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September 25, 2011
By L.A.Hashi BRONZE, burnsville, Minnesota
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L.A.Hashi BRONZE, Burnsville, Minnesota
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"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

The author's comments:
This prolog starts with the sister goddess in their temple and Diana has a vision about Nyx`s death which leads to her choosing to become evil and making the prophecy true...keep reading

Flower petals covered the path to the Ash temple where the goddess lived.Deirymore was never more beautiful than during the fall; the temple was on top of a hill that was surrounded by the Soul River on its right and the Dark forest on its left. No one really knew what was over the Soul River except that it’s where the dead belonged. Every second there was a soul crossing the river to the other side; Humans have called It many things over time, the elysian fields, heaven, the Sidhe realm, the underworld and the hereafter. Yet there was always soul’s that refused to cross over and they lived beyond the Dark forest in Neverland were evil monstrous creatures lived. The Neverlanders were always at war with Deirymore, but the goddesses have always protected their realm as well as the human realm. However the Neverlanders are growing stronger every time they recruited a new spirit and their growing powers have helped them sneak into the human realm without the goddess’s knowledge where they wreak havoc. The goddesses cannot stop them because the humans chose to let the Neverlanders Tempe them and the goddesses could not take away their free will. So to retaliate they gave the pure humans who were not tempted some powerful gifts such as the power of sight, the power to control time, telepathic abilities, the ability to shift into different animals, and the power of immortality; thus restoring the balance of yin and yang for a short time, at least. The temple was very vast for it covered most of Deirymore with its beautiful gold statues of the goddesses.

“What’s going on…Why have you called me here” Nyx gritted her teeth at her sisters. Diana sat on the edge of her small pond with her fingers lacing through the water while the fish gravitated toward her. Ceres sighed at Nyx while she feed her birds near her ash tree; The ash tree’s branches leaned toward Ceres seeking her warmth and she smiled back at it.
“You would not have asked you to come if it were not important sister…your impatient behaviour is become dangerously similar to the mortals” Ceres serenely said.
“I had a vision of you sister” Diana turned her worried eyes on her sister.
“And it had made us grow concerned for you” Ceres finished.
“What did you see”? Nyx waved her hand dismissively at her sister’s concern.
“A saw a very powerful girl kill you centuries from now”. Nyx stood in front of her sister with wide eyes fearful for the first time in her existence and she found the human emotion distasteful. Yet she could not dismiss her sister’s vision for they always came true.
“Why” Nyx asked with a trembled voice. Ceres crossed the room and sat beside Diana while Nyx grew angry.
“I do not know…This child blocks my vision, but I did see your death in her hands very clearly” Diana looked faraway while Nyx shuttered at the very idea of her demise.
“ You are wrong…if you cannot see the girl than you might not see me kill her…maybe she tried to kill me, but I stopped her” She argued.
“No! You know my visions always come true and she might have blocked who she was and why, but I did see your death clearly” Nyx paced while her sister’s stared at her with worry.
“She’s evil than! The Neverlanders must have sent her to kill me; she must work for them” She abruptly stopped and turned toward them, “ I will find her and kill her”.
“No” Diana yelled. Nyx and Ceres froze in stunned shock at their sister’s outburst.
“You want her to kill me” she asked in horror.
“No! Of course not, but she is not evil…that’s the only thing I can sense from her. She’s good and she will be one of our priestesses” Diana told them confidentially.
“I don’t care how good she is; I will not let her kill me” Nyx screeched at them loudly enough to make the temple shake.
“You cannot kill our priestesses, she’s an innocent” Ceres cried out horrified at the very idea.
“She’s not innocent if she kills me!” Nyx hissed at Ceres.
“Ceres is right Nyx we cannot kill her, but we can ask her why she would kill you” Nyx was so furious her body shook from it and her eyes became red with fury while she screamed like a banshee; obviously feeling betrayed.
“No I will not wait around for her to kill me. I will kill her first; do you think if she kills me she will stop with me. Mark my words sisters it will be a matter of time before she comes after you…why else would she want to kill me, but to get my powers and rule the thirteen realms” Nyx cried before she vanished before their eyes. As soon as she was gone Diana gasped from the force of her next vision. The events that she witnessed were so powerful they pulled her off her feet and caused her weep into her hands while she shook in horror from her vision. Ceres wrapped her arms around her and she grew pale as she felt her sorrow in every part of her being.
“What did you see” Ceres asked breathlessly.
“Nyx’s fear destroying the world….she-she was in league with the Neverlanders and-and she created these evil creatures…that she called Falcon’s” Diana shivered as she thought about the creatures known as the falcons.
“She’s no longer with us…is she” Ceres voiced what they were both thinking.
“No” Diana reluctantly answered.
“We have to stop her…We have to find the girl before Nyx does and kills her” Diana looked up at Ceres in Determination.


Midnight Academy series

Chapter one

The sun was rising on Sunday morning when I finally climbed back into my bedroom. I carefully and quietly shut the window sighing with relief; finally making it home. When I turned around to get into bed, I glimpsed my father sitting on my bed glaring at me.
“Were have you been young lady?” He yelled. An awkward silence descended in the room as I contemplated on what to tell him. “I asked you a question Meka, were have you been?” he screamed with growing frustration. I continued to stare silently back at him. “Don’t give me that look young lady, I was sick half the night with worry, I was just about to call the police.” While I sat on the chair near my computer, my shoulders slumped with despair-what am I going to tell him, I thought Dad I was at a club in downtown Minneapolis called club dead. Only, I didn’t realize the club was filled with dead people. Savannah thought it would be a great idea to go to this mysterious club to end my birth night. Only, something did end Savannah’s life. I know this sounds crazy, but when I came back from the clubs bathroom I saw Savannah leave with a guy into the back alley. I followed to keep her safe, but when I got there she was dead on the floor and he was leaning over her. He had fangs and her blood was smeared and dripping all over his mouth. When he saw me he tried to kill me, but I tried to fight him off then I did something to make him flee. I don’t really know how I won, but I remember being on the floor after he punched me in the stomach. I saw the look in his eyes he was going to rip out my throat. I felt his breath near my face and his fangs graze my neck. The horror of the moment caused my hands to glow and I pushed him away. He screamed in agony as my hands lit up the alley; it was so bright as if the sun’s rays were shooting out of my hands. Oh God, that sounds nuts even to me and I was there; he would surely lock me up. I shivered in fear as I finally comprehended my situation. I saw a vampire! My best friend is dead and her killer will probably come after me. But that wasn’t the worst thin,what if she wasn’t dead? This is my first time meeting a vamp, so for all I know one bite could turn a human. Then there's the issue of my hands light up likes its Fourth of July. I can’t believe I did that. Could it be possible? But it can’t be because I know I wasn’t born with freakish superhero powers, yet I’m alive.My dad’s voice shook me from my memories.
“Are you listening to me Meka? You are grounded for a month with no phone, computer, TV and socializing. Do you understand me?” I nodded, accepting my jail time. “Now you have two hours to sleep then I’ll drop you off at school, but I expect you home by two thirty pm.’ He stood and stared at me as if I grew another head.
“Um…” I said lamely. Shaking his head he grumbled under his breath and left the room. When I finally climbed into bed needlessly did I know how much my life would change forever.
When I woke up I showered and dressed in my usual black tee-shirt and black sweat pants with a yellow blaze logo. I had forty five minutes to spare, but I didn’t think I could live through another lecture from my dad. Yet if I didn’t go down stairs I would never know if they found Savannah’s body, sighing in defeat I went down stairs. We live in a two bedroom house in Savage, Minnesota. For Four years now it’s been just us two, when my mom was alive our house was filled with the aroma of baked sweets like chocolate cookies, vanilla cake and brownies. Laughter and joy filled our home until the day she died; my dad hasn’t been the same. All the pictures of our family vacation’s that were hanging on the wall were removed. All of my childhood memories were locked in this empty house with nothing to remind me of her. I shook my head to clear the painful memories away. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV to five eyewitness news hoping to hear something about Savanna. After weather and they still didn’t mention her and I decided to give up. Just when I left the room I heard it, “There was a dead body found at Club dead, a popular club in downtown Minneapolis. Savannah McDonald’s is a sixteen year old junior at Burnsville high school. She was found in an alley face down outside the club with two puncture wounds.”
“Have the police linked this to last three killings in the other clubs, Diana?” questioned Cyndy Brucato.
“They haven’t commented, but they will make an official statement tomorrow morning after they receive the coroner’s report; however the FBI’s behavior analysis team has been brought in. A witness stated that she saw Savannah leave with a young man and never returned, it has also been stated that she hadn’t come to the club alone.”
“Thank you Diana, please kee…” Tuning out the rest of the broadcast I contemplated if I should leave town. But where would I go? Yet I couldn’t stay because the police and the FBI knew about me and sooner then later they would find me if that vampire didn’t already. I got up and turned to toward the living room exit, but my dad was leaning against the door frame with a furious frown.
“Meka weren’t you with Savannah last night”, he asked quietly. I couldn’t lie to him and he won’t believe the true, so I stayed silent. “Tameka answer me, were you at the club with savannah”?
“Yes” I stated with a small voice. He sighed while walking toward the couch looking as if he had aged a decade in mere seconds.
“Tell me what happened?” He demanded.

