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The Girl Who Finally Got Her Answers

September 19, 2015
By majohndrow, Bristol, Connecticut
majohndrow, Bristol, Connecticut
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How far does it take for you to reach your breaking point? Does  the scale defind who you are? How much pain does it take for one to hold a razor to their own skin? 

I want this quote on the back cover" Its all for attention right? She cuts herself for attention right? She thinks about suicide everyday.She starves herself. She cries herself to sleep.She is brojen..But its all for attention right?

Madison J.

The Girl Who Finally Got Her Answers

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ljohndrow said...
on Sep. 28 2015 at 8:21 am
Madison, I cant even begin to describe how proud of you I am. You have faced so much over the last several years and have come out better and stronger on the other side. I am glad you realize you wont ever face a struggle alone. I love you mom xoxox