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Teen demons

July 3, 2013
By kk1sweet, wilbraham, Massachusetts
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kk1sweet, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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“Run,” he whispered in my ear as small silver blurs whizzed past us. I took off running as fast as my feet would go; Night was right behind me trying to keep up with me. Behind him where the foot falls of the ones chasing us, the ones trying to kill us. It was a common assurance since this is the demon realm. There’s always people trying to kill others, but there was always a reason. This time there didn't seem to be one. Night and I were just walking home from the store, we only needed milk, which was now far behind us spilling onto the path. We didn't bump into any enemies, didn't start anything with anyone. Yet here we were being shot at and having throwing knives and stars hurled at us.
Ahead of us is the fork in the path, one way goes to our cabin, the other goes deeper into the woods. I took the one deeper in the woods there was no point in leading them right to where we lived. I tried to run faster but my legs wouldn't go, I swore wishing that I had grabbed my gun before I left the house. Totem was going to have a cow when he found out that we left unarmed, again. Suddenly a bullet shot though my calf; I hissed in pain slowing down but wouldn't stop running. I couldn't stop running, muttering under my breath I transformed myself into a cat, one of the talents of us demon. I started running on three legs it was faster than on two but I could still hear the footfalls behind us getting closer.
“Jewels, you okay?” Night asked only a few steps behind me.
“Yeah fine,” I called back. “Now fly before they catch up to us!!” I heard him sigh then a whoosh as he took off carried by his midnight black wings that he was nicknamed for. Some of our pursuers stopped and started firing up at him. He flew low enough that he could blend in with the trees, and he could keep an eye on me. I heard a snarl behind me, I tried to speed up knowing one of them had also transformed. I could outrun most dogs when I was on all fours but with an injured leg it was about fifty, fifty. I drove myself as fast as I could but I could hear him getting closer to me every step. I thought about diving into the trees and brush to hide but knew that if I did they would just sniff out my blood from my bleeding leg. I didn't know how bad it was bleeding though I was starting to get light headed from the blood loss. But I had to keep running, I couldn't get caught. The only way I saw out was to fight but first I was going to need to get one of their weapons.

Above me something big hit a tree, leaves started raining down, and then it hit the ground in front of me. It was Night! He had been shot in the shoulder causing his wing not to work right. I couldn't stop in time and ran into him.
“Hurry up and get out of here Jewels! There’s no point in them getting us both, sides I have more lives,” he meant to assure me but it was too late they were on us. I transformed myself in time to rack my claws across the first dog’s face. He flew back a few feet hitting another one. One grabbed me and kicked my injured leg. I growled in pain, my leg giving out and I hit the ground. Night staged up and grabbed him, yanking him off me, one of his knives falling to the ground. I grabbed it as a girl lurched at me; I managed to stab her as she tackled me. I shoved her off as another guy stomped on my chest. I coughed and choked as all the air in my lungs was crushed out of me. I grabbed his leg trying to claw it but he only pushed down harder. I gasped for air as he knelt down our faces only a foot apart.
“Well, well, well looks like I caught myself some treasure here,” he chuckled. I spat in his face, he slapped me wiping the spit of his face. He took his foot off my chest and picked me up by my hair. I hissed at him trying to claw him but my strength was gone. He chuckled and started dragging me off. Then he jerked and staggered; I lifted my head to see why. There, in the middle of his forehead, was an arrow shaft buried halfway into his skull. He fell to the ground taking me with him. I pried open his hand and got to my knees, he was dead alright. I looked at the arrows feather, they were green. I swore under my breath.
“You forgot the milk you know,” Gin said from her perch somewhere in the trees.
“It took you damn long enough to get here!” I said looking around to see where she was, I saw where Night was laying; Jenta was with him healing him as much as he could here.
“Well I would have been here sooner if you had actually called for back-up instead of running through the woods and I so happened to see you while I was on patrol,” she said from another place in the trees. I rolled my eyes.
“Shouldn't you two be saying we not I?” I asked, “Now come out here both of you their all dead.” Two tiny archers came out of the wood. One was Gin the other was Yin. The two of them are twin sisters. And they may look small but they were older than me by at least two years. They would also shoot you in the head without a second thought.
“Totem is going to have a field day when he finds out you two left without anything again,” Yin said taking one of my arms.
“And don’t forget about not calling for back up when you were outnumbered and out weaponed,” said Gin taking the other arm. They both helped me to my feet and Jenta did the same with Night who was now in better shape than I was.
“Hey Jewels want me to heal you too?” Jenta called over to me.
“No I’m fine,” I said starting to walk; only I didn't get too far before my legs gave out taking Yin and Gin down with me.
“S..sorry guys,” I said trying to get back up only to get picked up by someone. I turned to look who it was and swore under my breath. Totem was holding me frowning down at me, he started tapping his foot.
“Hey Totem how are you?” I asked.
“I’m just fine how are you, Jewels?” He said smirking looking down at my leg then back up at me. His irises rimmed red showing his anger.
“Hehe I’m good,” I said turning my head away from his face.
“Good then we can have a nice long talk when we get home about leaving the house unarmed and not calling for back up when you two are being chased by a bunch wild mutts,” he said as he started walking down the path towards the house. I huffed and rested my head on his chest and somehow we were already home, or I passed out, one of the two.

I woke up on one of the couches in the house, my leg burning and an IV going into my arm with a blood bag attached to it. Jenta was healing my leg his hands covered in my blood. Totem sat in the chair across from the couch reading a report while tapping his foot impatiently. I looked at Jenta who gave me a small smile before closing my eyes again pretending I was asleep.
“She’s all healed sir, though you may want to let her rest before you chew her ear off about going out unarmed,” Jenta said standing up and walking out of the room into the kitchen to wash his hands. I heard the water start running and Totem shifted in his seat.
