning and I saved him. Seriously I jumped in the water and pulled him out! When I woke up I was gasping for air as I had swam a mile. I got out of bed and went over to my mirror and looked at the reflection and for once I saw...............ME. I saw me not Leslie Johnson just Leslie, just me. I have no Idea what that meant but I liked it.

What?! Chelsea yelled from shock. You cant tell me you don’t have a date for New Years or the Christmas Parade. She denied my bad news as we walked down an aisle of dresses. I was quiet and then spoke up. Chels I’m not exactly going to the parade. What! Chelsea screamed almost to soon. Leslie you have to go. Chels I go every year. I complained. Exactly my point. Chelsea replied. Why break tradition. Because I want to do something different, you know.........a new adventure. I said. Leslie stop reading your silly fairy tale books, what exactly do you plan on doing that night anyway. She asked me as we walked single-file down another aisle.
Well. I stopped in front of a rack full of 2012 t-shirts,that for some reason nobody bought. I’m going to the rock-a-thon. Leslie. She whined. Chelsea. I mocked her from the other side of the circular rack of t-shirts. Well I’ve at least got to help you get a date. My phone rang right then saving me from another lecture. Hello. I answered. Leslie come home right now. My mom demanded. Mom is something wrong. I was worried. No honey I just need help at the sale. She reassured me. OK I’ll be there. Then I hung up. I gotta go. I looked up at Chelsea. Bye! Chelsea yelled as I ran out of the mall. I took the back roads enjoying the fresh air, the wind the trees and the river flow. The water flows so beautifully it was one big reason that I always take the back roads. Help! Ayyy! Help me! I heard a scream. It was as if the river was screaming at me. Help me! I cant swim! Help me! I looked around and saw nothing no one. Until......what?! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A boy...........wait a boy? Yes I saw a boy hanging onto a branch that hung over the river. I could only see his arms wrapped around the branch and his head fighting to stay over the waters surface. I stood in shock. He looked up and saw me. He reached one arm out as if he were trying to grab me. Please I cant
swi.... He started choking on a swallow of water and lost his grip on the branch and his head disappeared. Then, everything was a blur when I came too I was in the water and swimming towards the kid. Right then his head bobbed up and he was gasping for air. Take my hand. I yelled over the rushing water. He yanked my arm down as he sunk causing me to go under. I came up coughing, the boy never let go of my hand. I took a big gulp of air and then went under. I pulled him to me and held him over the water. I thought of what teacher said.“never let the head go under the water.”That’s exactly what I wouldn’t do. I held him up no matter how far down I went. I saw the edge of the river and swam fast towards it. When we reach it I jumped up out of the water and pulled the boy up. He was coughing and shaking. I grabbed my coat off of the ground, somewhere in the blur I must have dropped it from my hand. I took it and and slid it over his shoulders. He pulled tight around him. Come on your soaked I said standing up. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. I took one of his arms and flung it over my shoulders and grabbed on to his wrist to keep him from losing his balance. My other arm slid around his back to hold him up. We walked down the road I did everything I could to keep him from falling.