11 hrs ago
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token.
Edgar Allan Poe
Club Dead
“Savannah I don’t think this is going to work and if we get caught they might call the cops”.
“Were not going to get caught, just act confident and were in the club”. When Savannah and Meka were next in line they handed their ID’s to the security guy, he looked them up and down with a frown.
“Ye aren’t 21” He simply stated. Meka fidget it from his intense stare and trembled in fear; knowing they were caught. Savannah grabbed her hand in a steady grip, silently telling Meka that it wasn’t over yet. Savannah raised her chin only to glare at the six foot four giant muscular man.
“Yes well I’m sure your boss will make an acception.” She said stubbornly. Meka gasped at her friends daring courageous and confident tone. He chocked then exploded into laughter.
“Feisty aren’t ye, tis a shame I can’t have ye because ye are a pretty lass” He leaned over Savannah and sniffed her neck causing Savannah to stiffen. “Mmm….tis a shame I would have enjoyed ye, there aren’t many feisty lassies left” He grinned clearly enjoying Savannah’s discomfort. Savannah resisted the urge to flinch and gridded her teeth to try to stay control.
“No you will not be enjoying me, but I have a V.I.P pass…” She showed him a dark red bracelet with a vile dangling at the bottom. He raised his eyebrow at her, but let them pass; yet just as savannah passed him he sniffed her hair as if her scent was intoxicating.
“Mmm…to bad” he whispered in her ear, flinching back they hurried into the club only to hear his laughter on their way in. When they entered the club they were welcomed by darkness and the only light to guide their eyes were red florescent lights. There are red booths on both sides of the club with black walls. Yet in the middle there are several tables with erotic dancers. On the front stage there are two large chairs fit for kings and queens. They’re white with flakes of gold’s and brown while its design seems ancient which is fitting for the people whom sat on them. The man has shoulder length silky blond hair that tempted any women to run their fingers through. His dark blue eyes popped even more with his pale skin. His blue eyes seem to have flaks of gold that shimmer when the light caught it, yet the closer you came to him the lighter his eyes became; like a blue eyed demon. It was unsettling how they pulled you in demanding you to serve him which his athletic muscular body did equally. The woman in the other chair was gorgeous with her silky dark red hair. She has pale blue eyes that seem sinister and menacing with her pale skin, yet with a curvy petite body that scream vulnerability any man would want to protect and any women would die for.
“That’s Adrian and Adriana his sister, they own this club” she said knowingly as she led them to the bar at the end of the club. They sat at the bar while Savannah orders a gin and tonic for herself as well as a rum and coke for Meka.
“More like Thor!” Meka said breathlessly. Savannah laughed as the alcohol hit her system and relaxed.
“Mmm…well no loves like Thor!” Chocking on her drink Meka roared into laughter.
“You know I think I’m going to dance” Meka said hungrily as the sexy men at the club beckoned at her.
“Ok, but don’t let anyone bite your neck and don’t leave with anyone. What is the rule?” Savannah demanded.
“We come together and we leave together” Meka said exasperatingly. Meka walked into the dance floor and within a half hour she was sandwich between two hot guys.
As Savannah watched her friend get her freak on, a guy sat next to her. He isn’t as hot as Adrian, but he is compelling in a different way. He has long black curly hair clipped to the nap of his neck, his green eyes lingered on her exposed legs. Self-consciously she pulled on her dresses while leaning away from his muscular body. As she leaned away he leaned closer and sniffed her neck. His fingers traced two bumps on her neck, they were completely healed now and unnoticeable, but to her they were as obvious as her freckles.
“There still there” she said breathlessly. He slowly smiled at her which made her knees weak. She gulped down the rest of her gin and tonic.
“They will always be there so everyone knows who you belong too”. His comment snapped her out of her haze and she pulled away from him.
“Not you, so you should leave me alone before my bloodmate see you and finds your nearness offensive!” she said furiously. He chuckled at her daring comment and her obvious lack of fear.
“Yes well you are a tempting treat and I just couldn’t help myself. However I didn’t come here to chat with you even if it did provide me with the most entertainment I’ve had in years.”
“If you aren’t here to seduce me then what do you want”. She narrowed her eyes at him, growing more irritated with his presence.
“I’m here to escort you to your bloodmate Lucian for your weekly treatments.” She stared at him with growing suspicion, but he knew her bloodmate; then Lucian obviously sent him to her. Plus he was right about the treatment; her last treatment was last Sunday night and Lucian did insist on her coming to night for her treatment even though his schedule was full with meetings all day.
“Alright where is my bloodmate and why is he not here with me instead of you.” She asked suspiciously.
“Lucian is commander of our coven’s army, so he and Marcus are jam-packed with meetings tonight. He only has a fifteen minute lunch break and you are wasting his time while you could be coddling with you precious bloodmate.” He mocked. He was right, Savannah shouldn’t bicker with her guard when her mate rarely had time for her as it is.
“Your rights of course, lead the way.” He gently took her hand and lead them through the jam-packed club. When he passed the stairs to Lucian’s office she became suspicious again.
“Hey, we passed Lucian’s office! Where are you taking me?”When he took her to the clubs back exit she became nervous and trembled with fear. He looked back at her and saw her trembling lips; he abruptly stopped to comfort her.
“Hey don’t be afraid, Lucian didn’t want to do this in his office because he has enemy covens in his office and didn’t want them to know how you look like. His just trying to protect you and he promised he would meet us in the back alley.” Savannah sagged in relief from his explanation. When she relaxed he continued on his mission and led them out the door. The alley was dark and damp; the night seemed sinister without the moon. It seemed like a scene that Edger Allen Poe would tremble from. A dark fog enveloped them into menacing cocoon as time slowed around them. Savannah went deeper into the alley as she searched for her mate.
“How long did Lucian say he would take? By the way what is your name?” When she turned toward him she saw him become a black blur as her human eyes struggled to make out his form. He forcibly pushed her against the wall and turned her head to the side.
“Niall” he whispered in her ear as he sank his fangs into her neck. He started to slowly suck, but then grew more urgent as her blood intoxicated him. Savannah tried hard to stay conscious,she sure that Lucian would find her, but she had to hold on for him. Abruptly he stopped feeding only to bite into his hand and force his blood in her mouth. He pulled his hand from her mouth, satisfied that she had enough blood to start her transformation.
“You are mine and will become like me!” He darkly said to her. He dropped her on the damp floor and watched her crawl away from him. His sensitive ears picked up someone opening the door to entire the alley. He inhaled deeply as the wind shifted and overwhelmed him with Meka’s scent. He knew she wasn’t completely human even in the sweat filled club, but out here her scent was clear to him as if she was right next to him. She smelled of magic and the forest. She was some kind of forest fae, but that wasn’t what concerned him, she was also a witch and that unnerved him.
“What’s going on” she asked as she got closer to him. The noisy little b**** screamed and almost popped his eardrum. He turned toward, baring his fangs at her.
“Wh...What are you”? He smiled at her obvious ignorance; well if she was supernatural she sure as hell didn’t know it. It seems like his luck was turning around because having an ignorant witch would be the ultimate weapon.
“Your worst nightmare” He growled at her. In half a second he pushed her down against the wall and lunged for throat. He hissed in pain as she burned his face with her fae magic. His skin sizzled as her light burned more of his skin. He howled in agony as he went further into the alley, welcoming darkness and the protection it gave him. Knowing that the vampires in the club would come to investigate he took Savannah in his arms and bolted. There was no reason for him to stay; he got his revenge by taking Lucian’s bloodmate and turning her. She is now a falcon and part of his coven, therefore Lucian’s enemy. However, he would have to leave her dead body somewhere for the authorities to find, so that no one would come looking for her. Clearly, then he would have to steal her from the morgue at sunset tomorrow because when she awakes for the first time as a falcon vampire; humans won’t be able to stop her. Plus he doesn’t need the publicity of humans discovering about his kind.