“You should know by now what kind of world we live in Jewels. You can’t just go out and think that there’s no way you can’t get into trouble. I know you like to run and not be violent but there comes a point where you have to be and not always wait for someone to save you,” Totem said without looking up from his report. I didn’t know if he was just saying it or if he knew I was awake and listening. I knew he was right but that still didn’t mean I believe that I can never go out of the house without some kind of weapon, it’s just insane to me. But he had been telling me the same thing since I was little and first joined this pack. What he didn’t know was how good of a fighter I was, no one in the pack has ever seen me fight to know that I kick butt.
“If you keep this up Jewels I’m going to have to give you a house job and not be a scout anymore,” He said looking at me over the report. My eyes shot opened and I sat up straight.
“NO! You can’t give me a house job!! I won’t go out again unarmed, I promise just don’t put me on house duty, please!” I said.
“So you are awake after all, Jewels” Totem said with a smirk putting the report down in the table next to the chair he was sitting in. I huffed and laid back down feeling suddenly lightheaded.
“Your such a jerk you know that Totem?” I said rubbing my temples. Totem got up and walked over to me and kneeled down next to me.
“I’m serious Jewels. You really do need to be more careful I don’t want to lose another member of my pack by them being killed cause they were out matched cause they where forgetful.” He said with a sad look in his eye. I suddenly felt like the biggest ass in the world. He had lost someone before because they forgot to leave the house with some way of protecting themselves. It’s not like she meant to, she was only going to run out for a few minutes. That was Tabitha; she was Totem’s mate for almost 10 year before she was killed. It kills him every time she is brought up or something reminded him of her. And this was about the biggest thing you could do to reminds him of Tabz. Totem had to relocate the pack because of the whole thing. He also managed to black out and kill most of the pack that the ones who killed Tabz belonged to.
“I promise I won’t do it again Totem. Please don’t look so sad that’s not going to happen again.” I said reaching over and grabbing his hand. He looked up at me with wet eyes like he was about to cry. I hugged him tight, he never cried in front of anyone except me. Before Tabz died she would be the one who comforted him but now I was since I was he little half sister. He must see her in my, that’s why he comes to me. Even when he won’t tell me what’s wrong it seems to help him when I just hugged him.
“You give the same hugs you know,” he said hugging me back. I rubbed his back when he pulled back and stood up his face suddenly stern.
“If you do it again, you or Night, I’m going to put you both on house duty. You got me?” he said turning a bit to look from me to Night, who had just walked into the room, back to me.
“Yes sir,” I said.
“Yes Totem whatever you say,” Night smirked rolling his eyes. He was one of Totems oldest friends; they had known each other as children so he always knew when Totem was trying to look all tough and strong. But he had also known Tabz just as long. His smirk faded as he saw the look in Totem’s eyes.
“It won’t happen again, I promise,” He said and Totem nodded. I couldn't quite tell if he meant going out unarmed or one of us being killed permanently.

I woke up to the light sound of snoring coming from under my covers. I lifted them slightly to find Ponya curled up, asleep, next to me. Her little fox ears twitched and her tail started wagging. I chuckled and scratched behind her ears. She usually crawls into bed with me at night; she was like a little sister to me. I had found her 2 years ago in an alleyway. She was in a cardboard box that said “Ponya, 1 year old, free to someone.”I couldn’t leave her there so I brought her home. It was something the pack does, we take in orphans and either keep them or give them to an ally pack who can take them.
“Yyyyaaaaawwwwnnnn,” went the little fox blinking her sleepy eyes.
“Good morning Ponya,” I said hugging her.
“Morning Juju,” She said yawing again. Most of the kids called me Juju, but only the kids. Everyone else just called me Jewels, or Julia if I was in trouble. Ponya started chewing on my arm. I winced a little, her teeth kept getting sharper
“Annana,” I said bopping her noise. She stopped, giving me her big puppy dog eyes.
“We no eat my arm. Are you hungry?” I asked. She nodded. I picked her up as I got out of bed and we headed down to the kitchen.
The kitchen was its usual morning chaos. Kids running everywhere wanting food, and the ‘adults’ trying not to step on the kids and get breakfast. Kendra and Meg were chasing the kids trying to get them to sit down to eat. Jenta was busy ay the stove making eggs and bacon. Tom his little helper was making toast next to him. Totem sat at the table drinking coffee and reading another report. He read a lot of them; to him it was like a news paper with all the current events. I set Ponya down in a seat and went to get some coffee when Totem slammed down his cup breaking it. Everyone stopped and looked at him, everything was silent. He stood up, threw the report on the table, and stormed out of the room. Night picked up the report reading it over before dropping it and walking after Totem. Everyone looked at each other, and then half of us jumped when the toaster popped up. Everyone started moving again, the kids sat down and Jenta brought over the eggs and bacon. No one picked up the report to read it. If it made those two leave we didn’t want to know about it for now. I could hear Totem and Night’s muffled voices outside.
“I don’t know…..She didn’t…..Not her….” I heard night saying. We all looked at each other but kept eating. I was so tempted to look at the report but something told me not to. But you know what they say about curiosity and cats. When I was done I put my dishes in the sink and grabbed the report. My jaw dropped when I saw my picture and the word ‘wanted.’ The report was from District the military/police of the demon realm.
‘Julia Latmen. Wanted for a 15 person massacre that included 4 district agents. Events happened late last night in the Hilary woods outside Glosten.’
I shook my head the Hilary woods where miles from here I hadn’t ever been there. The only people there were out laws and drug dealers. I read the report 4 times before putting it down.
Night came in behind me, his eyes flashing a few times showing that things out side had gotten heated. His jaw was set, his lips in a thin line. I didn’t know who he was mad at, me or Totem or even the report.
“His office now.” He said before walking off towards his room. As he walked past the table he grabbed the report and it burst into flames in his hand. A few of the kids screamed, running to hide behind Kendra and Meg. Ponya ran and hid behind me. Night crushed the ashes in his hand and stalked off.