I took him to my house. Leslie! My mom yelled. I was so worried about you! Why are you all wet?! Where have you been? Mom, mom calm down. I raised my voice
over hers. The kid feel in the water I jumped in and grabbed him. She looked at the boy and was silent. I looked at our wet clothes. So can we change? Mom snapped back to life. Yes go on. Is that Leslie’s boyfriend? Thomas asked mom when I disappeared into the house. Mom started laughing. I helped the boy into the house and up the stairs. When we got in my room he sat down on the bed and I opened up my closet door. I grabbed my late older brothers brown T-shirt with the long white sleeves and a pair of Denim jeans. Here. I handed them to the boy. There my brothers but they should fit you. I showed him where the bedroom was. You OK? Even nodded quickly. Kay. I whispered with a small, considerate smile. I shut the door and walked across the hall to my room to change. I finished changing and turned around. The boy was standing in the doorway. Uh! I gasped from shock. You scared me! I said catching my breath. Sorry. He apologized taking his stare off of me and meeting the blue carpeted floor. I walked over to him, put my index finger gently under his chin and slowly lifted his head until his eyes met mine. I was breath-taken by his appearance. He had eyes as blue as the ocean, and hair as black as the night sky. I saw fear, loneliness and a longing for acceptance in his eyes. It was to painful to look, I jerked away from him as quick as I could, my heart pounding a thousand miles an hour. My long, dark black hair flew back behind me. Did those clothes fight? He hesitated and then answered quickly. Yes. Then he looked back down at the ground. Why are you so afraid? I turned around and sat on the bed. He kept his head down as if he was ignoring me. I stood up and walked towards him, when I got close enough I took both of his hands in mine. He lifted his head only enough to look at our hands, but never looked up at me. I gave his hands a little tug and slowly took small steps backwards leading him to the bed. When we reached the bed I put both my hands on his shoulders and as I sat slowly down I took him down with me. He sat there with both hands in his lap and his eyes on the floor. I sat up on the bed with my legs crisscrossed in front of me and my hands in my lap. I kept my eyes fixed on him, hoping that at any second he would look up at me. When I finally noticed that he wasn’t I broke the silence. So how did you get in the water. He was quiet. Hey you can tell me. I said putting my hand on his shoulder. He stood up. I got pushed in OK! By the way he was shaking I knew he was crying. I stood up. Its OK. No! He shrugged my hand from his shoulder. No its not OK. A sharp sob broke through his words. Why not I stepped up beside him. He turned from me. Because I cant swim. Why are you crying? I asked. He turned around and looked me straight in the eye. What kind of a kid cant swim! Look...... I paused. Its Evan! He yelled frustrated and then fell to the ground. I crouched down. Whats wrong? I’m a freak. He sobbed. No your not. I punched the ground trying to convince him that I was serious. Then why doesn’t anyone no my name?! He looked up at me his blue eyes full of tears. I put my arms around him almost hugging him. I help him stand up and lead him to the bed. He picked up my book. You like Alice in Wonderland. I walked over took the book from him and sprawled out next to him. My dad used to read it to me. No kidding! He lay down next to me. My dad did to. Where is your dad Evan? I looked at him. He died............six years ago. You? He turned and met my stare. Four. I started. I was ten. I was eight. Evan commented. I looked at the book. So do you want to read it. He smiled. Sure. We read most of the night. Evan fell asleep before me. I turned over on my right side to look at him, he looked so peaceful at moments. But then other times I could tell he was having nightmares by the way he tossed and turned. After a while I got tired and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to Thomas yelling for mommy to turn the T.V. on. Evan was still asleep. I got up and ran my fingers through me long, black hair. Evan stood up out of nowhere and made me jump, I turned around. Boy you just love to scare me don’t ya. He smiled and then turned around to sit on the bed. So how did you sleep he looked from the ground to me. Good I said as I tied my hair in to a ponytail. I think you had worse dreams then I did. His smile faded and his stare left me and once again met the ground. I thought to myself. “Dang it I always say the wrong thing”. So you wanna go downstairs? I broke another awkward silence. He stood up and took my hand in his. His hands weren’t soft but weren’t rough. What would you call that? When we reached the bottom stair Jesse Myers walked up to us. Hey freaks. Evan let go of my hand and stiffened up looking straight at Jesse but didn’t say a word as if he were a statue. I stood in front of him. Go away. I said looking at Jesse. You! He pointed passed me. Be a man for once and fight your own battles. Down hide behind a girl. He looked at me with an evil smirk on his face. I didn’t let my stare on Jesse break. Leave me alone freak. Jesse said as he ran upstairs. When he was gone I turned to Evan. Hes afraid of my evil eye. We both laughed. We walked into the living room to see Thomas watching Ben10. He is crazy about this movie. I leaned over to whisper in Evan’s ear. He smiled. Whose that? Thomas came to life. Oh! I started just remembering that I hadn’t introduced Evan to anyone. Evan this is my little brother Thomas. Thomas this is my friend Evan. Hi. Thomas acted innocent. Thomas looked at me. Leslie? Yeah. I answered. Did this boy stay the night. Uh huh. I answered. In your room? He sat up. Yea why? I was getting suspicious. Oooo! I’m tellin` mommy. He ran into the kitchen. Evan laughed. What he stopped when he noticed I wasn’t laughing. I looked at him. Evan hes really gonna tell! We both ran into the kitchen. Good morning you two. Mom startled both of us. Don’t worry your not in trouble. Come sit. She smiled. We both sat down at the table. Mom had made a big breakfast for us. Lilac and Jesse had already attacked it though, but I didn’t care. Mom was nice enough to make us breakfast I was going to enjoy it. Leslie are you two going to time square for New Years? Mom asked. Yes. I gulp my food down. Evan gave me a “when did we make this decision?” look and then smiled. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I slid it into my hand and flipped it open not putting it on the table. Hey Missy! My made me jump. No cellphones at the table. Hang on its Chels. I said as I got up from the table. Evan watched me as I left the room and then looked at my mom. Her best friend. My mom mouthed her words. I opened up Chelsea`s message. It said: Hey Girly,

