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The Black Robin

March 3, 2011
By RachelDeNucci, campbell, New York
RachelDeNucci, Campbell, New York
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Everyone knows the tales of Robin Hood.....
Well, that's not MY story. My tale's much different. For one thing, I'm a women; for another, I am way better suited for the wooded life. Trust me, I've met this "Robin Hood" guy, he's nothing but a rich guy who thought he'd get a few extra female admirers by claiming to be the famous bandit, the Robin.
Of course to impersonate a bandit, you have to live like a bandit, in other words, live in the woods. Guess his masterful plan was to camp out in the forest until he "accidentally' revealed himself to some gossiping women. Great plan..... if it had worked. He ended up being rescued by the real Robin, never to try THAT scheme again.
But, as I was saying, my story is one of adventure and romance, danger and peace. My tale is of yours truly, Arai.


The Black Robin

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