I was suddenly scared; Night never got this mad over something. He usually never gets mad enough to use his powers over fire since it was so hard to control. I looked down the hall to Totem’s “office”, the small spare room that served as our control central.
“Ponya go with Kendra and Meg okay, sweetie?” I said looking down at the little fox. She nodded slightly and slowly walked over to the other kids. I turned to everyone who was staring at me with a questioning look in their eyes. I simply shrugged and turned to Totem’s office. It felt like forever walking down the hall. I knocked on the door.
“Come in.” I heard from behind the door. I walked in closing the door behind me. It’s a small room, a few chairs, a desk and a few bookshelves where the only things in it. There was also a printer that printed reports coming from the town and district.
As the door shut I stood there waiting for Totem to start yelling at me. Instead he just looked at me with sad eyes, slightly rimmed with red.
“Did you see the report?” He asked. I nodded.
“What do you have to say for yourself?” he asked keeping his eyes on me. I didn’t know what to say. I know the rules we wanted to stay out of trouble as much as possible, especially when it came to district. They would go after you, your pack, and your family. So I just dropped my head and shook it.
“District is coming here to get you and take you in. I’ll let them in and let them search the place. Show them I don’t want any trouble. Now this could go two ways either you let them take you in or they don’t find you here.”
“You can’t just give her that f*ing choice Totem!!” yelled Night suddenly bursting in.
“Either they’ll kill her at HQ or they’ll hunt her down and kill her! You can’t just sit back and leave her!” His eyes flashed rapidly. Totem’s face went from shocked to appalled to just plain pissed in a matter of seconds.
“I can’t risk everyone here! You know that dammit! And must you ease drop on our private conversation?” Totem yelled back his eyes flashing.
“Yeah when it sounds like your just gonna leave Jewels out for the wolves!!” Night yelled.
“I told you I can’t risk the entire pack. This is hard enough for me to do without you yelling at me!” Totem shot back getting to his feet.
“You’re just going to let them have her!?”
“I don’t have a choice!”
“You always have a choice!!”
“What else can I do? She’s wanted for murder!”
“You know they wouldn’t care about that! Not for so few people! there has to be another reason!!”
“Then that’s worse!!!”
“You’re just going to abandoned you mate’s little sister!?!?” The moment the words left Night’s lips shock took over his face. He had gone too far and he knew it.
“Totem I….” He started but it was too late. Totem was gone, he was blacked out now. His eyes grew blood red, his teeth sharpened and grew, his hair stood on end, and his nails grew into long sharp claws. He looked like a demon, a full demon, the way most of us do when we blacked out. We also lose our scene of self and will attack anyone including friends and family.
Totem growled, clawing his desk. Before I could move he leaped at Night knocking him to the ground. Night tried to hold him back but Totem was going all out on him, blood sprayed the wall behind them.
“T…..Totem…..nnnnnnn…I….I’m s…sorry.” Night tried talking to him but Totem was too far gone. I knew the only thing to calm him down and that was Tabz or me as her stand in. I grabbed Totem and yanked him up to face me. He clawed my arms and growled at me. I looked in his eyes; he didn’t know who I was. I pulled him to me hugging him. I felt his claws sink into my back and his teeth into my shoulder. I winced but held onto him.
“Shhhhh Totem it’s okay. It’s okay. He didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean it.” I whispered in his ear and petting his hair. He shook, his teeth shrinking and so did his claws. I held him tight both to support myself and to assure him. He kept shaking violently until his legs gave out taking me down with him.
“I’m sorry Tabz.” He whispered not blacked out anymore.
“I know. It’s okay.” I said petting his hair and ears.
‘Jenta we need you in Totem’s office.’ I said in my mind. I looked at Night who was bleeding badly, his chest ripped open. Jenta came running in with Tom right behind him. He didn’t ask before he started healing Night. Tom knelt beside me putting pressure on my back which was also bleeding badly. Totem squeezed me tighter and kissed my neck. He hadn’t realized that I wasn’t Tabz and I wasn’t about to burst his bubble quit yet. I rubbed his back letting him think I was his Tabitha when he pulled me onto his lap licking and kissing my neck.
‘Okay now this is getting weird. It’s time to stop.’ I thought as Totem kissed my jaw and cheek.
“T...Totem!” I said pushing his shoulders but he was holding me to tight and he was still in his post-blackout trance. Before I could stop him he kissed me on the lips. I tried to pull my head away but he put his hand on the back of my neck and raised his legs between mine making me straddle him.
“TOTEM!!!” Night growled from a few feet away. Totem’s eyes snapped open and he jumped knocking me back into Tom.
“Jewels you okay?” asked Jenta lifting me up off Tom and starting to heal my back and shoulder. I nodded looking at Totem, he looked at me horrified. Then he shook his head and dropped it into his hands, his hair covering his face.
“Totem it’s okay, you know. I understand.” I said he shook his head.
“I’m sorry Jewels.” He said lifting his head a little to look at me.
“No harm no fowl right?” I said offering him a smile. He looked at my shoulder and gave me a look that told me he knew he hurt me and that was a fowl for him. He was about to say something when there was a bang on the front door that made us all jump.
“Shit there here.” Totem and Night said at the same time looking at me with concern in their eyes.

“We’re here for Julia Latman.” The first officer said over Totem’s shoulder into the house over is sunglasses. Which they always wore even though today was a cloudy day with showers every few minutes.
“That would be me.” I said from behind Totem and Night. The officer looked at me a bit confused and stepped in his partner stayed just outside the door.
“Where were you last night between 11p.m. and 2 a.m.?” he asked. Which was weird since people from HQ never asked questions before they took you in.
“I was asleep in my bed here.” I answered.
“Is there anyone here that could testify that there was no doubt you were here?” I looked at him for a moment before shaking my head; no one had come into my room after I went to bed until Ponya came in later in the morning.
“Would you mind coming with us for a bit Miss?” he asked taking out his handcuffs. I shook my head turning so he could put them on me. Suddenly Night grabbed my arm.
