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Files from the Black Lab.

May 17, 2011
By jayce BRONZE, n/a, Arkansas
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jayce BRONZE, N/a, Arkansas
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It's dark here, wherever I am. There’s an occasional light by every few doors. This place seems to be a dark hallway with far ends. There’s an eerie green glow emanating off the lights and tiled floor. There is an exit sign at the end casting a blood red color. I can’t see too much to the side of me. I don’t know where this is but it resembles a school hallway.
I start running, slow at first but out of fright I speed up. I hear troubled voices, they cry warnings, but I see no one. The end keeps getting closer and the exit sign gets more blinding. Then a girl shows up. She’s wearing a torn white dress. Her face is a sick grey color. Her mouth and eyes are purple. She looks slightly older than me, but it’s too dark to tell. Then her mouth opens as if to speak. And she says:
"Leave, don’t stay, like me," she warned, "It's not too late, for you at least."
She vanished, then the walls dissolved and it was just me. For awhile I was alone. No sounds, no movement, just me. I was scared; I’ve never seen a place like this. I have never floated in total darkness. Then lights started to shine through the dark, and I woke.

I was covered in a cold sweat. I sat in bed for a few minutes, trying to remember my dream. Even now it was becoming fuzzy, unfamiliar. It was like it happened years ago. But I was still tired. Almost as if I had run all night, and now that I think about it my legs are sore too. I get out of bed and barely make it to the shower. No one is up yet, the house is a still silence.

My name is Mark Hanson, I’m fifteen. I live here with my mom and younger brother, Tate. My father walked out on us when I was five and Tate was three. I don’t remember him at all.
I get out of the shower. The air has a cold chill covering my drenched body. It gave me a small jolt of pain, it helped me stay awake. I quickly get dressed and run down the stairs to prepare breakfast. Soon I have to wake up Tate and get to the bus or we will be late again.
I inhaled my food and woke up my brother. I made sure I didn’t wake up my mom, she would be upset. He got dressed and ate, and then we left and waited for the bus. We were both silent, obviously he didn’t sleep well either. He is usually very talkative. The bus arrived and picked us up. Tate took his seat near the front while I forced myself to the back. I decided to rest my eyes for just a minute. The light from the outside seemed to disappear, instead total darkness filled.
Lights began to mold themselves into the darkness. I was dreaming of the same place, I couldn’t see much but I had the same feeling. Voices filled my thoughts, but this time I could understand them.
“Turn back”, “Don’t join us”, “You will hate it here”.
These were all cries, and more. I was beginning to be frightened; the green glow was fiercer. The exit sign was farther but seemed to pull me closer. I saw the girl again. This time she wasn’t alone. A boy was with her, they were both crying. It brought my spirit down, and I just had to see what was wrong. I start running to them; I was no longer scared, but more anxious.
“Hello? What’s wrong?” I said.
They turned simultaneously. They both looked the same; they looked as if they were attacked or sick. It was, without a doubt, the same girl from my dream last night. But the boy looked unfamiliar.
“He’s dead.” She said, and continued to cry.
“Who did?” I asked.
The little boy pointed towards the wall. I saw another boy slouched against the wall. He wasn’t breathing.
“He did,” he said.
I looked at the dead body, I lifted his head and I saw something horrible. So frightening it woke me instantly. It was me.
I sat silent for the rest of the ride. I still felt tired, even though I just rested. My heart was still racing. My face kept running through my mind. It was pale white, my eyes were closed as if asleep, but there was no breath. It looked like I had been dead for a long time. But I was pretty sure it was just a dream.
We arrived quickly; I saw the sign that said Bay View School District. Kids started to pile off the bus, I was last off. I forced myself to the High school building. It was a dark morning. It looked as if it was going to storm today. The sunlight was dimmed by the thick grey clouds, and it started to rain. I ran inside to shelter.
“You’re late.” Mrs. Young said. She’s the high school’s English teacher.
“Yes ma’am, I know. Our bus just got here.”
“Well take a seat and don’t disrupt my class.”
I took a seat in the very back. The rain was heavy. It sounded like a thousand drummers on the roof. My head throbbed. My lack of sleep has caused a migraine. I kept remembering the faces of the children. Tears filled their purpled eyes. Mrs. Young wrote down our assignment and walked to her computer silently. It was too bright in this room; it made it hard for me to see with my massive headache. I started to work.
After first hour I went to Chemistry. I smelled a rush of fumes as I walked into class. Dr. Genova was sitting at his desk as usual. I was first to class this time.
“Do you want to earn a little money today?” He asked.
“Sure, what is it you want me to do?”
“I want you to move some boxes into the lab during reading hour. That is if your teacher will let you. I’ll pay you ten dollars.”
“Um, sure I guess I could do that.”
He gave me a thank you smile and went back to his computer. People started to show up right after that to take their seats. Then the loud piercing bell rang. Dr. Genova got up and started writing notes on the board. He told us we would have a test over chapter nine tomorrow. He gave us a review and gave us the correct answers. The rest of the hour we sat and studied in silence.
The bell rang again. Everyone flooded out, and the next two hours seemed to drag on. Long boring lectures about things nobody cared about. Then finally it was time for lunch. I stood in line to collect my lunch. It was turkey and mashed potatoes. I got my tray and walked to sit by Trey, John, Hannah, and Ashley. I got there in the middle of a conversation. They paused and looked at me with a puzzled look.
“What happened to you?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah you look horrible.” John added.
“I didn’t sleep too well last night.” I said.
“Ok, whatever. O well have you heard the news?” Asked Ashley.
“What news?”
“I heard some teachers talking; someone is getting fired for sexually offending Mrs. Young. I couldn’t tell who it was but still.”
“I wonder who it was,” said trey.
“It was probably the janitor, he kinda creeps me out,” said john, “He is always giving people weird looks.”
I just sat there, oblivious to anything they said. I was too tired to understand it properly anyways. My entire brain was fried and I was ready to earn my money and go home. I ate in silence, I forced myself to eat then I left for reading hour. I went to Mrs. Douglas, my reading hour teacher, and got permission to leave. I went straight to Dr. Genova’s classroom. Headed towards the back, and entered the lab. He wasn’t here, but there was a ten-dollar bill attached to a note that read:

