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To Dust You Shall Return

January 28, 2021
By gconnor PLATINUM, Laplace, Louisiana
gconnor PLATINUM, Laplace, Louisiana
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There are always rumors. Rumors that the world will end and that the ‘last judgment’ will happen to the living and the dead. The words “And to dust, you shall return” becomes the quote most live their lives by. And to dust, you shall return. Dust. Not dirt, not soil, not mud. Dust. Why? Why dust? Why not dirt, or soil, or mud? Because dust is the most insignificant part of the earth. To clean is to get rid of dust. Dirt, soil, and mud are all necessary parts of the world we live in. Dust, not so much. We are the dust of the earth. We are the most insignificant part of the earth. We just don’t realize it until it is too late. Humankind, as it is known, will never be the same. Yes, humans consider themselves the smartest organisms on the earth. However, we were under attack all this time, yet we had no clue. Why is that? Because we spend so much time caught up in ourselves that we have no idea what is around us until it begins to affect our comfortable lives. The result? A destroyed world.

Gabi C.

To Dust You Shall Return

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