2012 shopping. Lets go. Come on.

You bailed on me last time.

Luv ya, Chelsea.
I replied: Hey,

Meet you at the mall. Noon.

Sistas4life, Leslie

Leslie! My mom called for me. What did Chelsea want? Nothing. I answered. Hey mom can I go meet Chelsea at the mall. My mom was silent, I could tell she was thinking. Please! I begged. My mom picked her head up and flung her hand in the air. Yes go, go on get out of here. She laughed. Yes! I jumped in the air. I grabbed Evan’s arm and ran pulling him out of the house. We walked down the back road where we had first met. When we got to the river Evan stopped me. What are you doing? I laughed. Give me your phone. He smiled. What?! I looked at him surprised and a little confused. Just trust me. He look at me with his big blue eyes. I slipped my phone into his hand not looking away from the ocean in his eyes. He stepped next to me breaking the connection. He rose the phone in the air and put his arm around me and we both me the funniest faces. He handed my phone to me and said. Happy New Years. I looked at the picture and started laughing. There will never be a time in my life where I can look at this and not laugh. I hugged Evan. Thank you. For what? He put on a fake smile. Just being hear. I shrugged. Leslie. He paused. I’m always gonna be here. I smiled. Then we started walking down the road. I looked back at my phone forgetting all about the picture and when I saw it I burst out laughing. Evan look at your face. He looked down at the picture and started laughing too. I love the way he acts around me. When we finally got to the mall Chelsea was waiting for me.