Sorry, had to leave quickly. The boxes go in the closet in the back. Once you get done please lock the lab.
I marveled over his perfect handwriting for a few minutes but then slipped the money in my pocket. I noticed I was starting to slip into dreaming again so I moved quickly to wake up. The lab was dark; it had a mysterious tint to it. It never seemed this dark when we worked here; maybe I just never paid attention to it. I started to move the boxes along the wide open lab. The floors were white tiled and cracking a little. The walls were a blank white with an occasional poster about chemicals. There were aprons and goggles just like every laboratory. The sinks were dark and dingy and the faucets were dry. There were animal cages stacked up on the far wall. They each had an animal in them. The closet door was at the end of a short hallway. It was dark but I could see the door. The hall seemed to resemble the one in my dream just slightly. Except there were no green lights and it’s too short, but there is an exit sign and a brown escape door.
I started to lift the boxes; they were mostly light to a little heavy, most likely new beakers and goggles. I got down to my last box; it was labeled ‘Genova cells’. It was heavy; it felt like there was a liquid moving around in it. It was probably new chemicals for our labs. But I had a bad feeling in my stomach; I just ignored it, it was probably the smell of the lab; It smelled like chemicals. I finished stacking the last box and took a break and looked at the animals. There was a monkey, it was eating dry food. Then there was an ant farm, I could see little ants working their way through their tunnels. Then I got to the rat cage. It smelled horrible even before I got to it. I looked inside and saw three dead rats on the cage floor. Their fur had been changed to a grayish-green color. It made me even sicker to my stomach. There was what looked like vomit in their mouths. I started to run, I turned off the lights in a hurry and slammed the door and locked it.
I made it back to reading and started to read for the remainder of the hour. The bell soon rang and we started real class. I didn’t do much the rest of the day, or at least I don’t remember much of it. Oh well it really didn’t matter to me. The last bell rang and the doors flooded open and we scattered like escaped prisoners. There were twelve or so buses lined up in a line along the curb. I moved towards the second bus. It had stopped raining since this morning, but the gloom still hung in the air. I boarded the bus and drowned out all the yells and voices of annoying children. I started to think about what was said over lunch. It didn’t matter to me much who was getting fired but I still wondered. I remembered the money I earned and thought about going to the store when I got off.
The bus started off on its way. I had a long ride ahead of me. I lived out of the city on the other end. The mental image of the dead rat corpses filled my head. I lost my appetite and felt like puking again. Only this time it was worse, I was on a moving bus that wouldn’t stop. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly and felt better. I started to listen to my MP3 player and passed the time away.
I got off the bus after Tate. He ran straight into the house but I took off towards the store on the corner. I went in and got a Coke and a chocolate bar. I paid and quickly exited. I had nearly seven dollars left. I shoved my money in my pocket and walked towards my house. I ate my chocolate bar, and then I started to drink my soda. I could use all the caffeine I could get. I didn’t want to fall asleep again. I arrived to my house; I looked at it before I went in. It was dark red, almost a peaceful dreamy color. The shutters were a fading grey; the bushes were dying due to the fall overcast. The windows were dark; there was a flicker from the TV but not much else.
I enter my home. There is warmth about being here; there was a sense of safety, absent from Bay View. I rested on the comfortable couch. The walls were an off white sort of color. The TV was showing some weird show my brother loves. I just ignored it and laid there for a while. My mother was still at work. She didn’t get off until midnight.. I was in charge of cooking and Tate was in charge of cleaning. I sat there thinking of what I would cook tonight. I forced myself up and looked through the pantry. There was spaghetti noodles and sauce, I was too tired to think about it so I just grabbed it off the shelf and started to cook.
We ate in near silence. It was better than arguing. The spaghetti wasn’t my best but it was better than school food by a long shot. I finished up and my brother cleaned up. I went up to my room and played games online. They were boring but it passed the time for a while. I turned on my TV and music on full blast to keep me awake.
I got to about 10:20 and I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I turned off all my music and turned my TV down low. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and fell into dreaming. It wasn’t so frightening this time. I started walking through a bright room. The walls and floors were white. The floor was cracked in places. The voices this time were calling me. They wanted me to see something. Their voices were angelic, it made me feel safe and welcomed. I didn’t want to leave this place. I could stay here forever. The girl showed up again, but this time she looked better. Her dress was perfect and flowing. There were no rips in her dress and her face looked like she was still living, it had color again instead of the deathly grey. Her eyes gave a loving glare, and I was lost in them. She spoke to me.
“Come, let me show you.” Her voice was perfect. “I want you to see this.”
I followed her and we were together in the Chemistry lab. It was in no way like my former dreams. This was amazing. I could stay here and never wake up.
“Now look,” she pointed towards the closet, the door was open and a box had fallen and smashed. There was a green liquid running out of the box. I could see the fumes emanating off the liquid. It still didn’t matter to me; I was in my own heaven. I took her hand and we walked off. I didn’t get far before a foreign light blinded me.
I woke up instantly. I was kind of disappointed but I felt better having more sleep. I continued on to my normal morning routine with less resistance as yesterday. I seemed to glide down the stairs and I ate with more ease. I went upstairs to check on Tate. I woke him up and he said he was too tired he was staying home. I didn’t care either way; he wasn’t my responsibility.
I waited outside for the bus. It was still a dark morning but I seemed to notice it less. I was feeling more refreshed and I couldn’t wait for school. The bus arrived and I got on. In the morning I noticed there is a huge reduction in noise. It makes it almost peaceful. The bus took off and accelerated and I sat there remembering my dream. I want to go there again but I can’t, I’m not tired yet.