You were the light in my life only to set it on fire
Now I embrace the darkness that you created
Betrayal from you is like no other
You were my protector only to become my destructor
You are my blood
Only you’re not
Such pain would be bearable
If you were here to hold me
Only you casted me aside to the darkness that surrounds me

Chapter 3
Present day
After my odd conversation with my father I thought about his reaction as I entered my high school. When I confessed to him about the night before it didn’t seem to faze him; he was calm, collected, as if me watching Savannah get killed by a vampire was the most normal thing ever. Now that I really think about he didn’t even blink when I mentioned vampires; he seemed more concerned about making a phone call. As if that wasn’t disconcerting; for the whole care ride he was quit and I assumed that it finally dawned on him how insane I was, thus pondering what mental hospital to commit me to. But then out of the blue, startling me; he confessed that he had been keeping a secret from me. Oh and no, he won’t be the one to tell; his going to let complete strangers, ”special guests”, tell me this secret that would explain about what happened to me last night. He knows that this whole situation is scaring the crap out of me, yet these guests know more about my, “condition”, then my own father. We argued for the entire car ride only for him to reveal that they would be coming this afternoon and we wouldn’t be discussing it until they arrive. As I entered my first period class which was French two; Madam Grosvenor a.k.a Mrs. Gross greeted me while I took my seat.
“ Bonjour Amabel, quelle a été votre week-end?” She asked.
“Fine” I said under my breath. She frowned at me as I laid my head down on my desk.
“En français Amabel, s'il vous plaît !” she demanded in an annoyingly cheaper tone.
“Mon… week-end… était… fin.” I said slowly. Her frown lessened and then nodded at me with approval as she went back to her grading. I sigh with exasperation as I tried to remember why I took this class, oh wait it seemed romantic at the time, but let me give you 411 about taking a French class; one it’s pretty and romantic language until your done learning the alphabet, two the French aren’t very nice at least this one isn’t, three when am I ever going to use French in America and for those whom want to go to a foreign country such as France why don’t you just go to an English speaking one! It may seem like I’m going overboard, but you’ve never met Mrs. Gross; she insufferable, a b**** (connasse), and makes my life hell with her French adverbs. As class started and she started her lesson plans I spaced out because I hate listening to French when I’m having a bad day. Instead I tried to figure out this big secret my dad’s been hiding from me. Maybe I’m like superman or Spiderman with weird special powers, but I’ve never been bitten by a spider and I don’t think I’m from another planet. Oh I know I’m a vampire! But I‘ve never craved blood. I could be a werewolf or witch. How cool would that be, shifting into a wolf or casting spells on people. I spent half the morning guessing what the secret could be; when I decided to put it out of my mind and research Savannah’s case during my fourth hour study hall class. The media didn’t have much of an update, but they did say that the coroners found two bite wounds on her neck and most of her blood was drained from her body. I shivered as I recalled that night and how Savannah’s lifeless body was stolen by that monster. What I don’t understand is how they found her body when that vampire stole it. The mystery of the body wasn’t something I would be looking forward to figuring out. Setting that mystery aside for another day; I clicked on video where the MacDonald’s prefaced the grief of losing their daughter. Mrs. McDonald was wearing a short black sleeveless dress and her hair was a tangle of mess all around her like a halo. She had no makeup on, so the black circles under her eyes were more pronounced. Yet Mr. McDonalds wore jeans and a plaid button down shirt; his usual upbeat, happy, joking personality was nowhere to be found which made him almost unrecognizable. Of the two McDonalds Mr. McDonald always looked the youngest of the pair even though he was older then her by a decade. However for the first time he looked his age. I couldn’t bare to watch anymore, so I turned off the video and started to research vampires. For the rest of the day as news hit the school about Savannah death I got condolences from everyone and I mean everyone which surprisingly includes those Plastic Bitches. In the middle of my fifth hour literature class Mrs.Renalds walked in and handed our substitute teacher a pass from the office. He called my name and I nervously walked toward him. I couldn’t be in trouble because I have a perfect attendance and I’ve never been in trouble or got into fights before; I mean that’s so Savannah and not me. I took the offices pass and walked out. As I went downstairs and toward the attendance office I felt this rush of power. It didn’t hurt it was more like a breeze or the lightest touch. This warm breeze or power smelled like honeysuckle and seemed familiar. I opened the door to the attendance office and it hit me again, but this time it was more than familiar it was comforting. I felt like I was sitting by a warm camp fire in the middle of spring while the trees rustled, animals cried out and the smell of rain the night before still lingered. I was so distracted that I didn’t notice when I ran into this guy literally. He was devastatingly handsome, with long black hair and piecing green eyes with flaks of dark blue. He was at least six foot two with an athletic muscular body that other guys could never achieve. His cheek bones were narrow which did wonders to his naturally tan body and I had a suspension that he was Native American mixed with something else. Yet that wasn’t what drew me to him, he was the one I sensed or felt on my way into the office. When I realized I stood their staring at him with an open mouth I snapped it shut and tried to regain my composure. I stepped aside for him so that he could pass, but he just raised an eyebrow and gave me devilish grin.
“Ah, Mrs. William your father sent this young man to escort you home.” The receptionist said compassionately. I continued to stare at him even as she spoke to me, but really I couldn’t help it. However when the meaning of her words hit me I stared at her, gaping in shock.
“What do mean. Is my dad ok”? I was starting to worry because my dad never took me out of class. I looked between them as they seemed to be mind speaking to each other, well more like he was overwhelming her with his presence which I couldn’t blame her, he was intoxicating.
“Everything’s fine Tameka and nothing’s happened to your father. I’m sure your father will explain to you why he wants home when you see him.” I was so relieved that I didn’t notice when he took my backpack and grabbed my hand. He turned toward the receptionist and gave her a reassuring smile.
“Thank you for call her down for me, but we better be heading out”. As he turned away from her he yanked my hand with him, but when he realized that it was hurting me he let go, only to grab my waste and push me to his side. I glared at his bold behavior which irritated me because I barely knew him and here he was putting the moves on me. I pushed at his chest and side stepped his reaching hand.
“Who the hell do you think you are?” I screamed which drew some attention from wandering students. He grabbed my hand and glared down at me, clearly annoyed with my exhibition.
“Look your dad sent me to bring you home and that’s what I’m going to do, but in the meantime can you refrain yourself from humiliating me!” he hissed. I eyed him closely as I thought over my situation. He did sound legit to me and he seemed normal. I wanted to antagonize him further so, I crossed my arms and stared at him for three minutes.
“Ok fine I’ll go with you to your car, but do you promise to tell me who you are and how my dad knows you in the car.” He smiled at me and then pulled me closer which unnerved me.
“I promise, but I won’t promise to be good.” He teased. I looked at him with wide eyes and for ones I tried to be bold.
“Mmm…..who wants to be good when it’s so much fun being bad” I purred. He through back his head and laughed loudly which drew more attention to us. He pushed me against his body and we headed out toward his car. I froze in front of his car too shocked to move. Oh my god, He owns a black Lamborghini! He opened his car and the doors opened upward like a butterfly spreading its wings. When he turned on the engine he stared at me like I was insane, but maybe I was because his car was slick and black like a panther on the prowl. He frowned at me as I continued to stare which quickly turned into a scowl.
“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t like my car.” He grinned. I turned my head from the car and stared at him. I’ve never noticed before but he has humongous dimples. I mean the most beautiful dimples you’ll ever see. I shook my head at him simultaneously telling him to forget about it and to trying to clear my head. I slide into the leather car seat which smelled new. Actually the whole car smelled new and I wonder if he stole it, rented it or his family was rich.
“Your car is new. It is your car right?” I asked expecting him to deny it. He eyed me and then shook his head.
“It is new and it’s my car. And before you ask; I didn’t steal it, it’s not rented and neither my daddy nor my mommy paid for my car.” He stated knowingly only to laugh at my shocked expression.
“What are you psychic?” I grumbled. He stared at me in confusion for a while, but turned toward the road.
“Something like that” he said too low for my ears to catch. Every once in a while he would look at me with a strange expression.
“What?” I asked him.
“Nothing”, I stared at him and raised my eyebrow, not believe him for one bit. He sighed in exasperation then looked at me gravely. “It’s just you don’t remember me do you”? I looked at him closely, but I was certain that I’ve never seen him before today; however he did feel familiar.
“No, I just met you today and I don’t even know your name.” I accused. He smiled at me which erased the haunted and hurt look he had a moment ago.
“My name is Aaron Hagen.”
“So how do you know my dad”? He looked unsure at what to tell me or if he should tell me anything.
“I use to work for you parents. I can’t tell you anything else I’m forbidden from saying anything to you, but don’t worry the Carona and her anchor bond will explain.” He said anxiously. But before I could ask what the hell was a Carona or an anchor bond we were home and he was opening my door. I looked at him questioningly, but he just grabbed my hand and led me to my house. As we got nearer to the house I felt this overwhelming power that knocked me to the ground. As I sat on the ground and tried to breath I felt warm hands cup my cheek. For a second I thought he was whispering soothing words to me, but then I realized he was humming, yet sort of singing. His singing calmed me enough that the black spots dancing across my vision were gone and I stopped hyperventilating.
“I’m fine now. Help me up Aaron.” I smiled to reassure him.
“I’m so sorry I should have realized the Carona’s powers would be too overwhelming for your first meeting. But I guess that couldn’t be helped, but I promise you’ll get use to her powers, soon you won’t notice it. Will you be ok to go inside or do you need sometime” He seemed genuinely concerned for me, which touched my heart, but I’ve never been a coward and I wasn’t going to start now.
“Yes I‘ll be fine, but let’s get this over with”. He beamed with approval and then turned to knock on my door. I might not be psychic, but I knew without a doubt that my life would forever change.

