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June 6, 2014
By _Isabelle_ BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
_Isabelle_ BRONZE, Lancaster, Ohio
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It was Sydnne; I couldn’t believe she would turn on us. I thought she liked us. But not so much me, she had always made fun of me during school.
She came in and said “So sad to see you here Georgia.”
“Why would you turn on us,” I said. She already beat up Christa
and now I’m in the bed about to be next. But Sydnne opens the door again and pulls Kelsey in gagged, tied up and blindfolded. There was a chair right beside my bed and I knew she was going to be sat there. She was struggling to escape but still couldn’t see. So that she would be tied to the chair and watch me be beaten probably close to death. Sydnne tied Kelsey to the chair and took the blindfold off so she could see me. She also took off the gag and walked back to the end of the bed.
“Kelsey, are you okay?”
“I am but where are we,” asked Kelsey.
“I don’t know but the boys from Canol took us except Sydnne.”
“Stop talking you two, it will be worse for you Georgia,” said Sydnne! As Sydnne put my gag back on and I tried to loosen my hands but I still couldn’t feel them. I knew that I would probably suffer for stuff I didn’t do. Kelsey screamed and screamed.
“Don’t hurt her……She’s innocent I tell you,” she said. They started by whipping me with a leather rope.

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