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Thank you Sage

October 25, 2021
By mahoney_12, Sherborn, Massachusetts
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mahoney_12, Sherborn, Massachusetts
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Author's note:

Hi, my name is Caroline Mahoney and i love to write inside and outside of school and I wrote this beaucuse one day I just started to day dream about waking up somewhere in a different uniniverse. so that is what inspirred me to do think about this. I hope that maybe this could get sharred out so others can see that short stories can be aout anything you think about.

The author's comments:

In order to understand this hsort story you must pay close attention to the little deatials that ay seam like they do not matter. So if something near the end seams like it might of related to something then go bak up to the begening and you may understand it then. 

I woke up on a normal day, a normal routine. Got up and went downstairs, made my breakfast and left for school. 

“Bye Mom I will see you later!”

“Bye Sage, love you!” Mom replied 

My dad disappeared around two years ago, his name is Ace.  And I have always been dreaming  about leaving this place and to wake up somewhere else where my dad was there. Not sure where but somewhere extraordinary. 

Later that night at 12:00 AM I was in bed as I normally would, got into bed and started to dream about that different universe. I spin, I am spinning and spinning. I fall into a pit of darkness. 

I slightly open my eyes to see blue, purple, and green, spiraling around me. I spring up to find myself in the universe I have been dreaming about for the past couple of months. There's a strong wind blowing in my face, a crisp ocean breeze. Then suddenly there's a figure running towards me.


I can't tell who it is, are they yelling my name? 

“Ace?” That was my dad's name, he kinda looks like a younger version of him. 

“OMG you have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to finally come, listen we now need to work together and find a way out you don't want to stay here this is not a good place.” Ace began.

“What do you mean this is a universe I have been dreaming ab-” I got interrupted. 

“I know I know, now I need you to listen to me. This planet is slowly but surely breaking and by the end of the month, it will be gone” Ace said softly. 

My dream world, the thing I look most forward to at the end of the day to think about is now dying.

“No, there's no way.”  I replied 

“I'm sorry Sage but we don't have time for you to be all sad but we have to save this world before it's too late, so follow me”  Ace said soothingly.

I followed Ace to this underground hole, and it looked like someone lived here.

“Do you live here?”

“Yes, I have been here for around 2 years and since then I have been waiting for someone to come, after the first couple of months I gave up and went off on my own.” complained Ace.

“I am terribly sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“No need to be sorry now hurry up we have to get a move on” hurried along Ace.

It felt like hours until we finally stopped and made it to the ice palace. There was a cool chilling breeze against my face, crisp as the break of dawn. It was a magical place for sure but what are we doing here? 

“Now listen we have to get inside without anyone seeing us” Ace began “once we get inside we take the ice gem and get out as quick as we can, understand?” Ace told me.

I took a moment to think of what to do.

“Come on, we don't have much time or they might see us.” Ace said. 

We got inside and I saw the ice gem but Ace resisted when I tried to go get the ice gem.

“It's not as simple as you think, follow me very carefully. Take one wrong step, your dead meat.” Ace said 

“DEAD MEAT!” I exclaimed. 

Ace was already 3 feet ahead of me. One step exactly the same steps should do it. This is easy what Ace was talking about. Dead meat, that's funny, I told myself.

Suddenly my foot slipped from below me and landed on this tile that fell to the bottom of the ice palace into complete darkness. A chill ran down my spine.

 “That was a close one '' I sighed in relief.

I then heard the collapsing sound of the walls around me. The block that fell set off an alarm.


The palace is falling, walls shattering, the floor caving in from underneath me. Chunks of the walls are collapsing, falling inches away from where I am headed. We have to get out of here before it encloses on us. Ace made it out, barriers of ice falling in my path. I slid under one of the ice blocks just before it hit the ground. 

“Phew, we made it out just in time, am I right? I said worrisome.

Oh no the ice gem I thought we came here for that one thing and I went ahead and screwed that up for us.

“ACE!! We have to go back there, we need the ice gem!!” I yelled.

“You mean this?” Ace says holding up the Ice Gem.