When I entered my house I sucked in a breath. This power intensified as I got closer to the source. My dad was stressed and extremely nerves because his hand was shaking which only happened when he was being extremely pressured. He gave me a attentive smile to reassure me that everything was going to be fine, but I highly doubted it. He led us into our living room which was occupied by the most exotic, beautiful and unearthly people. They sat next to each other and smiled when we entered. Our bleak living room seems to shine more with them occuping it. The woman’s angelic and unearthly presences seem to belong only in heaven. She has jet black hair that reached her back, but only when the light caught her hair it was blue rather than black. Her violet eyes twinkled with pure happiness, when our eyes met. She has a pale rose leaf complexion only to turn crimson when her partner pulled her to his side. A beautiful angelic smile spread across her face when she looked up at him, sighing with happiness and contempt she nestled closer to him. Her face was delicate and serein unlike her partner who was rugged as well as manly. He darker skin tone brought out his green eyes and unlike her kind eyes his are hard with years of battle of experience. His dirty messy blond hair and full lips made him seem like a college surfer boy. They both wore casual outfits to not stand out, but they failed miserably do to their beauty. My father handed us a drink and asked us to sit. Aaron grabbed my hand and we sat across from the couple.
“Hi Tameka it’s really nice to finally see you again.” She smiled at me as if we were old aquatints.
“Hi, I’m pretty sure that we’ve never met before.”
“Oh, but we have met before, I knew your parents. The last time we saw each other you were five.” I was sure I’ve never seen her before, but she did seem familiar.
“Can you cut to the chase and tell what is going.” A look passed between her and my father, which irritated me further. Sensing my mood Aaron pulled me into his lap, shocking me. I struggled until he pushed my head to his chest, it felt comforting, so I nestled closer to him.
“Your father told me that you meet a falcon vampire last night and you used your magic to fend him of”. She didn’t look at me like I was crazy, so I took it as a positive sign. I know I saw vampire last night, but what the hell was a falcon and I didn’t realized what I did last night was magic.
“ I did see a vampire last night, but I don’t know what a falcon is and I didn’t realize I used magic. All I know is this light came out of my hands and burned the vampire.” I shifted uncomfortably in her intense hard stare.
“You did use magic. After all your parents are supernatural.” I couldn’t believe my father knew that our family had supernatural abilities, yet for seventeen years they never told me. I glared at my father and he shook his head denying the accusations.
“Dad why didn’t tell me that you guys weren’t even human” I questioned.
“Oh, your adopted parents are human, but your biological parents aren’t.” she said sympathetically. I froze in shock and disbelief, but my dad’s pain stricken face clearly stated that she wasn’t lying. I gasped in pain as tears silently felled down my face. I felt the thorns of betrayal wrap around my heart as they squeezed unmercifully. I sobbed as I fell into a dark and painful abysses were no one could hear me. In the distance I could feel Aaron wrap his arms around me like a vine protecting me from the pain. Suddenly I wasn’t alone, I could feel Aaron mental pull me from drowning in my own misery. He poured his love into me as we put together the pieces of my heart. I welcomed the anger and numbness as I nestled my face into the crook of his neck. His honeysuckled scent and warm body surround me. My dad kneeled in front of me and whipped away my tears, but I flinched back as if he struck me. He bowed his head in misery, but I was in too much pain to comfort him, although I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to. He went back to his corner, complying to my wishes for him to stay the hell away from me. I saw this light in the corner of my eyes; it was a golden chain that was tying me to Aaron. I met his wide eyes only to feel this click like I had finally found the other half of my soul. Aaron presence strengthened me enough, so that I could deal with my situation. I nodded for the women to continue.
“Your parents died when you were five and when I tried to locate you, I couldn’t find you. You just disappeared until I felt your powers awaken. I didn’t exactly know where you were, but I knew you were in Minnesota. As you can imagine it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but then I got a phone call from your father. Although I don’t know how he knew where to find me.” She stared at my dad questioningly. My dad raised his head and met her gaze with water eyes.
“When Meka was brought to us there was a note with your name and number as well as instructions for me to call you when her powers awakened or if anything usual happened”. He looked at me with pleading eyes, “Your mother and I couldn’t have children, so it was a blessing when you were brought to us. You have to believe we just wanted to give you a normal life for as long as you could have it”. I didn’t know what to believe. Yet when I stared at my dad’s painful expression I knew that he loved me. I don’t think I could ever forgive him, but I pray that someday I would and the pain will just be a painful memory.
“How come you believed that I had powers if you were just an ignorant human and if she didn’t send me to you then who did?” He flinched when I said ignorant human. Obviously he isn’t use to me not considering myself human. Well that’s to fucking bad because if he decided to keep this secret from me then he would just have to deal with the after math.
“Your mother worked for a witch when she was younger and my step mother had visions. We weren’t really apart of the supernatural world, but we knew about it.” My father slumped into our arm chair after his explanation. Then we both looked at her expectantly. She relaxed against her partner only to look up at him and have a silent conversation. They seemed to be debating on what to tell us, but finally she sighed and told us what they knew.
“The night your parents died it was very confusing and we never found out what really happened because nobody lived to tell us. But we went looking for you at your family’s estate only to find you were gone. We don’t know who brought you here and why, but I promise to find out.” She promised with a frown. I wanted to believe her, but I was having this nauseating feeling that she was lying. I tried to shake it off only it got worse; feeling my distress Aaron held me closer to his chest. Sucking in a breath, I laid my head on his shoulder as I tried to compose myself. Finally the nausea subsided and I turned to her with a reassuring smile. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t believe her, but I put that thought aside for more pressing matters.
“I’m sorry, I haven’t eaten all day and I guess with no nourishments and the dizziness caused me to become nauseas.” She smiled at me with sympathy, but it didn’t reach her eyes and it bothered me.
“ It’s alright maybe you and Aaron should go make yourself a snack and then get packing because we needed to be on that airplane by five pm.” She said sweetly. I would be shocked, but my recently subdued anger surfaced when she boldly stated that she was going to take me away. I tried to be polite in front of our company because that’s how my mama raised me, but to hell with that if this crazy b**** thought she was going to take me away. I quickly stood and turned my anger on my father as I counted to ten before I blew up.
“What does she mean that I’m leaving” I screeched. I shook from my all-consuming anger at my father for not tell me about this. He wasn’t fazed by my lashing out at him because he was used to it, he stood by the window and stared out of it for what seemed like hours, but was mere seconds.
“You have to understand Meka you’re a supernatural being and therefore must learn to control your powers. I can’t let you go to normal high school because you could accidently hurt someone with your powers out of anger.” He paused to stare at my expression. “I know you think that you won’t hurt someone, but you won’t mean it Meka. You’ll get angry or cry over something and then you’ll use your powers without wanting to. Without proper lessons on how to use and control your powers, your emotions will rule your powers.” When he finally finished his speech hot tears were rolling down my face.
“I won’t…I won’t …I promise daddy.” I sobbed. I knew he would send me away, how could he not; I’m not his daughter, I’m not even Human. Oh god, I can’t lose him now. I thought the loss of my mother was overwhelming, but my father’s rejection and dismissal was excruciating. I took a deep breath and steadied my hand as I tried not to break down in front of him because if he didn’t love or want me, then I wouldn’t show him how much his actions hurt me. My resolve quivered as I realized I was truly alone; I won’t be weak I chassed myself.
“You don’t want me…of course you don’t I’m not your daughter I’m not even human.” I stated coldly. He cringed from my hard, calm and cold tone. He shook his head in denial as he walked toward me with a stretched out hand. I couldn’t bare his touch, so I side stepped his hand.
“Don’t touch me.” I said in a small voice.
“Please pumpkin, I’m not sending you away. I love you…I’ve loved you from the moment I held you. You are my world and I’m so proud of you. All I’m trying to tell you is that Ella’s boarding school will help you become more in control of you self.” I wanted to believe his words, but I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t keep me himself. He was letting these strangers take me away from my home, my life, my family, and my friends. If he loved me he would fight for me to stay or at least take me there himself. Maybe I was being insecure, but can you blame me. I was vulnerable and helpless; I hated it. I used the anger and hate to steady my voice as well as my body. I tried successfully to make my face expressionless, then I answered my father, oh sorry my ex-father.
“Ok…I’ll go, but I’m not hungry. I’ll just pack and then we can leave right away.” I said to the women.
“Alright if that’s what you wish. Aaron can you accompany Tameka upstairs.” She asked.
“No that’s fine. I just want to be alone, please.” I said quickly.

