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The Neighbor

December 2, 2013
By HannahRoberts, Hinsdale, New Hampshire
HannahRoberts, Hinsdale, New Hampshire
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“Ah Jordan, come for just a second will you please?” Mr. Highland says as he looks at me.
“Yeah.” I get up and walk over to them with the young boys eyes on me the whole time.
“Jordan I would like you to meet Dillon Smith. He is new here and his first day will be tomorrow.” He says as he introduces us.
“Hi Dillon, I’m Jordan Harris.” I say smiling.
“Hey.” Is all he says. He’s pretty cute. He looks about five ten; he has crystal blue eyes with blonde hair.
This is where it all started. When I met the boy in the office. We started hanging out. We get closer, we hang out a lot now. I just cant explain all of the screaming that is coming from his house at night. Every night I hear a different scream. Its strange, but do I have the guts to approach him?

Hannah R.

The Neighbor

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