“I’m going with her.” He said giving the officers the death glare. The first one looked at his partner and shrugged. The second officer came in and hand cuffed Night. They lead us out of the house where there where about 10 armed guards waiting for us. One of them grabbed me and forced me on my knees before putting another pair of cuffs above my elbows so I couldn’t put my legs though my arms. Night went to protest but I looked at him telling him not to say anything.
“Boys, be gentle with the young lady!” The second officer said something for the first time. The guards looked at each other confused then helped me to my feet. They whispered something about there being something wrong with Zohon. My jaw dropped, why was Zohon here? He’s one of the heads of HQ and District. Why would he come out into the field to get me? I wasn’t in that much trouble especially when they found that I had nothing to do with the murders at all. He was also very brutal and always tortured everyone including his own workers. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill them if they didn’t do their job the way he wanted them to.
We were walking for a while when Zohon held up his hand signaling everyone to stop.
“Captain what’s up?” the other officer asked him looking around.
“Thought I heard something…” he began when there where gun shots coming from the woods next to us. A few of the guards went down another pushed me to the ground. I looked around to see more of the guards drop to the ground, their throats cut. I looked over to Night who was about to run to me when he went down as well blood gushing from his throat.
“NIGHT!!” I screamed shoving the dead guard off me and trying to get up to run to him. Zohon stopped me by grabbing my handcuffs forcing me to my knees.
“Now, now, now, we can’t have you running off now can we?” he snarled in my ear.
“What the f is going on!?” I yelled looking around we were the only two left and Zohon didn’t look at all upset about it. He just laughed and kicked me to the ground
“Julia I have someone I want you to meet.” He said grabbing my hair and pulling me up. Standing in front of me like a ghost or what should have been was Tabz. My Tabz, but she was older with red eyes and tribal tattoos all over her body. She was holding a katana that was splattered with blood she was also splattered with blood.
“Tabz? Tabitha!?” I called to her. She just looked down at me. She was different; she wasn’t the same as she was 4 years ago. I suddenly knew who Zohon was.
“Your part of the pack that killed my sister!” I growled at him struggling to get free.
“Well yes and no,” he snickered. “Yes I’m part of that pack, well were more of a program than a pack. And no we didn’t kill her, we just….reprogrammed her. She was so none violent, just like you are. But your mother was a great assassin and that talent runs in the family. So we just helped Tabitha realize her abilities. Just like we will help you too.”
“Our mother was a good for nothing that kicked us out when we turned were young like hell we want to be anything like her.” I growled.
“We’ll see about that now wont we youngest daughter of Monenoke Latman.” He said laughing stepping on my back hard. I coughed and suddenly the weight was gone. Zohon went flying back though a tree and hit several others. I looked up to see Tabz as she lowered her leg after kicking Zohon off of me.
“Sir with all due respect if you hurt my sister again I will not hesitate to take your head off. Both of them.” She said kneeling down next to me. She took the handcuffs off and hugged me. I was too surprised to hug her back. She looked in to my eyes and I saw her. The old her, they were still red but under that I could see my big sister again.
“I missed you little sister. It’s been a long 4 years.” She said.
“Y...Yeah it has been a very long 4 years sister. Totem will be so happy that you’re alive!” I said. I thought she would be happy but she just looked at me with a confused look.
“Who’s Totem?” she asked with genuine wonder in her voice.
“You don’t know who he is?” I asked, she shook her head, her eyes changing again. The few moments that I had my sister where up. Her long silver blond hair slid over her face blocking it. I growled, suddenly pissed at Zohon for taking my sister away from me again. I jumped to my feet, accidentally knocking Tabz over in the process, and ran at him going for the attack. I tackled him wrapping my hands around his throat. He started choking and I just squeezed harder.
"What the f*ing hell did you do sister, you bastard!!" I growled. I was losing it, any moment I was going to black out. Suddenly I was in the air, talons digging into my shoulders. Within seconds we where more than 100 feet in the air when i was dropped. A few agonizing seconds later I hit the ground, pain exsploded though my body, stars dotted my vison.
"Master are you alright?" I heard a girl ask. I turned,my head to see some kind of bird demon kneeling next to'Zohon'.
"I'm....cough cough...fine Jill." He said coughing violently. Jill got up and came over to me, staring at me like she was about to kill me. Instead she kicked my side hard, I flew a good 20 feet before hitting the ground and rolling to a stop. I tried gasping for air but instead i just coughrd up blood, struggling to remain conscious. The pain was almost unbearable.
"Bitch don't hurt my sister!!" Tabz yelled appearing next to Jill. But before she could attack her Jill hit a button on the bracelet she was wearing. Tabz stopped dead and grabbed her neck. She clawed at the collor around it as she dropped to the ground clearly in pain.
"Looks like seeing her sister has stired up some memories Zon. We're gonna have to do a little reprograming so she deossn't keep acting out." Jill said nudging Tabz with her foot.
"I guess we will. We'll also have to reprogram this one. I think she's going to be a hearder subject to crack then her older sister was. Got another collor on you?" Zon asked walking over to me. Jill nodded and tossed him a metel colloer, like the one Tabz had on to him.
"Now this will only hurt a little. These collors wont come off unless I'm the one taking it off." He said snikering, putting it around my neck. Where it snapped together it burned. I winced in pain, clawing at it to get it off and to get up, but the fall had drained all the fight out of me.
"Stay down and don't move. It'll be less painful that way." Zon snickered in my ear, then he got up and turned to Jill.
"I have to get back to HQ and tell them that Julia killed the escort and escaped. You get these two back to base and get Tabitha ready for me and her sister healed. I'll work on her in the morning when the Doc is done with her."
"Alright then," Jill snicked looking at me "I'm sure the Doc will enjoy working on a new subject. And don't stay too late. You may have taken your twin brothers place but you don't have to work like he did."