We arrived to school on time this morning. I made it to English on time, took my seat and did my work. After about fifteen minutes we started to watch a movie. I didn’t pay enough attention to tell what it was. I was daydreaming, and couldn’t wait for next hour. The bell sounded and I walked to Chemistry. When I walked in I noticed Dr. Genova wasn’t there. There wasn’t even a substitute in the class room. The lab door was open a little and a faint glow seemed to show out of it. I smelled a weird smell; it didn’t smell like the normal chemicals. This had a sour dead smell. I pulled open the door and entered into the lab. It seemed fine at first, then I looked to the hallway and saw the door had burst open and the box label ‘Genova cells’ had fallen and a green liquid pooled up in the floor. The back door was wide open and I heard worried voices. One sounded like Genova’s but the other I didn’t recognize. They sounded worried, they were arguing quietly. Then another voice appeared, I couldn’t stop myself I peeked out the small window and I saw two men dressed in green suits covering their face and body. I saw Dr. Genova arguing intensely about something. I soon realized they were arguing about the mess in the lab. One of them turned in my direction and I ran off quickly.
I got back to the classroom; my heart was racing a mile a minute. I was hoping he didn’t see me. I took my seat in the back and waited for class to start. After fifteen minutes of waiting Dr. Genova walked in. Following close behind him were the suited men.
“Students, calm down, please,” Genova said, “these men have a word to say.”
“There has been an accident,” Man One said.
“Yes, we need everyone in this room to exit and head to the courtyard.” Man two said.
Everyone left slowly, there was mumbling in the crowd. The hallway was full of kids; obviously we aren’t the only ones. All of us had worried looks on our faces. Men in green suits flowed out of every room. They followed behind us keeping the crowd moving.
We all gathered in a circle, I stood by my friends. They were mumbling about some disaster. A man forced his way to the center. He was holding a megaphone and was wearing a green suit. His said Biohazard Control Captain on the back. His face was barely visible through the screen on the suit. He pulled the megaphone up to his face and begun to speak.
“Hello, my name is Thomas Womack; I’m here to inform you that there has been a small accident in the chemistry lab. A harmless disease has been spilled on the floor. We ask that, for the safety of the outside world, that you stay here until we can create a vaccine. There will be sleeping arrangements made for you all. You might be here for a week or so but don’t worry, you will all be safe. My group and I will be in the Biohazard Central tent set up at the center of campus. Please do not enter unless there is an emergency, we will be running tests on this disease. We have set up electric fences along the school borders. Now enjoy the rest of your day, thank you. Good-bye.”
He passed by us without a passing glance, I heard him speak into his phone.
“Cut power to the buildings, put full power on the gates, no one gets in and no one gets out.”
Instantly I worried, I wouldn’t be at home to cook for my brother. My mom would be mad at me, and I would have a hard time explaining this. Hopefully this makes the news or she gets the word. Then I remembered my dream last night, the green liquid running into a pool in the floor, I could see and smell the fumes. Then I remembered the lab today, it was the same as my dream. Maybe it was a warning, but it was too late now. We were stuck here, and if that wasn’t bad enough people already started to feel sick. I was reminded of Genova’s rats. I remembered their sickly looking fur, the vomit, and their lifeless bodies. I started to get scared.
The rest of the day was boring; they called off class due to the rapid spread of the disease. The Biohazard people claimed it was minor. They said it would go away as if it was the flu. I still didn’t have a good feeling about this. Something in my head told me it was wrong, terribly wrong.
It was nighttime and the schools set curfew was in 15 minutes. I was already in bed waiting. The lights would soon go out and I could sleep. I closed my eyes and waited. I soon heard one of the teachers through the megaphone.
“Time for lights out; get in your bed and no talking.”
I closed my eyes and the darkness dissolved away. I was in the lab and so was the girl. She looked the same as light night. She still had a beautiful glow and an inviting glare. I was tired of this I was about to ask for her name when…
“You were wondering what my name is? Well, my name is Angela. I am here for your safety. I appear to you in the form of the message I bring. If I have a warning to bring, I appear as a horrifying person. But if the message is good or if I’m here to talk day I appear as I am now. I have always been in your dreams; I just haven’t revealed myself to you until now. I’ve had no need.”
“So what do you want with me?”
“You are the last chance for your schoolmates, you must….”
“What? What must I do?”
She began to speak but then this world dissolved around me. Her face dissipated right in front of my eyes. A voice loud and protruding came from the darkness.
“Wake up. It’s time to wake up.”
People all around me started to rise like the living dead.
“Good morning, please rise and take showers, we have provided shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and all the essentials. Breakfast is in thirty minutes, now enjoy your morning.”
I looked around, it seemed like there were less people than last night. They must have gotten up early. I tried not to think about it too much, I didn’t want to ruin my morning.
It was a little awkward showering at school. The teachers prepared the showers and places dividers between each shower head. The water was warm; it fell on my body like warm rain. I washed my hair and body and quickly got out. I brushed my hair and teeth and walked to the cafeteria for breakfast.
They were serving real food this morning. There were eggs, bacon, pancakes, oranges, orange juice, and you name it. The first time they served real food. My friends gathered around me.
“Hey have you noticed, there are less people here.” Ashley said.
“I know, I heard they are being tested by Thomas and his thugs.” Trey said kind of nervously.
“I’m pretty sure it’s just a rumor. They are probably still in the showers.” I said.
“No, I was just there, there’s maybe one or two people left.”
I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless; I just ate in silence, again. I sat thinking about the warning Angela gave me. But I didn’t know how to stop this. Then a small voice came to me.
You can fix this; you just have to use your brain. Remember I’ll be here to help you along the way.
I thought about that message all day long. I couldn’t think of anything to do. People were disappearing rapidly. The school population was down to about seven hundred and fifty. That was when it came to me.

