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The Kingdom of Allar

September 26, 2016
By Sunsetzero BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Sunsetzero BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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The kingdom of Allar is a place full of love and riches. Its ruler, Lord Desruk, is beloved by all his subjects, even the animals in Allar's forests respect him as royalty. Under Desruk's rule, hunger is unheard of in Allar, as is crime, thirst, and homelessness. Desruk also commands a mighty military, an army of ferocious warriors and powerful war wizards and witches. He is an inspiration, loved and revered, a warrior surpassed only by his strong and good-hearted wife.

When two bordering nations attack Allar, fearing that Allar will conquer them in the future, Desruk swoops down upon the enemy in full force, sending them back to their homes with their tails tucked tightly between their legs. But when the enemy countries summon two more allies to aid them in their assaults, Desruk fears for the future of his nation.


The Kingdom of Allar

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