Zon nodded walking off down the path. Jill hit a few buttons on her bracelet and spoke in to it. A few moments later two more birds dropped out of the sky each wearing a collor and bracelet.
"You called Mistriss." They said in unison.
"Yes, take these two back to base. Get the small one to Doc for healing and Tabz to Zon's lab." Jill barked. They nodded. One went to Tabz and lifted her before quickly taking off. The other came to me and picked me up. I winced as he did, moaning in pain.
"Sorry Miss." The bird holding me said looking down at me with sympatetic eyes. The sympathetic look quickly disappeared as Jill shot him a glare. Cloth was pulled over my eyes, then i had the sudden sensation of flying. I clung to the birds clothes tightly afraid of falling. We flew for a while before landing again. I was carried into what sounded like a cave, dripping water could be heard all around and everyones foot steps ecohed loudly. I heard a door open and a rush of cool air washed over us. I shivered as i was carried inside and the door slamed shut. Jill, Tabz and the other bird went one way as the other bird and I went down a different hallway. My heart sank as i heard their footsteps growing farther and farther away. I opened my mouth to say something but a hand covered it.
"Please don't make things worse for yourself, Miss." The bird carrying whispered. "I'm Justin and I've been here long enough to know that when you act out you pay for it." He said.
"What is this?" I asked him.
"An organization that brainwashes and reprograms people to be their assasins for them. I was one of the first so mine has worn off mostly, but I still act my part so that they wont do it to me again. If you act out to much they'll just terminate you or Zon will use you for his own exsperiments. If your really lucky their just reprogram you. This is the infermary, Doc will heal you." He said taking my blindfold off. "Hey Doc I got a new one for you to heal. Zon's gonna work on her in the morning but Jill did a number on her." He said putting me down on a metal table. 'What kind of infemary has metel tables istead of beds?' I thought to myself. Cuffs clicked around my wrists and ankles letting me know that i woudnt be escaping.
"Well well well looks like we finally got our little Julia here. I'll take real goos care of her Just so why don't you go get yourself a treat?" Doc said in a slimy voice. Justin didn't say anything just gave me another sympatetic look before turning to leave.
"Jill really did a numberr on you, didn't she?" Doc asked me, I turned to look at him. He was middleaged wearing a white lab coat riddled with what looked like old blood stains. His face was unshaven and his glasses where crooked, his black hair shined with grease like it hadn't been washed in weeks. He gave me a sticky smile running his hands over my legsa and arms before moving to my sides and stomach. I winced and shifted as his hands moved over my chest.
"Now relax I'm only healing you, well and touching you. You see i don't get payed for my work so i find other ways of paying myself. Besides you wont remember anything to do in the morning anyway." He snicked, groaping me and touching me everywhere. He finally started healing me after thuraly exsploring my body, it was so painful i passed out after only a few minutes.
When i woke up i was laying on a hospital bed. I tried moving my hands but they where still chained to the bed. An IV ran into my right arm slowly dripping a slivery liquid into my vains, and there was a bracelt now on my wrist. It had a small screen and a few buttons on it. I moved my wrist to get a better look at it, on the bottom where it fused together was a number '46891'. I turned my attention to the room around me. It was gray and dimly lit, with no windows to the outside. Only one in the door and in the wall showing some of the hallway outside. My bracelet beeped once, the screen and buttons flashing. Suddenly Zon appeared on the screen.
"Glad to see your awake Julia. I'd like to personaly welcome you to the trible project." He said, then the screen went blank. My bed suddenly clicked back and i screamed. I was now laying flat on mmy back staring up at Zon, a wicked smile across his face. I went to scream but he covered my mouth.
"Now now relax. It's time for you reprograming Julia. Soon you wont remember anything of your old life." He said moving his hands to my temples, heat coming from his hands. I could feel him inside my head, moving things, changing them. It hurt more and more every sceond. I started to scream wanting it to end. I tore at my restraints teying to get away. It was hopeless, i couldn't get away. I felt the world going black around me. The last thing I saw was Night's face smiling at me.
"I should have told you I loved you Night." I murmmered before the world went black.

I woke up with a monster headache, looking around the room i saw i was in the infermary at the base. Doc and Zon where talking in the doorway, they spotted me as i sstarted moving.
"Glad to see your awake Jewls." Zon said patting my shoulder.
"Thank you Master," I said. "Whay happened to me?" I asked turning to Doc.
"You took a pretty nad hit during your last assignment. Doc says there may be some memory loss but nothing more than your debrefing with me." Zon said, i nodded rubbing my head. There was a knock on the door. Alew, my boyfraind, walked into the room.
"ALEX!!" I yelled jumping out of bed into his arms. He hugged me tightly petting my hair.
"Hows my baby girl doing? She okay to go back to our room, Doc?' He asked looking at Doc, then he saw Master.
"Oh, hello Master, I hope I'm not inturupting." Alex says letting me go bending at the waist in a deep bow, I wobble a bit so he has to catch me to keep me standing.
"Not at all Alex. In fact i was just about to call you to come get her and take her baack to your room. I think she'll sleep better in her own bed than with our pervy docter here." Zon said laughing slapping Doc in the back. Doc laughed too but hsi face read annoyance.
"Guilty as charged." He siad. Alex's mouth twitched putting his arms around protectively. He didn't like anyone touching me, especially Doc.
"You alright, baby?" He asked gently kissing me on the lips. I nod kissing him back, we where still kissing when he picked my up and carried me out of the infirmary.
"Make sure she gets some rest. She's back on the job in two days." Zon called after us.
"I will." Alex calls back. I nuzzle onto his chest taking in his sent. He always smelled like the woods and faintly of blood. I purred slightly needing his shirt. He chuckled kissing the top of my head. After turning down a few hallwyas we finally got to our room. It was a plain metel door with out names and the room number on it. Room 238, i had just moved in about a week before i left on my last assingment. Inside it had plain light gray walls. Two desks, a couple bookshelves, two nightstands next to a large bed, a dresser, a worbdrobe, and a wepons cabinet were placed around the room. There was also a small bathroom attached to the rear of the room.