I looked into the sky; it was a twilight color. The night was coming closer and closer. The Biohazard people had sent for helicopter patrol. There were two flying and two on break. From the center of the campus I could see smoke rising. I decided to check it out. I started sneaking around the campus towards the center. I stood behind a corner and looked over. At the Biohazard Building was a giant furnace. It looked capable of burning anything without a trace. In my mind I could see these bio creeps throwing bodies into it. But it was just my mind making up for the lost kids.
I was alone, just the way I liked it. I didn’t have to worry about someone else accidentally blowing my cover. I could investigate more thoroughly. I maneuvered through to the Bio tent. It was huge; it looked like five circus tents only it was green. A mysterious glow came from the tent fibers. I could hear a whirring sound of machines working inside. There were men talking inside, one of them I recognized as Thomas.
“The disease is working just as expected sir. With a week they will be gone and we can leave.”
“Good, we have finally perfected the ultimate war machine. After this we can get everything we want. We will be rich; people will bow to us and look up to us for once.” Said the voice I recognized as Thomas.
I was scared; people were dying and it was because of these people. I got to talk to Genova. I got to see why he created this monster. I ran and ran searching for him. I looked everywhere except the lab. I went to the lab and he was there. He looked horrible; it was obvious he had been drinking.
“Dr. Genova?”

