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June 28, 2011
By wearewed BRONZE, arlington, Virginia
wearewed BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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never let your eyes tell your heart what to feel but let your heart teel your eyes what to see


Six freaks of the world, when they're offered a home and a way to escape the cruel looks of others all they have to do is protect the city, but for Cesar who can't stop dealing with his past love isn't what he needs when he meets beautifully strange Imani and starts to fall hard for her he's angry.
Angry enough to push her over.
Imani came here to this place to escape the cruel wretched hand of her father, she doesn't know love, until she meets Cesar. Cesar is no better than her father though and it hurts.
her father left scars on her body.
And Cesar leaves Scars on her heart

Maddy D.


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