Alex brought me over to the bed and set me down before crawling next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and drapped one leg over mine. I cuddled close to him and put my arms around his neck. We stayed like that for a while just cuddling and kissing.
"So you have two days free?" Alex asked. I nodded.
"So you can rest tomorrow?" He asked smiling at me, i nodded smiling back. He shifted and was now on top of me, kissing me passionately. I kissed him back sliding my fingers into his hair. He pushed my mouth open with his tongue making the kiss deeper. I moaned quietly as he licked the back of my thoat. I love when he's like this with me. His hand slid under my shirt making me shiver. He chuckled moving my ace bandage and touched my bare chest. I moaned and arched my back, my leg hitting the hard bulge in the front of his jeans. I giggled and kept moving my leg. He moaned deep in his throat tightening his arms around me. He was right i would need all tomorrow to rest because tonight i wasn't going to be getting much sleep.
The next morning i woke up to a note next to me on the bed from Alex. It said that he had an assignment and would be back tonight. I jumped at a knock at the door.
"Come in." I said sitting up against the pillows. Tabz walks in with a tray of sandwiches and soda in her hands.
"Thought you might be hungry since you where asleep this morning when i brought you breakfest." She said smiling at me as she walked over to the bed. I looked over at the clock seeing it was almost two.
"Guess i was tired from last night." I said before remembering what had happened and blushed slightly.
"What's up sis?" She asked setting the tray down next to me.
"Oh uhm nothing, i was just thinking." I say. She giggles guessing what i was thinking about and sinks down next to me grabbing a sandwhich and handing it to me. I took it and took a bite as she grabbed one for herself. As i chewed i realized that it tasted different. Not that i remembered what it had tasted like. I tried to remember the food. I vaguely remember eggs with bacon, toast and coffee. Only they never had that goos a breakfest. I shook, y head, my headache starting to come back. I tell Tabz and she said i should take a nap. She puts a napikin over the rest of the sandwiches and leaves them on my desk for later. I tried to get comferable and go to sleep but i keep thinking about what i couldn't remember. We aren't suppose to sincce Master Zon takes away some of our memories for a reason, but i can't help myself. I know i'm forgetting something but its almost impossible to remember what you have forgotten. When i finally go to sleep I have the weirdest dreams ever. There was this little fox girl that crowled into bed with me. But it was a bed i didn't recognize. Then there was a boy, tall with long black hair, and wings with the most beautiful black feathers that shimmered in the moon light. And another boy with brown hair and sad eyes, someone Tabz would date. But then I remembered a kiss with him, but it waasn't a kiss ment for me. It was ment for someone else.....
"Baby wake up." Alex whispered in my ear. I woke with a start, the blankets tangled around me.
"Are you alright love?" Alex asked, i nodded not wanting to tell him about my dream about two other boys who aren't him. I hoped they would go away soon. But they didn't, not even after my weekly sessions with Zon. I always dreamt about that little girl calling me and i flet like i knew her, from a long time ago, another life even

Life soon got back to normal for me dispite the dreams. During the day i went on missions, at night i dreamt of the black bird. I quickly regained my statuse as second beast after my sister. I was happy, i tried to forget the dreams and just focus on my life with Alex. But they wouldn't let me, the dreams kept coming back to me. She even day dreamed about her.
"Hey earth to Jewels......Hello!" Just yelled in my ear while waving a fork in my face. I jolted hitting the fork out of his hand. Right i was eating breakfest with Just because Alew was on a week long mission. The fork flew halfway across the crowded cafeteria making a few people stare at us. I just shut a glare over my shoulder and thoes stares went elsewhere.
"Jewels arre you okay? You've been staring at your eggs for 10 minutes." Just says to me nudding my shoulder with his.
"It's nothing i'm fine." I schoff back. He shrugs going back to his plate. For some reason i had been seeking Justin out since i got back from my major mission where i had lost some of my memory, which had been a good two years ago. I went to him often than i went to Alex for stuff. I was kind of weird since before i had never talked to him the whole time i was at the program. But now he was my bestfriend. There was a clatter as Just's girlfriend set down her tray next to him and scutting close. She hatted my, thought i was going to steal her boy.
"Hi Justy how's my baby today?" She chirpped with with a sickly smile across her face. I rolled my eyes, she could be a bitch all she wanted Just wasn't going anywhere. Nor was i because i love my boyfriend. Just turned a bit red and shovled more eggs in his mouth.
"Sam you have got to stop teasing you boy like that, he's turning into a tamato." I snap at her though i was trying to sound nice. When it came to her there was no me being nice. Just gave me a wry look and i went back to focusing on my eggs. It still bbothered me that the eggs tatsted off to me. As did the coffee, i couldn't shake the taste that i remembered. It was so frustrating sometimes. I suddenly got made at my eggs so i got up and threw then out. Justin tried to say something as i walked by but i kept walking. I quickly went to my room and plopped down at my desk. I yanked open the bottom drawer and dug to the bottom. Finally i pulled out my secret sketchbook. I flipped it open to the lastest of my drawings. A half completed picture of the black wingged boy perched up in a tree starring at the night sky. He reminded me of the night he was dark and beautiful like a stary sky. Most of my sketches where of him, the otheres where the brown hair boy and the little fox girl.
I was deep in thought, putting the finishing toughes on his wings when there was a click at the door. I quickly shut the book but not before Alex walked in.
"Hey babygirl i'm back!" He said coming over to me, hugging my shoulders. "What's the matter?" He asks me when i don't say anything, i say nothing and just nuzzle into his elbow he does the same to my hair. I want to tell him about the dreams and the boy and the foxgirl. But something in the back of my mind screams to me not to, Zon has told us to tell him immedetly if we remember something or someone that we don't regonize. Tabz did that once and when i asked her about it later she had said that Zon had taken care of it. I didn't want Zon to take them away from me. I knew they where importent to me whoever they where.