“Yeah, what do you want?” He asked with a drunken slur.
“I need to ask you a question. Why did you create this disease?”
“I—I didn’t. I was convicted of harassing another teacher. They refused to renew my contract; it was going to end at the end of this year. I don’t know how but Thomas heard of it.” He burped and hiccupped a little,” He came to me with a box labeled ‘Genova Cells’, He offered me twenty-thousand dollars to test it on my animals here. I never meant for it to get out, but he did. He knew the disease would spread. They came to me before second hour yesterday and told me everything. I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do now, and once you get it you can’t be cured; you die within twenty-four hours.”
It was starting to get dark and I had a plan. Before curfew I would gather all the people I could. The teacher wouldn’t notice they already know about what’s happening. I stood outside asking all my friends, and people who looked willing, to go to the chemistry lab.
There was chatter among everyone as they were trying to resolve this problem. I got up in front of them and told them everything. Some of them started to freak out but gave that up quick.
“People, I have a plan. In the trap-shooting room there are rifles and some practice bullets. I need a small group of you to go and gather fifty rifles and as many bullets as you can get. I need another bunch of you to figure out how to make and explosive; and when you do and a small dose of the disease to it. I have walkie-talkies, not enough for everyone but if we get into groups of two or three we will have enough. I need a group of war strategists to write a blueprint for battle here against these biohazard people.”
“I can make Molotov cocktails for everyone. I can lace them with an experimental acid of mine.” Genova said.
I was excited people started to scatter into groups, within an hour we had at least a hundred people working for the group. We had enough guns and explosives to work with. Now we were in the process of adding the disease to the bullets. It wasn’t that hard after a while, we just had a lot of bullets; by far enough for everyone with a rifle. The people who didn’t get a gun got to be in charge of setting the explosives, and everyone got a Molotov cocktail.
We finished making weapons and we managed to make a blueprint of the school. I was marked down to go with Colene and Andrew to the Bio tent. There were gunmen all along the fence so we had to be agile; there were at least two-hundred of them and a hundred Biohazard people. John and Trey were stationed to sneak to the main power grid for the fences. Ashley, Hannah, and Alan were at the helicopter garage. There was a bunch of other people scattered all over the campus. My first attack would be the trigger for the strike.
Mark has stationed us here. It was dark; too dark to make out the figures of the black helicopters. It would be a miracle if we could plant any explosive in them. We stumbled around in the dark until we hit a huge metallic object. It was cold; obvious it hasn’t been flown in hours.
“Hey Alan, we found one, do you want us to plant the bomb now?” Ashley asked.
“Yes, light it then run, I’ll get the door, just run,” I said.
I heard a Match strike; then I saw small flames. I heard the sound of a fuse burning. The door slammed open and Ashley and Hannah ran. I ran to the door. I stared into the starry night. I could see the stars reflect over the dark ocean. The waves crashed and for once I felt one with the night. The reflection was almost perfect; I could stay like this forever.
Then the world around me lit up. Bright colors of red, light blue, and yellow flew past my eyes. It all of a sudden was really warm. It all happened in slow motion. I was launched several feet forwards. My body collided and rolled onto the ground. I was too confused to feel too much pain. Flames and hot oil engulfed my body and I realized what had happened.
The explosion was huge; it caught the attention of everyone in Bio center. They started running towards the garage. I looked down and noticed Alan was no longer on my receiver. I know I didn’t know him very well, but this one is for Alan.
I took my Molotov cocktail, lit it and threw it what seemed like a hundred feet. It flew into the Bio tent and it went up in flames quickly. Andrew and Colene did the same. Several people escaped the tent. Most of them were burnt all over. The ones that didn’t make it out were lying on the ground in flames. All of a sudden all corners the campus lit up. Next were the outer buildings. Flames rose into the sky at least thirty feet. It didn’t seem like it was night time anymore.
The Biohazard members were scrambling in every direction. The helicopters still operating were searching for us I could tell. I grabbed one of my rifles and shot straight upwards five or six times. I shot one of the headlights out and the copter was flying around misguided. Neither one of them had ground communication anymore. I shot again, this time hitting the propeller base dead on. Sparks flew from it in all colors. The blades sprung off and the helicopter flew straight into the other copter. There was a huge flash of lights; everyone on the ground stood still, even the gunmen. The wreckage crashed right onto the furnace and molten metal flew everywhere
What was left of the green suited men joined the gunmen with arms. They started to retaliate quickly. The bullets flew like mad. People were dying left and right. The gunmen who were hit didn’t die at first but started to grow weak and ill. With that we were at an advantage.
I quickly got scared, I called the Head Base.
“Um, sir we have a problem here. The kids started to rebel and we aren’t doing so well.” I said.
“You mean to tell me Thomas that you screwed up and let a bunch of kids run all over you?”
“No sir, I’m saying that at all,” I said with a failing voice, “It’s just, they found guns sir. They packed the bullets with the disease. They also created an acid bomb. They set fire to our base, they destroyed our helicopters, and our Bio crew is dying fast.”
“Ok, here’s the deal. We are going to send in more men. We are going to take them captive in Genova’s lab. Seal the exit and keep guards there. After a day or so we will send in an airstrike to obliterate the campus. If you fail this you will die. Do you understand Mr. Womack?”
“Yes sir,” I said nervously.
There was a click on the other end. I put the phone down on its cradle and sighed heavily. Now I wait for the reinforcements.
They came just in time. The kids were about to escape. A lot of them fell to gunfire but they still kept showing up from the shadows. We still can’t find the leader, and this looks way too organized to be a random assault. The brats were taken into captivity fast, they ran out of ammo and we moved in. We locked the doors and sealed them. There were five guards on every side of the lab. No one would escape this.
Maybe now I can get paid and leave this dump. We have no incinerator to burn the bodies anymore so there were corpses everywhere.
I was half a mile up the road when I saw my friends go into captivity. But it was just me for now until I get home. The only survival tactic was to be my own team now. I escaped directly in the middle of warfare. No one was looking so I sneaked out through the broken fence.
There was nothing ahead of me except road and darkness. I would take the back way home; avoid anymore unexpected troops. It was a dark and cold night without the flames to surround me. I thought of Angela and wondered if she would show up in my dreams anymore.
Turn back. Your friends need you to escape. They will die if you leave them.
“But most of them are already infected with the disease.”
There is a cure; it is in the remains of the Bio center.
I still wasn’t going to turn back. If they need the cure they can get it themselves.
Then I stopped; I was probably already infected. If I go home I will kill my family and then it will spread. I turned around; I started to run in the direction of the school.