“Oh my goodness thank god” I slunched down.

But Ace was already on the move headed somewhere fast. Must be the next part to saving this world and getting out of here.

We arrived at this warm summer beachy day. A cool summer breeze against my crisp face. Now this can't be bad. I mean it looks like fun to me!?  

“Okay listen up this might seem cute and happy but no, this place is dreadful. We have to make it to the other side of this “ocean”. The thing is there are sharks surrounding this place.”  Ace says

That took more of a turn than expected.

“Well what are we going to get if we make it to the end?” I said hopefully.

“Then we get the second part out of 4 to save this planet and maybe finally go back home” Ace explained.

They were a little small, like pale white tiles spread out along this “ocean” we had to hope from each one to the next. As we made our way down further the tiles started to gain more distance between each other. Until…

“Come on ace we gotta keep going! Why did you sto-'' I froze. 

The tiles were there then the next second they were gone. I suddenly  heard this loud ringing in my ear. Sounded like a baby screaming 3 inches away from me. I looked up and saw this big clock. There was a timer going. 

“ACE! We have to go now, we have 3 minutes left and we have to make it to the end!!”

“I know, I know.” Ace says.

We both started leaping and hoping there would be something there to catch us. It just felt like we were floating on top of water. I made it to the end with 23 seconds left. Ace is still making his way.

Ace slipped. The tile was falling, I ran back, grabbed him and pulled him up.



Threw him across to the other side.


I did not make it



“Your timer is now up, the tiles will now fall into the sharks.” said the robot.

There I go I'm done, the tiles are now falling starting from the back. Slowly making its way towards me the tiles were too far apart now to jump and try to make it. 

“Did you think I was just going to watch you fall to your death?!” exclaimed Ace

The falling tiles were creeping up and now right on us.  Ace did one final leap. We made it!

“Congratulations you both finished the second challenge, here is the clue/object.”

The first item was a piece of paper saying: 

In order to complete and solve number 3  solve the riddle below and the                                                                                                      answer to it will be the answer to number ¾.. 


                       You go at red and stop at green 

                                     What am i?

        Go to the location of the answer (if you can figure it out..)

“A watermelon?! I remember hearing that riddle as a kid! ” Ace squealed

There was no time to stop and think so we ran to the watermelon field. As we ran I remembered the fact that this is our last journey and then we go home and this will all be gone. So I better enjoy this world while it lasts.

When we reached the watermelon field, we ran into this huge maze. Before we entered the maze, there were first some rules that we had to follow and read. It said:

Welcome to the watermelon maze 

Where you are going to have to find your way out and you will be able to leave           and this world be saved.

Here are the rules you are going to follow: 

Whenever you come across a gold watermelon write down the number on it on paper
At the end you will be asked the 4 digit code consisting of the four gold watermelons you found 
Don't get lost 
There is a 20 minute time limit 
“Your timer starts NOW!” the robot screamed. 

We ran off into the heart of the maze finding watermelons, but no gold ones yet. 

“HEY I found one!” I squealed.

We quickly wrote down the number 7. Kept on running to find another one. We found the 2ed gold watermelon, wrote down the number 5 and kept going. I later then stopped to take a break, picked up some watermelon and put it in my pocket so I could have a taste of it later. We found the third watermelon and wrote down the number 9 and headed off for the last one. 

“Here it is the last watermelon,” said Ace.

 The timer hit 0. I wrote down the last number, number 1. We stepped out of the maze and typed in the 4 digit code 7-5-9-1. I was then  asked to close my eyes and go back home now. Ace and the robot stood over me.

“Bye Sage I'll see you later, you saved this world. You saved me. I now get to go home.” Ace whispered. 

I closed my eyes and imagined my home, my bed, right where I was a month ago. Green, blue, and purple spiraled around me.

I woke up in my bed at the same spot, checked the time it read 12:01 AM. I was gone for a minute?. This was not a dream, I reached into my pocket to find the watermelon that I squished into my pocket before I left so I knew this was not a dream. I then woke up to hear my dad walking in to wake me up?

“Good Morning Sage I missed you” said Ace                 

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