"You alright babygirl?" Alex whispers in my ear, i nod running my fingers into his hair and scratching behind his dog ear. He moans softly and i giggle turnong my head to kiss him. He kisses me back and is too busy to notice me slip my sketchbook back into my drawer where it falls back to the bottom of the other junk i keep in there. I hear his things drop to the floor and before i know it he picks me up and carries me to the bed.
"Someone's not wasting time today." I laugh into his mouth he just shrugs and tosses me on the bed. I laugh bouncing as he jumps on the bed next to me. He climbs onto me and kisses my lips again before kissing my neck and the part of my chest that wasn't covered by my shirt. He suddenly stops and his body goes limp, i giggle to myself petting his hair. He falls asleep so fast when he gets back from these missions, the poor thing probably doesn't sleep much whens he out.
I pull the blanket over us and fall asleep myself. as i close my eyes i start to dream but then it turns into a vivd nightmare. One i hadden't had before, there was me and Tabz and another woman i had never seen before. She was standing between us and.....Zon. He was saying something about taking us to work for him. The woman screamede no that the program they had started was ruined by him. That he used his powers to make puppets, and that it was evil and she had never ment for it to be. I felt scared, very scared, Tabz arms fell around me holding me tight. We where both crying to scared to move or to run. The woman turns to us, yells at us to run away as far away as we can. Tabz yells to her no we can't leave our mother. But she only smiles at us and tells Tabz to keep me safe. She starts pulling me away, i try to sream no to her but she just picks me up and carries me away.
I jolt awake, Alex has rolled off me and is sound asleep next to me. I get up and run to my desk quickly getting my sketch book out not caring that i'm sending papers flying everywhere. I quickly open to a new page and hastaly sketch the woman from my dream. Trying to get evey detail i can before they escape me, i wanted to remember what my mother looked like. She had know Zon, but that wasn't the most important thing right now. I had to get her down, every detail of her, before she faded. This was my mother!!! Something told me that before know i haddn't know what she looked like. Tabz had been much younger, so i must have been no more than 4 or 5 when that happened.
There was a rustle from the bed that i didn't notice. Not until Alex was over my shoulder looking at my sketch. I stopped quickly and looked at him, only noticing then that i was crying.
"Who are you drawing?" He asked. I didn't know if i should close my book. But didn't since he had already saw it and he would only want to look at the other sketches i had made.
"My.....my mother." I said in a quiet voice. He looked at me in shock.
"Really? I didn't think anyone in the program had parents that they could remember. Where all orphans remember?" He says to me giving me a stern look. I nod closing the book. I knew what he ment. If i said anymore it would be dangerous. He bends down and collects the papers from the ground and hands them to me. I take then and replace the book back in its place with all the papers on top of it. I glnced at the clock it was only about 4 in the afternoon. "You want to get more sleep Alex?" I ask him, he shakes his head and keeps looking at me.
"Whats been going on?" He asks me. I shake my head telling him that i don't know. We both jump as my bracelet goes off. I look at it seeing that i have a mission right away. I quickly stand and kiss Alex before getting my gear and headng out the door. I'm pretty sure that as soon as i close the door he's going to look at my sketchbook but i didn't really care.
My bracelet buzzed again telling me to go see Zon. I stop for a moment wonderng what he could want, but i figure that it must just be a very importent mission i'm to go on. I quickly move though the hallways to Zon's office, it open when i get there so i just walk in.
"You called for me master." I say going into a deep bow as i stand before his desk.
"Yes i did, i have a special job for you today." He says from behind his desk sliding a file infront of me. I take it and open it, its the usual case file but it doesn't have any pictures of our targets. i quickly flip though it skimming it.
"Totem Lee and John'Night' Ruling?" I say reading the names of my targets outloud, Zon nods. "Says here they live in a small cabin with other demons in the woods. No record of trouble." I say looking at Zon questinaly.
"That on record my dear. Off record they have been causing us a host of trouble. I want you to take out thoes two as well as whoever is living in the cabin. They will cause us nothing but trouble in the future if they aren't all taken out now." He says, i nod but in my head i think that killing all thoes peole would be cruel, there are children living in the cabin. But i don't dare say anything to Zon, i have no choise but to kill these people.
"They have been attacking our agents and they're the ones who attacked you two years ago making you loss some of your memory." He says making all the sympothy for them run out of my head. If they have been attacking my family from the organization then they deserve to die no matter if they are children.
"Oh then i'll gladly take them out, Master." I say.
"Thats a good girl and i'll give you a reward when you get back."
"Thank you master."
"By the way Justin will fly you in about a mile from the cabin. Look sharp they have scouts who'll attack you."
"I will master." With that i bowed again and left the office. Jill rushed past me and slammed the office door shut. I could hear her yelling at Zon but it was too muffled to make it out. I shrugged and walked off to fing Justin.
Meanwhile in Zon's office.
"Are you out of your mind Zon!? Are you trying to have your reprograming on her fail!?!" Jill yelled at Zon who looked calm.
"It's been two years Jill. My programing on her is flawless, she hasn't had one problem. So why not test her a little?"
"Cause last time you did we had to do a whole reprogram on Tabitha and it's still doesn't work perfectly. And know you testing Julia with half the time!" Jill was pissed now, her eyes flashing. Zon was going to,mess up and exspose the program one of these days. But he thought there was no way for that to happen. They've been doing this for almost 15 years now and HQ had no idea.
"Fine whatever Zon." Jill said storming out of the office. Zon laughed and went back to his work, splitting to also go to his office at HQ that he had kindly taken from his twin brother.
Somewhere in the air.
The flight to the woods was quiet. Not that you could hear any words either of us might have said over the roar of the wind. I've never been to this area but it looked familiar. About two miles out i could see a small clearing in the trees. I signaled to Justin to take me down and soon we where in the tree tops.
