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September 21, 2015
By AlgebraFalcon, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
AlgebraFalcon, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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In the distant future, Professor Frederick Nikolov launched a drive-based device dubbed the F.U.N., able to plug into the back of the user's head and control all 5 of their senses. The public now has their wildest dreams at their fingertips, and many seem to forgo reality in exchange for the existance the gadget offers. Unemployment skyrockets, suicides spike, and the stock market becomes a joke. Worst of all, the man behind such a machine grows more powerful than even the government.

A 25 year old recent college graduate has been resisting the F.U.N. for four years. After one is thrown into his arms, he discovers how twisted the Professor's philosophy is and decides to meet the Professor face-to-face. Will he be able to convince the Professor into ceasing and desisting the F.U.N. project? 

Tags: Philosophy

Luke K.


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