“Ok. Just take your time.” Aaron grabbed my hand while frowning in concern at me. I shook my head and gave him a wobbly reassuring smile.
“Please” I begged. He stared at me with hurtful eyes, but complied with my wishes. As I exist the living room I turned back to ask her the question that I was dying to know before my world shattered.
“I forgot to ask, but what are your names”?
“My name is Ella and this is my mate Cameron.” Satisfied with my answer I went to my room. As I entered my room I contemplated my next move. I couldn’t stay and there was no way in hell I was going with them. Obviously my ex-father won’t let me stay, so where would I go and whom will I live with. Then it hit me like a great revelation; I could go to Boston and live in grandma and grandpa’s home. It was perfect because they lived in Stockholm, Sweden, now so no one would ever find me there and no one checks on the house. Plus grandpa always left a key under a rock in front of their home because he was always losing his keys. Finally satisfied with my plan, I checked the next flight out to Boston with my laptop. After I booked the flight I started to pack most of my belongings. When I finished I opened my window to sneak out. Only something caught my eye; it was a picture of my mom when she was in college, it was sitting on my night stand. I grabbed the picture and headed out the window. When I was safely on the ground I headed toward my car which was thankfully parked a half a block away. When I drove by my house I stopped to look back at it; the loving home that I grew up in. oh, how I would miss the ignorant bliss that was my old life, but that was over and I was on the run.

You Are My Light
When Darkness Falls
You Are My Sight
In My Darkened Halls
Hear The Joy Of An Angel's Glee
When The People Around Her Now See
With Eyes So Clear And Pure

Minneapolis international airport was packed when I got there. People were rushing to head to the check in area. The line for the check in desk for Northwest airlines was long. When I finally got to the desk I gave the women my ID and a copy of my ticket.
“Here’s your boarding pass and will you be taking that suitcase on the airplane or do you want me to take it” she asked sweetly.
“I’ll be taking it with me on the plane, thank you”. She smiled at me as she handed me my boarding pass. I took my boarding pass and headed to the security line. The security line wasn’t as long, but I was starting to get anxious and paranoid. I know it sounds crazy, but what if they found me before I got on the plane. Oh god, what if they find me at my grandparents’ house, I mean they are powerful witches, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to find me, right? I wouldn’t mind if Aaron found me, I miss him a lot. We have a connection and it’s too bad I wouldn’t be exploring it. Why can’t you explore our connection…come back to me, please….I looked around, expecting to find Aaron behind me, but no one was there. I know I heard him; I must have finally lost my mind. I did hear him and he was pleading for me to come back to him. I could almost feel his sadness and an ache settled in my heart as I realize how much pain I was causing him. Then come back to me…you can end this pain…please Meka I need you and you need me…we belong together- we are two halves of a whole. I shuddered as I felt the full force of his pain and agony. I realized he was right-I need him. I turned to get out of the line and to head home when I bumped into him. He was mesmerizing; I felt this click as our eyes locked. I sucked in a breath when I felt this incredible and overwhelming urge kiss to him like my very life depended on it. He cupped my cheek and pulled me closer. My heart was beating faster and faster as he put his hand on my back and pulled my closer. I gasped when he brushed my lips with his index finger. At the corner of my eye I could see a women approach us, but I ignored her.
“Liam were going to be late to our plane…you know school starts tomorrow” she said. Liam growled angrily at our intruder. But his eyes never left mine as he spoke.
“Ok just give me a minute” He snapped. She snarled at him, which creped me out because I was sure humans couldn’t snarl like that. He ignored her growls when he brushed his lips against mine. When our lips met, my heart almost brusted out of my chest, it was electrifying. His chest rumbled with a deep satisfied growl, “Mine” he said possessively. Fit-up with our intimate moment, she pulled on Liam’s arm. They locked eyes and a silent conversation seem to be occurring between them. He abruptly let me go and the spell ended along with it. He reluctantly turned around and left with the girl. Jealousy over took me as I saw her arms go around his waist possessively. I shook it off as I told myself repeatedly he wasn’t mine. I went through the security line and turned around only to see his disappearing figure. I had enough problems and there was no way in hell I was going to add another guy into the mix. And luckily I would never see him again, but with my luck I probably will.

The Beginning of the hunt
Aaron POV
Sometimes, what we share,
seems like a perfect dream.
It seems as if heaven is smiling down on us,
and nothing could ever go wrong.
I wonder if you know that
I love you more than life

