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A Unique Chronology

January 2, 2012
By Cronkleton SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cronkleton SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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What begins as a self-effacing conversation with his family turns into a journey in a far away land. Sitting in a cafe with his grandmother, Robert ponders his past and is frustrated- he feels he knows nothing about his past. He is an adopted child and it is not that he isn't aware of the differences between his adoptive family and himself, but rather he doesn't know what to make of those differences. This leads him to an old, beaten down store. Inside he meets a man who transports him to a far away location. There, he meets a boy who leads him through the corruption of the adoption system in his country. He not only learns about the perils of being raised in the Orphanage in the country but he also learns something about himself.

Robert C.

A Unique Chronology

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