I made it back to the school; the flames were little flickers on the ground and walls. It was barely enough light for what I was about to do. I swiftly moved to the center of the campus. I examined the burnt remains of the tent. The poles still emitted warmth that surrounded me in the center of it. I sifted through the dirt and ashes; avoiding the burnt corpses.
I found ten vials of a blue liquid substance. I got the strong feeling this was what I was looking for. I slipped them into my jacket and pant pockets. I headed in the direction of the chemistry lab. When I got there I acted confused and disoriented. They quickly grabbed me and shoved me into the door with everyone else.
“Mark? Is that you?” A familiar voice said.
I turned around and Dr. Genova was standing there. Behind him were all of my friends. In the corner were several other kids I barely knew. The room was a shady grey color. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a vial.
“Yeah, I came back to help you all. This is the cure, there is enough for everyone.”
“It’s too late; they are sending to wipe us out for good. Within the next few hours we will all be gone,” John said with worry in his face.
Maybe this is the end.
No, not yet. There’s still a chance, they can still escape. Just get them to take the cure.
I convinced everyone to take the cure while sat and waited; I had a plan.
We sat for hours and after a while we heard the sound of a giant plane in the distance. The guards were gone and I grabbed a pick. I jiggled it around in the keyhole until the lock clicked. I turned the knob and the door opened. Everyone in the room flooded out except for me. I watched as everyone ran out of the lab. My feet were hundred pound weights, they wouldn’t move. I felt an eerie presence as the plane drew closer.
I turned around and there she was; she was calling me over. The resistance was too much to bear and I started to move. I turned around and everyone was running across the campus quickly. I turned back around and she was motioning for me to move closer. Her eyes were still so inviting, I couldn’t deny them. I started to walk towards her again. That’s when it happened; there was a loud whistling sound. It drew nearer and louder. Soon it was almost on top of us. Time slowed down instantly and for a minute I was alone and it hit. My body was thrust forward towards the wall at the end of the hallway. Even though it was short it felt like it was a mile long. The exit sign casted a creepy red glow along with green light from the closet. My back hit first; then it was my neck.
The explosion light up the twilight sky. I wondered if he got out in time. I was worried; we all stopped and ran back towards the lab except for a few. I was the first to make it. The door and most of the walls were destroyed. I looked towards what was left of the lab and saw his body. We ran towards him with fear.
“Oh my god,” I said.
“Everyone get back; he’s in pain. Give him some room,” John said.
A random voice yelled out, “This isn’t possible; we can’t let this happen he saved us.”
“I’m sorry, I let this happen. I’m dying, it’s too late for me,” I coughed and a jolt of pain ran through me, then darkness covered my eyes.
We were scared; his neck was bent in a way that it made me feel pain. There was blood pouring from his hairline. It flowed onto his unmoving face. There were tears running down my face. How could I let this happen? This isn’t fair.
There was nothing after that; just a dark serenity and I was floating in nowhere. I closed my eyes and my body and soul ripped apart in a painful split; and I drifted off into nothingness.
Letters to Mrs. Hanson- August 5