When I went into Meka’s bedroom she was gone, I couldn’t believe it. How could she
do this to me-I was sure she felt our connection. I was beyond furious and when I find
her I’ll be sure that she never leaves my sight. I went downstairs to tell them, that she
left. I entered the living room to find them chatting about Meka’s future.
“Aaron what’s wrong” Ella asked. It took me awhile before I could answer her; I
couldn’t say she left out loud because it would be too real and the pain would be
“Meka’s gone.” I whispered. Ella sighed and looked away while Cam jumped up like
we were under attack.
“Did they take her”? I shook my head. Ella stood and smiled at me like I was her
“She is your Anchor bond…then you can find her through your bond!” She said
cheerfully. No, she couldn’t be my anchor bond, sure we have a connection, but she isn’t
my anchor bond. I was in denial- I knew in my heart,she was mine. I had finally found
my mate and there was no way in hell I was letting her go. If she didn’t want to go to
Midnight Academy then we didn’t need to go, as long as she was with me, I
wouldn’t care if we lived in Antarctica.
“She’s mine” I said possessively. Cam grinned at me sympathetically, like he knew my
jealousy all too well.
“Yes I know” she said impatiently. She looked at the window as she tried to find where
Meka was. God, her powers were really scary, but as long as she found Meka I didn’t
care. Although, her powers have been growing unnaturally and no one knew how it was happening or why.
As a Carona Ella’s powers were light, but the powers she’s been getting lately were
dark, almost falcon like. Her voice shook me from dark thoughts.
“She’s at Minneapolis airport, but I’m sorry Aaron I don’t know where she’s heading…
you’ll just have to find her with your bond”. I sighed as finding her became more
difficult. I closed my eyes and thought about her creamy white skin. I could almost
smell her sweet peach fragrance and see her soft plump lips. How her delicate hands
would feel squeezing my biceps as I kissed her. I was finally inside her head; she was at
the airport check in desk. I knew from searching her thoughts that she was going to
Boston; to live in her grandparents' house. As I left her mind I attempted to persuade her to
come back to me. I sighed with happiness as she headed toward the airport exit, but
then she bumped into a man. I didn’t think anything of their interaction, so I slowly tried to
pull out of her mind when I finally notice that he was holding her too close. Her
attraction and her lust filled thoughts disturbed me. Oh, god he was so handsome…his
eyes where the color of butter cream, so beautiful. He holds me to the earth and I
feel as though I was born to meet him and only him. I was enraged as the full meaning
of her thoughts hit me-I growled at him. I knew he was a chainling( a shifter) from the moment I
entered his mind.Leave her alone, she is mine… I told him furiously. He gave me a
wolfish grin…Make me…You can’t have her if she doesn’t want you, so she’s fair
game…spellbinder. He kissed her to mock me and I was livid. There was no way in
hell I was going to lose her to a shifter and so the hunt began. And one way or
another I would be getting my women.

Chapter 7
Tameka’s POV

I arrived at my grandparents’ home a quarter after nine pm, I would have arrived sooner, but I had to take a taxi to their home. They lived in isolated cabin in a rural small town outside of Boston. I couldn’t tell much of the area and the last time I was here, I was eight years old. My grandparents’ home hasn’t change much; they had this cozy two bedroom cabin with a fireplace, Persian fur rugs and two soft dark green antic couches. After I put my stuff in the guest bedroom I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. When I made myself a sandwich I went into the living to eat it, but it was freezing and I need firewood for the fireplace, so I finished my sandwich in haste. I stepped out into the cold dark night and headed toward the shed. A strong wind stabbed at my face and knocked me around as I tried to get to my destination. The silence freaked me out so I quickened my pace, but when I finally reached the shed’s door the cabins outside lights flickered then completely went out. Nice move Tameka, you’re alone outside in the dark with no light in the middle of nowhere and no other cabins for miles. I should know better, I’ve watched so many scary movies and I always laugh at the white girl who always gets killed for dumb moves like this- I always thought she was asking for it. Jumping at every sound finally made me decided to quit scaring myself before I have a heart attack.
“Everything’s going to be fine” I chanted to myself.
When I entered the shed I quickly gathered some wood. Sensing someone watching me I hesitantly turned toward the door, but no one was there. I looked around the shed, but I couldn’t find anyone in site. Your being ridiculous Tameka; no one is watching you, but just in case I should hurry up and get out of here I thought. After I grabbed a handful of wood I turned to leave. But suddenly I was really cold and dizzy. I tried to move, but I was frozen in place as darkness surrounded me. This black shadow slowly creped upon me and at first I didn’t notice. What the hell, I thought to myself. I thought I had finally cracked, but sure enough the shadow enveloped me in a dark abyss of pain and the horror of my forgotten past. I fell limp to the floor as I relived the worst moments of my life.
It was dark and the room was cramped with people that smelled of strong body odor. The room was white and everything else was black; including the people’s clothing. The huge picture that stood on the stage was covered with pink and white flowers. It was the middle of summer in North Carolina, yet the room had no air-conditioning and no windows which caused the room to be hotter than hell. A white middle aged man with a bible walked to the podium to address the people. He wore a plan black rub and an impatient expression as he waited for the room to settle down. His newly showing gray hair and wrinkles as well as the dark deep circles under eyes made him look older. An old woman and two young children sat in the first two rows. The women wore a black simple dress with the biggest hat in the room which had a vial that covered half of her face. A blonde haired little boy fidgeted next to the woman while a beautiful raven black haired little girl stared at her feet. A man held the woman’s right hand tightly while the woman’s daughter sat at the edge of the bench. The huge amount of space between the women and her daughter reflected their distant relationship. The daughter has dark brown hair with green eyes that held so much sadness and pain. When the little girl finally looked up she stared at the dark brown coffin and her aunt squeezed her shoulder for comfort. I stood like an aspersion of my present self on the stage. As I finally looked at the little girl I realized- she was me when I was ten years old. As I looked between my family members my eyes lingered at my father’s haunted eyes. I hesitantly turned around, already knowing what I would see. My mother lied in coffin, her face serine and beautiful. Her frosted red curly hair surrounded her face like a halo. A sob escaped me as I fell to the ground next to my mother’s coffin. The buried pain of my mother’s death surfaced with a vengeance. My body shook from the great sobs that overtook me; I was forced to finally face the grief of losing my mother, after years of burying those feelings.
The scene shattered and to my relief I was no longer at my mother’s funeral instead I was in my grandmother’s living room. I could tell because she was the only one I knew who had a yellow living room . I went into her small kitchen only to find a twelve year old me on the floor. I winced as I remember the way my grandmother use to punish me; my younger self had her knees on the grits my grandmother placed on the kitchen floor. I still had the marks of the grits on my knees and hands, a reminder of this hell hole. I cringed when my grandmother entered the kitchen.
“That’ll teach you to steal my keys again…now you’re gonna stay like that until I come back and I will know if you moved! Do you understand me?” she yelled. The younger me raised her chin and met her eyes.
“I was hungry and you locked the refrigerator …I ‘vent eaten anything all day…when you gonna come back anyways”? She slapped her hard and it echoed throughout the house.
“Don’t sassy me…I’m all you got and I could through you out without a care…and I gotta lock the refrigerator or you’ll eat everything” she said with a smug.
“My daddy will come back for me” she said with a trembling voice. Grandma smirked at her bold statement.
“You’re no good daddy isn't coming back for you…and the faster you accept that the better off you’ll be. Who will want you? Let’s be honest you aren't pretty and you don’t have a dime to your name!” she laughed.
“ Well it don’t matter you need me…without me you aren't getting the child support money or the food stamp check…you…wont…have…nothing.” I looked away as my grandmother took the broomstick and beat her with it. I’ve already lived this moment, have the scares to prove it-yet I couldn’t bring myself to watch her beat me. As I heard my screams echoing throughout the house, I tried to wake myself up, but this nightmare wouldn’t end.
Aaron POV
When I parked the ranger rover in front of the cabin, I knew something was terribly wrong. I could feel Meka’s fear, so I hurried into the house. When I entered the house, it was silent which worried me more. Where was she? I called out for her several times. I even found the lunge she left in the guest bedroom, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I was about to go upstairs when I glimpsed the opened door. Overwhelming fear consumed as I thought about the possible things that could have happened to her. I ran out of the backdoor and into the cold sinister night. As soon as I was outside I could feel the prescience of evil.
“Tameka…Where are you? Baby?” I called out several times. When I noticed the open shed door I headed toward it. She was curled up in a ball in a corner surround by this dark shadow. As I got closer I realized it wasn’t a shadow, but a demon. Yet the demon wasn’t in our realm, otherwise it would have taken its form, which was good because I could vanquish it back to its realm. I quickly tried to remember the incantations I was taught, so long ago.
“ I am light…I am too strong to fight… you are merely, but shadow that quivers in our goddess’s precience…I vanquish you in the name of the sun…moon… and earth…by the powers granted by my goddesses Ceres and Diana you are banished to your realm.” I chanted as I through my powers at the demon. I watched as the shadow (the demon) disappeared. When it was all gone and no longer covered Tameka’s body, I ran toward her. Her unconscious body worried me, but I tried to wake her by kissing her soft lips. She didn’t wake up even after I called out her name, shaked her fragile body, and used our link to mental communicate with her. A new fear over took me; what if the demon damaged her and she never woke up. God she had to wake up, I need her…but I can’t panic I need to call Ella. Yes Ella, she’ll know what to do, I thought. I picked up Meka and carried her to the cabin. After I gently laid Meka on the couch I called Cam.
“Hello Cam…I need you to put Ella on the phone” I said anxiously. When he put Ella on the phone I explained to her what happened.
“Ok…do you know what kind of demined it was”?
“No…I was too busy trying to vanquish it.” I said in frustration. She sighed at my attitude, but she patiently worked with me. I hung up after she gave me a list of rituals to do for her. When I completed the third ritual, she finally opened her beautiful dark green eyes. I sighed with relief-thank god. I pulled her into my lap as I rapped my arms around her protectively-needing to hold her.
“What happened…Aaron,What are doing here ?” she questioned. Her fierce confused frown was so cute I couldn’t help but kiss her forehead, noise, cheek, and soft lips. I reluctantly pulled back, not wanting to move to fast and scare her.
“Mmmm….Not that I didn’t love that…but seriously what are you doing here”?
“What do you remember”? Her frown deepened while she tried to remember.
“ I remember trying to go get some firewood, so I could build a fire for the night…I was leaving the shed house…when…when a shadow thingy attacked me and then I was having the worst nightmare.” She shivered as she remembered the dream; needing to make her feel safe, I held her closer to my body-for comfort.
“It’s over and I’m here…I’m sorry I didn’t come soon enough.” I narrowed my eyes as I said, “Although we will be discussing why you endangered yourself, by going outside…and why you left me”. She blushed which eased my anger a little, but I was still furious with her and I intended to lecture her tomorrow.
“I’m sorry Aaron, but I couldn’t go to that school” she sobbed. My heart squeezed painfully as she sobbed, never wanting to see her cry; I wiped away her tears and rocked her until she settles down.
“I know a lot has happened…but that shadow that attacked you was a demon; it attacked you because he sensed your newly awakened powers. Midnight academy isn’t just to teach you to control yourself, Meka. It also protects you until you learn how to use your powers and defeat demons like those or felcons” I gently told her.
“I didn’t know that.” She whispered.
“Plus if you stayed with your father then they’ll attack him to try to get to you…and you don’t want anything to happen to him do you?” I asked.
“No! I guess I‘m going to Midnight Academy”. She sighed as she snuggled closer to me. After several minutes she asked me a question I dreaded answering.
“Aaron when you said you worked for my biological family and now for me…how is that possible…I mean how am I ummm…paying you?” she asked. Oh s***, what am I going to tell her? What if she learns the truth and runs away? I couldn’t bear it. I knew I would just have to tell her, I could lie, but I couldn’t do that to her. Plus I would be risking her learning the truth from others; I mean it isn’t a secret. I sighed as I realized I was doomed to the fate my ancestors brought upon me.

