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Extant: Part One

December 9, 2012
By zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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The year is 2026. Amidst a new technological society, a meteor heads straight for the Earth, threatening everything the humans have. People are divided by region and sent out into space on airships, headed for the Alpha Centauri galaxy. On the airship, the only task of the people is to keep the population at safe levels. However, a baby born to one couple is deemed an expendable due to supposed mental disabilities from a spinal deformation and “demoved” via shuttlepod.

A little more than a decade later, she crash-lands on a planet inhabited by the strange Bartok people, intelligent human-sized insects adept at technology. Adopted under the wing of the widespread leader, Deshen, she learns from his rebel daughter about a battle brewing just under her nose, sparked by the rebellion of Deshen's woods-dwelling brother, Botten. As she advances in the Bartok school, she becomes an inextricable part of the plans laid down by the anti-war group that Deshen's daughter is a part of, as well as the small forest clan community.

Maia B.

Extant: Part One

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