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Generation 89

May 30, 2011
By BlackThunderess BRONZE, Richland, Washington
BlackThunderess BRONZE, Richland, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Let me see your badge.... It's just a star. Just another symbol. Your talisman. It can't stop criminals in their tracks, can it? It has power because you believe it does." ~Sally Owens


Katahae is a Gen 89, with her own special power-- telekinesis. She's getting along fine until she discovers the He is out to kill her. Katahae's only choice is to run-- or die.
Juno is a Gen 89 in disguise. He works for Him, but her decides to bail on his mission when he has to bring another Gen 89 to Him. Instead, Juno makes a desperate attempt to escape, bringing the girl, Katahae with him.
There's only one question left.
Can they make it out alive?

Melissa Y.

Generation 89

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