Tameka POV
Why is it taking him forever to answer? It can’t be that bad. Right? I became more nervous the longer it took him to answer me. I wish I could read his mind the way he does to me, I thought.
“Aaron if it’s too personal you don’t have to tell me, I mean we met yesterday…I understand if that’s the case”.
He looked at me with hurt face. Even though I was angry that he wouldn’t tell me I kept tell myself it’s his business…and his practically a stranger.
“ Of course I would tell you…your my anchor bond” he said with a smirk. He gave me look like should already know this, but who really knows what boys think-and they call us moody.
“Ok…I just didn’t want to jump to assumptions and what’s anchor bond.”
“ An anchor bond is when two people are perfect for each other in every way and destined to be together in many lifetimes…It’s the equivalent to a soul mate, but more deeper. I can’t exist without you…and I need you to balance me out, so that my powers don’t become overwhelming. Plus I can’t have supernatural children with anyone, but my anchor bond. Although I can have supernatural children with another supernatural being, but I couldn’t be complete with them.” I like Aaron and maybe one day I could love him, but his anchor bond is a big commitment for a sixteen year old girl, even though he would be my prince charming and we could live happly ever after. But I’m realistic and maybe it’s my insecurity talking or the fact that my dad left me for three horrible years after my mom died, but I didn’t believe Aaron would stay with me forever.
“What’s wrong Tameka? You gave me a disgusted expression?” I shook my head not wanting answer him, mostly I couldn’t bear the thought of him running away once he learned about my issues.
“Later” He whispered in my ear.
“I will answer your earlier question if you tell me your dream?” he asked. Although I really didn’t want him to know about my painful childhood; I was really curious about his answer, so I nodded.
“Ok…well along time ago our covens where at war, it became so bad that the Carona had to step in…she created a marriageable truce. Maria my great, great, great aunt and your great,great,great uncle got married. However my family was very bitter about the arrangement, so at the reception they started to slaughter your family. After killing most of your family and coven the Carona arrived to stop the massacre. She punished my family with a curse…We will always be your servants until one day a boy and girl of both families fall in love and marry-completing the original agreement. After their wedding our families will be one, thus forgiving my family for the pain they've caused yours”. He looked at me, judging my reaction. I couldn’t believe he was being punished for his ancestor’s mistakes. Then it me, I could be the girl who frees his family of this horrible curse.
“That’s not fair you shouldn’t be punished for you families stupid mistakes!” I argued. He tucked a loose strand of hair out of my face and behind my ear.
“I know it isn’t fair, but it is what it is…my little protector.” He said while cupping my cheek. I sighed in contempt, I couldn’t believe how good it felt being held by him. My eyes started to flutter, god I was so sleepy and I felt so safe with him here.
“ Tameka, you didn’t tell me about your nightmare” I heard him say in the distance. Although I originaly wanted to avoid this conversation, but now I'm not trying to avoid it -I was just so tired.
“ Mmm…so tired” I said in a muffled voice. I felt his lips on my head as he gently picked me up and headed toward a bedroom. I dimly felt him tuck me in to bed while his strong arms came around me.
“Go to sleep Meka…you’ll tell me in the morning…” he whispered as he snuggled closer to me. I fell asleep to his natural scent, his strong arms around me, and his lips on my neck.