I’m sorry to inform you but your son’s cranial report has been verified and he needs to be operated on immediately. His brain has showed patterns of extreme schizophrenia and flashes of dangerous delusions. If he doesn’t get this operation quick he will most likely hurt himself and people around him.

My sincere apologies-

Dr. G

Dear Dr. G- August 7
I can’t let you operate on him there is nothing wrong. I live with him I would know. He, I will admit, is a little strange but he has never hurt anyone. He has never shown any patterns of aggression and he is a very bright person. He is doing well in school and has a great future ahead; I will not let you ruin it for him by some crazy brain surgery. I’m sorry but you’re not hurting my son.

Mrs. Hanson

Dear Mrs. Hanson August 8
It’s gotten even worse. He claims to have visions of a spirit he calls Angela. Each day he is getting worse and it’s almost too late for him. If we don’t act now we will all be in danger. If you don’t hand him over for surgery we will call in professional help and if you still deny us you will go into custody. I’m sorry its come down to this but it’s for the best.

Dr. G

Mass murder at local institute.

On August 21st a kid by the name Mark Hanson, age fifteen, was admitted into the local Bay View Mental Institution. Soon after admittance he started to show signs of restraint and extreme schizophrenia. He started scheming against the officials in charge. He claimed a killer disease broke out and they were holding them to their death. Upon that he started to create his own explosives alone in his room. He quickly set and detonated these explosives in key areas in the building: one in the boiler room, and several in bedrooms and fire escapes. The place went up in flames and only several people escaped. One key witness gave us this info but we are still searching for more at the moment. He is survived by his mother Trudy Hanson and his brother Tate Hanson.

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Favorite Quote:
Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? ~ Albus Dumbledore

4 stars! I love the idea of the book (: You also seem to tell things in a way that sounds real and believable. Good grammar and punctuation, which is surprisingly hard to come by. I would work on your sentence starters though. Like, you'll start a sentence with There and the next sentence will start with There. Some paragraphs feel like a long run-on. Check out my novel Shaya's Story, please. And don't forget to rate.(: Keep adding more chapters!