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the murder of 1975

December 8, 2021
By somepersonnooneknows BRONZE, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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somepersonnooneknows BRONZE, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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'Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.' — Stephen King

Author's note:

i am a middle schooler i am 13 and i wrote this book by myself i feel pretty ggood about it hope you like it 

Twenty years ago, on Halloween day, 14 teenagers went missing in Camp Crystal on Copperhead road. One of those teenagers was Judy, my sister.  Hi, I'm Josh and for the last 20 years of my life I've been looking for Judy.  My mom passed away last year ,and Dad, who went on the run  when Judy was in the womb, he kinda  never came back.  Now, it is October 31, 1995, people say I have gone crazy. But I think I have a lead on where they are.  

Three days later I went to a cornfield and found 13 graves. I found everyone else who went missing, even my dad's grave. I said out loud                 “Ha guess the killer got you before the police did”.     My dad was on the run for 56 years for attempted murder. Still, no Judy, but I will go to the old abandoned house on Oak Street where apparently THE CANDY MAN lives tomorrow. 

It is now November 4th. I'm at the old house. I'm looking through the cabinets. Someone has been here recently between two and 4 days ago. This is a brand new lamp. The fireplace is lit just as I start to ask if anyone's home. I hear a voice say “get out of my house“. I think to myself “hey I know that voice, that's Judy”. 

I went  upstairs, I saw Judy but when I went to hug her, my body went right through her, she's a ghost. She is wearing a white  shirt and blue jeans . She got mad at me. She said the Candy Man is still out there then she got shot by a shotgun shell with salt in it. 

Some voice says “Hey dude are you ok?”  I saw him. He said ``Dude, are you good? You look like you're drunk.”  


I looked back and said “yeah i'm ok,Who are you? “

He told me his name was Jose´. He was looking for his friend who went missing yesterday.  I asked what his friend's name was and  he said “His name is Jason.”  He said “Me and Jason are on the run from the cops but I did nothing. Jason however is storing drugs at his house.”  

I wanted to know what he meant but I didn't say anything because it was probably best if we changed the subject . I  asked “What's your job Jose´.”   

He said “I work at the dollar store.”  

He asked how old I was and I said “ I am 33. How old are you ? “  

jose´ said, '' Well, I'm way younger than you. I am 19. “  Me and him kept talking for about an hour or so then we went to bed .

The next morning we went to the college nearby and he said he needed to grab something.   So we got there and I said    “you have 30 minutes.” 

some dude came up to me and said “Hey, do you have any money to spare? I need to get some gas for my car.”

 I told him yeah here I have 40 dollars. 


 Jose´ came back and said “ HEY WAIT ! “I asked what was wrong he said “follow him, that's my brother jackson “ i haven't seen him since i was 3 “ 

I asked if he was sure he said his name. He turned around and said “oh my god Jose´ is that you ? “  Now my Ford F1 pickup is now cramped with weapons in the bed of the truck and Me Jackson and Jose´ in the cab. 

Now we are cruising down the road and Jackson  said he knows where Jason is Jose´ asked “Where is he brother ?” Jackson said “Hey Josh, do you know where the old barn on Copperhead road is ? “ I said , '' Yeah, that's where my grandpa lived “But no one has been there in years. '' Well Jason is there, that's his new house “Jackson said i asked weirdly “What is Jason's last name again?” “ i believe  his last name was “ Corll “  


we stopped on the side of the road and i said “well its night we better go to bed.”  the entire time i couldn't sleep i thought “I know Corll . I know someone named Dean Corll.” He was one of dad's close friends, maybe that's why dad left.  Maybe they were both killers and Dad failed his job to kill the governor. Maybe I had to finish dad's job and kill the governor.  


The next morning I did some research while everyone else was asleep. I searched up my dad's name. When I was caught the cop said his name was Lieutenant Bryce . He asked me “What is your name and why were you speeding to the old abandoned barn.” I naturally lied and said I lived there. I was just coming back from hunting. ”  He told me  he knew why we were out here. He said “I am coming with you. I want to find this jerk also.” 

Jackson and Jose´ went to sleep and Lieutenant Bryce  and I took turns on the night watch. It's my turn on the night watch and all of the sudden my phone rings. It's my wife. I pick up the phone and walk outside. She started talking to me in a panicked voice and she said “ Honey, why are there police barricading our house?” I said, “It's because if  the person is kidnapping teenagers I don't want to lose our daughter.” In relief she said      “it's ok to remember she's at her friend's house tonight.” She hung up. 


I started to panic at her friend's house, which one she has like a thousand friends .I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just saying she's so popular at school. Wait, I called back. No answer, maybe she fell asleep? Maybe she was taken by the cops to their super secure prison and is trying to find my daughter.  


I called my old buddy who works for the cops. This time I got an answer. The voice on the phone said “Captain Jhonson what can I do for you?” 

 i said “hey remember that favor you owe me “

 He responded “Josh, is that you ? yeah i remember that favor i owe you why ?”  

“well i need you to open the file of the governor in the police files i know he has one remember he was a old killer “ i responded 

he opened up the files and said. “he has been charged in court for 19 accounts of abuse  23 attemted murder 22 which failed .“

When we got to jason we found him with a gun in his hand and he didn't wake up. i went to  go get Jose´ cause i couldnt explain that his friend  commited suicide . on my way back to my truck Bryce Scanned the fingerprints on the gun and  said “WAIT HE DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF.”  I asked what he meant he said “These aren't Jason's fingerprints, these aren't even in the computer.    


We went to the church to confront the rabbi Fincle the next day because only two people don't have their fingerprints on the computer: the Rabbi and the governor. Fincle told the truth he didn't kill him, his wife was an alibi. His wife said  “He was at home all night every night except for one day when he went to the bar last year .” But Jason was killed yesterday . We left the church we heard a voice in the back say “don't go to the little white house that smells like rotting fish  you wont like what you find  “  So naturally we went to the little old white house that smelled like rotting fish. 

 On the way to the little white house we found a Mafia sitting on the road blocking the house. I don't know why but they were looking for Jose´ and it seemed important the leader started to speak “Hey, what are you doing around these parts? This is Iceman's territory, get outta here before I end you” Leave the boy though I need him. “ Why do you need Jose´?” I asked. He responded with “I need him, he owes me $500. It's been 4 years Jose´. “  Give us Jose´ and we will help find who killed your friend and my best soldier Jason as you call him but  we call him the enforcer.`` 

We gave Jose´ to them and shockingly they kept their promise to help them put up wanted dead or alive posters up for the governor. 

The next day the governor came in for the prize money and we confronted him. But he claimed it wasn't him  he claimed he was home but his wife said he was at the bar. We knew something was up, they were in the same room at the same time and one told the truth but we didn't know who . We left them there while we  went to bed .

It's now the next morning we were confused why Icebox was out for so long we went outside and  Then Icebox hired a trained assassin who owed him one for helping him hide from the cops. He said “If you find this person dead or alive you will never have to go to jail no matter what.”  I heard another voice say “So i have freedom of act so i could kill someone in front of the cops and they cant do nothing “ “ not exactly”  said  Tim


We went back home to go and wait for the executioner. Then we heard a dodge colt.  The Executioner introduced said “Hi i'm the executioner “ 

another voice said “So i have  democratic immunity so i could kill someone in front of the cops and they cant do nothing “



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