Chapter 9
When we landed in London a car awaited for us outside of the airport. The car was black and looked like it had just come out of a 1950’s movie. It reminded me of the car Bruce Wayne’s butler would pick him up in. The old man who was driving our car was the spitting image of Bruce’s Wayne’s Butler. He had a black suit on with a white undershirt and black tie. He even had an umbrella for us, so that we wouldn’t be drenched for the couple of seconds we were outside.
“Master Hagen” he bowed. I couldn’t believe that he actually bowed. I looked up at Aaron because I was confused about why the old guy called him “Master Hagens” like he was some kind of Duke.
“Frederick” he nodded at our driver. While we were on the road the driver looked up at the rearview mirror to stare at Aaron. Creepy much, I thought. The driver finally spoke out loud which startled me; I almost jumped out of my seat.
“No, the house isn’t inhabitable.” He said. Puzzled, I looked at Aaron for an explanation. But he just shook his head. The old man was either wacked out of his mind or someone slipped me a drug. As we passed town after town the driver kept say the most abrupt and odd things. I was sure he was some long lost great grandfather of the Adam’s family. We were driving for almost two hours when I finally turned toward Aaron and demanded if we were their yet.
“Yes, were almost their…We will arrive at Midnight Academy in fifteen minutes.” He assured me. I looked out the window as we exited the highway; after two minutes I saw a big billboard that said Welcome to Amberley, Stroud. Amberley was a small village from what I could tell, although it was beautiful. For first five minutes all I could see was farmlands, but when we took a turn into a path that cut through a forest I was speechless. The forest was fresh with bright green vegetation and growing wild flowers. At the end of the path we drove over a hill, which brought this huge castle into view. It was as big as Buckingham palace and half the size of Versailles. As we got closer I noticed that it was surrounded by a huge gate. When we drove in front of the gate it opened without being beeped in. The castle or school is light brown, except for the side of the east wing which was covered with light green moss. On one side of the school there were all kinds of flowers such as June lilies, roses, lilacs, sunflowers, daffodils and so on. They are surrounding pillar with benches and a sidewalk that cuts across the flowers, so that people could access the benches. I thought it was romantic and great place to sneak out to meet your lover, and so did the couple who currently making out on the benches. However on the other side of the school there are these four huge stairs, which have huge statues of the Greek gods in between them. But what astonished me was the enormous fountain that was in front of the school. Ceres goddess of the earth was bathing in the fountain while Artemis body was half in the fountain while she shot an arrow. It was a stunning fountain and it captured my gaze. After Aaron and I got out of the car we climbed the stairs that lead to the front door. Our driver knocked several times before a young girl opened the door. She had light brown hair with a strike of red highlights. Her light grey eyes shinned with an inner power that startled me. She reminded me of Savannah because they had a similar long straight nose and one dimple on their left cheek. Her light graceful voice startled me because she sounded exactly like Savannah. That can’t be, I thought; I must be imagining it.
“Hey Aaron, are you here to see Sienna?” she asked. Who the hell is Sienna and why would he be seeing her I thought. I glared at Aaron, demanding him to explain. He just shook his head dismissively. Oh Hell no I thought; He did not just ignore my question. I took deep breath as I tried to ease the anger and jealousy. I didn’t yell at him for two reasons, one we weren’t officially a couple, and two I wasn’t about to embarrass myself and him in front of strangers.
“No, we’re here to see Ella” he said while pulling my hand into his. I wasn’t about to let him off the hook that easily, so I pulled my hand back and gave him a pointed look. He just looked at me with hurtful puppy dogs eyes and I just turned away. No was I going to fall for this same trick again, I thought. I couldn’t believe it who was this girl and if she was his girlfriend than why was he playing with me. His probably a player and wanted to see how fast he could get in my pants. The girl looked at us in confusion, but she quickly let us in. The inside of the school was just as beautiful as the outside. The marble floor was beautiful with the oak wood walls. She led us to a staircase that curved around the foyer. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the foyer. As I looked around the school I noticed Ella climbing down the stairs. She was beautiful with her baby blue sundress.
“Aaron and Tameka I’m so glad that you finally made it.” She said with a smile.
“Thank you Beezes for showing our guest around. Beezes this is Tameka, she will be joining our school and I expect you to show her around” she told Beezes. Beezes smiled at me and I had a feeling we were going to be the best of friends.
“Hi Tameka, It’s really nice to finally meet you” she said while raising her hand up. I reluctantly shook it. Her comment confused me until she explained.
“My sister Savannah told me a lot about you. I feel like I’ve always known you”. I stared at her with wide as if she had grown another head. Savannah did not have a sister and if she did she would have told me.
“No you must have me confused with another person because I’m sure Savannah didn’t have a sister” I said confidently, but when she shook her head right away I became doubtful.
“No, my sister Savannah McDonald did tell me about you…she said you were her best friend.” I couldn’t believe Beezes was Savannah’s sister, but it all made sense. She looked so much like her and she reminded me of her. Although I was peeved that Savannah didn’t tell me about Beezes I was also excited and happy to have someone I could become close to as I was close to Savannah.
“Oh, she just never told me she had a sister, but it’s really nice to meet you.” I said awkwardly.
“I’m sorry she kept this from you, but do you want to hang out sometime?” she asked with a smile. I really wanted to talk to someone the way I use to talk to Savannah. But I wondered if she knew about what happened to Savannah. I nodded to her question. I was watching Ella talk to Beezes when I suddenly realized that Savannah must have known about this world. But I put that thought aside as Ella faced me.
“Beezes you should get to study hall and Aaron Cam needs to talk to you. His in his office, but don’t worry I’ll take care of Tameka.” Beezes left toward the west corridors, but before Aaron left he turned toward me.
“I know your angry and we’ll discussion that after I come back.” I raised my eyebrow obviously doubting that a “discussion” would fix our problems.
“I highly doubt that, but go ahead I have a meeting with Ella and you have one with Cam.” He sighed and left me alone with Ella. She smiled at me and headed toward the east corridor. As I walked beside her I looked around the school. I was surprised by the paintings that hung on the wall and they weren’t just any paintings, they were painted by famous artists. When we entered her office she gave me my schedule and handed me some books. When she was finally done explaining the different supernatural species and the council, two hours had passed. I left her office in search of Aaron. See, I decided that I was wrong. I should give him a second chance because maybe he had a good explanation for Sienna. As I entered the northern corridors that lead to a bridge that lay over a pond; I walked over to benches that were at the center of the bridge. It was extraordinary and magnificence. There were trees around the pond that had these beautiful white flowers. There petals were swirling around me and for the first time I felt at peace. Until I saw it, near the furthest tree from where I sat; I saw them. Their hands were intertwined while her left hand was around his waist. Her hand cupped his cheek as she slowly leaned over for a kiss. It wasn’t a peck on the mouth, but a deep passionate kiss. He wasn’t pulling away at first, but when he did pull back she pointedly looked at me and smirked. Obviously noticing her distraction he looked over at me. It was Aaron who ripped my heart out in that moment. We stared at each other for a moment until I ran off the bridge because there was no way I was going to tear up in front of them. As several thoughts swirled around my mind I could dimly hear him call out my name, but I ignored him. When I got to the west corridors I broke down in tears. As I lay on the floor in a ball I felt strong hands come around me and pull me off the floor. I turned to face him. I pulled away from him in disgust.
“Tameka” he tried to say, but I cut him off.
“Don’t use my name because you’re not allowed to use it since I don’t mean s*** too you. Was I your booty call? I can’t believe I fell for your bullshit…and was that Sienna” As he tried to speak again I cut him off. “No don’t tell I don’t want to know…you know you were right I will get through this, but I’ll do it alone. I know now I can only count on me, myself and I. Don’t ever come near me again because I don’t want to look at your disgusting pig face” I said as I tried to leave.
“Ok… I let you cool off, but it’s not what you think. Sienna and I broke up a long time ago. She was trying to get back together and I told her I was seeing you. I have to leave for few weeks and that should enough time for you to calm down, so that we can discuss what you thought you saw” he said quickly. I couldn’t stand to look at him let alone hear another word from him, so I left him stand there. I hated thinking about what happened, so to get my mind off it I went to find my bedroom. After asking around where the D wing was I finally found it in south side of the school. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered the living room of our wing. The walls had a green paint as well as tan wallpaper. The white couches corresponded well with the ok table and brown rug. The rug was blue which went well with the blue and gold curtains. The white fire places as well as the fifty two screen TV and the sound system made my eyes pop out of its socks. This living room was every teens dream; it had three computers and game systems that I could spend all night playing. A girl directed me toward my bedroom which was the only one the second floor. When I entered my bedroom I was really nervous about meeting my roommate. She distracted me from how beautiful the room was; it was her. Sienna was listening to music while putting some clothes on hangers. When she turned toward me she had an evil smirk. I groaned inwardly, I cannot have the queen b**** from hell as my roommate. As if this day couldn’t get any worse I had to deal with the ex-girlfriend every day. I tried to introduce myself, but it came out really awkward.
“Hey…so my name is Tameka and I guess were going to be roommates.” She looked up at me with a frown.
“So are we going to forget the fact that you tried to steal my boyfriend. Look I know you’re new, but here’s a news flash. I’m Sienna, the priestess in training, the future Carona and Aaron’s current girlfriend. This is my half of the room…that is yours, so if you touch my stuff …things are going to get ugly fast.” She said as she pointed at the area toward the window. There are a lot of things I could take from girls like her, but for her to treat me like an ingrate I would never allow.
“Look trick, I don’t care that you’re the queen or priestess or Carona, but in my mind you’re just another heifer who thinks she’s all that…but you’re not and everyone around you knows that. What I don’t understand is why you can’t understand that your relationship with Aaron is over. Is the word over too big of a word for you because I say it slower?” Sienna’s anger caused her face to turn crimson. Her sudden smirk worried me as she walked up to me.
“You might think it’s over…but you and I both know he kissed me back and the fact that’s his not here with you patching things up is proof that it’s not over. I bet he didn’t tell you where he was going or what he was doing. Think about this Tameka why would he tell me where his going and what his doing if it was really over.” She said coldly, and then she left me there to think about her question. Doubt and anger filled my heart as tears spilled over my cheeks.

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