"I'll stay up high in case anything goes wrong. Signal when you need me." He said before taking off again. I reached behind me and unlocked my katana so i could pull it out whenever i needed it. I took off silently though the trees. I looked quickly over the pictures that had been drawn from the descriptions givin in the report. They weren't much to go by but i would be able to tell Totem by the scar on his right eye and by John's inky black wings. They looked like the boys from my dream, so i had been dreaming of my attackers from the past two years all along. So why had Totem kissed me? And why did John always look so beautiful? They had tried to kill me. I suddenly got very angry and kicked the nearest tree, pissed that i had thought they where people importent to me. They where nothing but the people who attacked and tried to kill me. I couldn't wait to sink my katana into them and watch the light fade from their eyes. My head snapped up as i heard someone coming from the left and from the right. I wuickly jumped into the tree infront of me. Soon two small girls appeared below me. They looked identical with the same brown wings and curved silver bows.
"Someone came though the barrier." One said.
"I flet it too, but they got in so we must know them. The energy i flet was familiar but i can't think of who it is." The other siad.
"I'll report it to Totem, you go check around." The first one said before running off. I got comferable where i was and waited for dark, when i could travel under the cover of darkness. It wasn't long for the sun to set since it took most of the day to fly here. When it was dark enough i jumped down from the tree and morphed into my cat form. I quickly ran though the trees until i came to the cabin.
I stopped and just stared at it, it looked so hauntingly familiar. I shook my head telling myself thet of course it did. I had been here two years ago when they attacked me. I went to the window and morphed again peeking in. There was someone cooking and a boy helping him. It smelled good, i decided i would take some when i was done killing everyone. Then a little girl came in to help set the table. My jaw dropped, it was the little girl from my dream from the past two years. Only she was older, taller, with longer hair. My heart started to ache for something i couldn't think of.
Suddenly i heard a twig snap behind me. I spun around drawing my katana. There stood John carrying some wood for a fire. It fell to the ground as he say my face.
"J.....jewels!?!? Is that you?!?" He said, his voice shaking. I blinked not knowing what to do. He did seem surprised that i was alive, but not angry about, more like he was shocked and a bit relifed.
"Jewels? Julia!? What happened to you? What's with thoes tattoos? What happened to you 2 years ago?" He said stepping towards me. I stepped back and my back hit the side of the cabin.
"I don't know how you know my name but i don't know you!" I scream running at him about to cut him down. But he's fast, much faster than me. He grabbed my sword and hit my pressure point in my shoulder causing it to go flying. Then he hit behind,my knees making me fall. John was now on top of me looking down at me.
"Jewels what the hell happened to you? Why the hell are you trying to kill me? God dammit i thought you where f*ing dead!" His voice cracked before he pulled me into a hug.
I just let him, completly dumbfounded by his words. 'What the hell is going on? I've been at the program for more than two years right?' I thought. Nothing was making scene, nothing at all. I thrashed around trying to break from his grip but it was useless, he was stronger than me.
"Jewels calm down it's me Night." He said.
"I don't know you! I don't know you! I don't know you! Justin help!!" I screamed into the night. A few seconds later Justin landed near us. But before he could make a move Night drew a gun from the back of his pants and pointed it at him, without looking up at him.
"Move and die." He said in a growl. I looked at Just as he dropped his gun and sword, putting his hands up surrendering.
"No! Don't surrender to him! He tried to kill me 2 years ago! He'll kill us now!!" I screamed kicking my legs again. It wasn't part of our training to give up, we would die before we surrendered. I watched as his tattoos started to fade more and more every second as i struggled.
"I can exsplain everything to you. Just don't shoot me or you wont get her back." Just said. John looked at him then to me, then back to him.
"You better keep your word then, or i'll shoot you where you stand." Jihn said in a deadly voice focusing hiis gaze on me.
"Night what the hell is taking you so....." another boy said coming out of the cabin. The stopped dead when he saw us. "Long?" He finished his sentence looking utterly confused.
"Night is that Jewels?" He asked, Night nodded.
"And who are you?" He asks turning his attention to Just.
"My name is Justin. I'm an agent from a program that you probably have never heard about. Anyway my reprograming isn't very good, that's why your both not dead right now and my markings are faded. She's still under, so far under that her tattoos are almost black. I'm guessing you two know her but she doesn't remember either of you." He said looking completly calm.
"Justin what are you doing? Master will kill you if he finds out how much you just told them!" I yell trying to break free again. I didn't want him to be punished, didn't want to see him die.
"Totem what do you want to do?" Night asks looking at the second boy. He walked over to us and knelt next to me.
"Jewels do you remember anything? Any one?" He asked me. The look in his eyes was familiar.
".............the little foxgirl........." i said in a low voice.
"Alright lets see if she can help." Totem said getting up. "And you," he said grabbing Justin. "Your staying here. In a cell though, don't know if we can trust you."
"That's fine it's better than where we're from." Just said being lead into the cabin. Night puts his gun away and lifts me up. I try to break free but he ties my hands quickly and grabs my tail. I freeze, then hiss at him, the one thing i hate other people doing is touching my tail. I don't even let Alex touch it unless i'm in a really good mood.
"So your weakness is still your tail." Night said chuckling under his breath as he leads me into the cabin.

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kk1sweet said...
on Sep. 13 2013 at 2:30 pm
kk1sweet, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Everyone is weird in their own way, if your not weird than your weird for not being weird.

Thanks. i try to write so that the reader has to use their imagination to make the story really come to life in their head. 

C.Duncan GOLD said...
on Jul. 12 2013 at 12:06 am
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Favorite Quote:
"When the world tells you NO, you just gotta look it straight in the face and tell it YES"
-Lil Wayne

I really like the creativity on this piece. The storyline was also very well constructed. Although I would have liked to see a little more charachter description, I also liked that you gave just enough to let my imagination do the rest.  Keep up the great work.