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June 28, 2011
By hjbun, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
hjbun, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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"Thieves! Come back here, or you'll get a taste of my gunpowder!" someone shouted from behind us. More shouts and screams came, followed by gun fire.
I laughed. This was the life. I loved chases like this. The adrenaline rush it gave you was amazing. I looked over my shoulder at Thomas, and he smiled at me, clearly enjoying this too. We were in a chase. Us, obviously, the bad guys. Trees flew past us, branches and twigs whipping my face. I let it sting. I was used to it.
We were running. Running for our lives that is. My snow white hair flew behind me, long and thick. The breeze on my purple skin never felt so good. My red eyes were squinting in the sunlight. The shouts got closer, and I heard hooves gaining on us. Horses. Crap.
"Lilly, they're coming." Thomas said a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He said it loud, so the chasers behind us would hear.
"What will we ever do?!" I yelled back. We laughed, and gained speed.
"You aren't going to get away with this, thieves!" said a guard. I looked back, to see a tall man with broad shoulders on a black horse, not five yards away. His dark armor shone in the light, but even so, a scowl shone on his cruel face.
He was right. We were thieves. We had been stealing for a steady three years now. It was easy for us. We always had a plan, and we always got away.



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