Lessie! Where have you been I have been waiting forever. Oooo. She stopped herself. And who are you. She looked Evan up and down. I stepped in front of him. Chels, this is my friend Evan. Oh hi I’m Chelsea Loftner. Hi. Evan smiled. Chelsea started walking ahead of us. Your friends funny. Evan whispered in a teasing voice. Oh you liked that I teased back. Yeah I did. He started laughing. You know what how about this I leave and you shop with Chelsea. I teased with a serious face, and started walking out the door. No,n-n-no you don’t. He laughed as he picked me up and turned around. Ayyy! I yelled not expecting for him to do that. When he put me down I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him through the mall until we caught up to Chelsea. She was still talking as if she didn’t notice that we just caught up with her. When we got to the dresses she stopped. Uh! Lessie you have got to try this on! She picked up a sparkly blue halter top dress. She put it in my hands. Evan looked at me. You should. Really should I? I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Yes go! Chelsea nudged me toward the fitting rooms. OK, OK. I laughed . I’ll do it. I walked into one of the rooms and slipped into the silky dress. When I walked out of the room Evan and Chelsea`s eyes went wide, and their mouths fell. Wow! Les. What? I looked at both of them. Whats the matter. You look beautiful. Evan said as he came back to life. I walked in front of one of the mirrors. Uh! There is something wrong with that mirror. I turned to look at Evan and Chelsea. No. Evan put his hands on my shoulders and turned me toward the mirror. You really are beautiful. Just stop you guys we’re not here for dresses OK! I said frustrated and ran back into the room. I slowly slipped the dress of and put my other clothes back on. When I was done I sat on the bench across the room from the dress. I looked straight into the mirror in front of me. Was I not beautiful anyway or just with the dress? I grabbed the dress and walked out of the room. Evan was sitting on a bench and Chelsea was looking at black 2012 T-shirts. When Evan saw me he stood up and walked over to me. Hey are you OK? Yea just peachy. I put on a smile so he wouldn’t worry about me. Come on lets go. I ran over to a bunch 2012 T-shirts, hats, scarves, and glasses. We had a blast trying on different shirts and throwing hats and scarves on each other. After shopping it was time to head to time square. Oh Leslie! I got Lewis to give us a ride to time square. OK. I smiled it was around five o` clock so we needed to hurry if we wanted to get into the front row. When Lewis pulled up in his red convertible we all jumped in, Lewis was Chelsea`s older brother who has had a major crush on my since I was six, Hi Lessie. He turned around. Hey Lewis. I jumped in the back seat. Who’s your friend? He looked at Evan and again he was silent. This is my friend Evan. I introduced him as I grabbed his arm pulled him into the car knowing he wasn’t going to move on his own. When all of us were in Lewis stepped on the gas and wind blew in my face causing my hair to fly everywhere. It was cold but I dealt with it cause all of us were having so much fun as the wind blew through our hair, and threw our hands up in the air when Lewis blasted the radio. When we got to Time Square none of us found use of the doors so we all just jumped out. I ran my fingers through my hair and we ran to the front row of the crowd. Chelsea met her date Mayson Parker, who she thought was the hottest guy ever besides Zac Efron. Lewis stood against the gate trying to get to the camera to scream “HI MOM” like he had been planning to do this whole year. And me, well you know I stood next to my so-called “date”. Different bands and singer performed, Chelsea and I went crazy when Katy Perry gave her performance, and also when we saw Lady Gaga drop the ball. Then we all took hands like Chels and I did every year and the the count began. 10........9........8.........7...........6..........5.........4........3.......2........there was silence, fore this was the last word we would speak in the year of 2012. 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We broke our chain symbolizing that all of the worries and troubles of 2011 were broken and gone. Confetti flew everywhere and everyone was screaming around us.

Evan took my hand, I turned and looked into his big eyes that were as blue as the ocean. I lifted my hand and ran my fingers threw his hair that was as black as the night sky. Then I put my head down and looked at the ground with his other Evan took his index finger and gently put it under my chin, the way I did when I tried to comfort him and let him know that there was nothing to be afraid of, he slowly lifted my head looked me in the eye leaned forward and when his lips touched mine it was as if sparks flew in the air and everything around me disappeared except him. When his lips parted from mine and my eyes opened. I felt different. New like the New year. Like I said my life was a normal, boring American life, until I met the boy with eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as black as night, but this is just the beginning of how Evan Sulley changed my life.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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on Feb. 27 2012 at 9:26 am
Mermaidmissy SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Wow, your story is really good and so wonderful. I hope you keep on writitng some more pages soon. Can you please take a look at some of my poems please and my book as well. Thank You! :)

on Jan. 29 2012 at 7:09 pm
BluBirdWriter13, Nowhere, Kentucky
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hey everyone who sees this comment BluBirdWriter is really me i had made two accounts by accident so i had to change to this account BluBirdWriter13 thxs readers

on Jan. 27 2012 at 11:47 pm
BluBirdWriter, Passaic, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"everytime im writing a novel i feel like im writing a movie script" ~my own quote

sounds very intresting